Air Trap Pipe Blockage Whirlpool Washer! (Causes & Fixes)

The advancement in technology has grossly impacted every human activity positively. Among the many ways is the invention of a whirlpool washer for human sanitary clothing.

However, now and then, it is common thing to experience one or two technical difficulties as we continue using our home machines

Among the very issues of the Whirlpool washer is the air trap pipe blockage. Nevertheless, every problem has an equally possible solution, hence this article’s essence.

While using the Whirlpool washer, you may notice beeping code errors. The air trap pipe blockage is a common code error that results from soap suds, lint, grease, and other particles. But you can get rid of the blockage through manual cleaning or running a rinse spin cycle.

What Clogs a Whirlpool Washer Air Trap Pipe?

Air Trap Pipe Blockage Whirlpool Washer

In most instances, soapy foams clog the Whirlpool washer air trap pipe. When soap clutters accumulate in the pipe over time, it will likely clog the washer air trap pipe.

The presence of soapy foams is enough to clog the Whirlpool washer air trap pipe, making it not function well.

As minor as the case sounds, it is enough to stop the Whirlpool washer from working. In most cases, it happens due to excess soap use hence the clog in the air trap pipe.

The instruction manual reads to use only two spoons of HE detergent for any wash. Invariably, the excess usage leads to the washer air trap pipe being clogged. 

In other instances, it may result from using the wrong soap with the Whirlpool washer.

It is worth noting that every Whirlpool washer has a recommended soap; the wrong soap can cause a clog.

When the Whirlpool washer air trap pipe gets clogged, it becomes difficult for the machine to catch air, making it defective.

So, an error code will appear with the soapy foams in the Whirlpool washer air trap pipe, hindering the machine’s functioning.

Also, the buildup of some little particles (lint) over time within the trap pipe can clog the Whirlpool washer pipe.

It is a common experience for little particles to block narrow pipes; it also applies to washer air trap pipes.

Below is a table containing possible particles that can clog the air trap pipe.

Lint From cloth materials ( towels and pajamas)
Hair Cats and on clothes.
Fats, grease/oil.As dirt in clothes
Combinations Teaming of various substances.

How Do You Unclog The Whirlpool Washer Trap Pipe?

To unclog the Whirlpool washer trap pipe, you’ll have to either manually access the trap pipe or do a rinse-spin cycle.

For the Whirlpool washer, the rinse-spin cycle isn’t effective in unclogging the trap pipe hence the unpopular opinion. 

In most cases, its function is to tidy the washing machine after you have done your washing process.

Nevertheless, the rinse-spin cycle with a normal (without detergent) follow-up might do the trick for you. Moreover, it wouldn’t harm you to conduct a trial anyway. 

The trick is to flush the clog from the washer trap pipe into the drain hose, which is more easily accessible. 

The effectiveness of the above trick in unclogging the Whirlpool washer trap pipe all depends on the intensity of the clog.

Nonetheless, you’ll have to access the trap pipe for almost certainty since it isn’t always effective.

Accessing the washer trap involves removing the Whirlpool trap pipe for general washing. Doing so allows you to unclog all the blockage lying in the trap pipe.

It is worth noting that the above process is part of the routine maintenance required by your washer. At least once a month, practice unclogging every kind of blockage.

Can You Clean The Trap On a Whirlpool Washer?

Of course, you can clean the air trap on a Whirlpool washer. All you need to do after accessing the trap is to soak the trap in moderately hot water with a good cleaning detergent.

Cleaning the air trap once in a blue moon is necessary per the Whirlpool washer’s maintenance requirement

Yes, washing machines are designed to clean dirty clothes, but they need cleaning, especially for certain components. 

Without cleaning the trapped chamber, you may end up causing some expensive damage to the washer on continuous use. 

I recommend cleaning the air trap chamber on a Whirlpool washer in two ways. Both steps involve washing the air trap chamber of the Whirlpool washer. 

The method to use depends on what the cause of the clog is. Also, the intensity of the clog, to a great extent, determines which method is most suitable. 

#1. Method One: Run a Rinse-spin Cycle.

First, run a rinse-spin cycle on a Whirlpool washer’s air trap chamber to clean the Whirlpool washer’s air trap chamber.

The rinse-spin cycle is an added option for Whirlpool washing machines to clean up the washer after washing. It is more like rinsing the washer after you’re done with your washing.

On running the rinse-spin cycle, follow up with a normal washing cycle; however, do not add detergent.

The water running through the system to the drain will clean the air trap chamber of lighter clogs. As the name implies, the essence is to eliminate any dirt or residue within the machine.

Unlike other hybrid washer brands, the Whirlpool washer doesn’t have a specific clean-through design process. 

Therefore, you’ll have to work with the alternative, which is the rinse-spin. It may just do the trick and resolve your clean problem.

Sometimes, the blockage may result from lint accumulation within the air trap chamber. A simple rinse-spin cycle should get the cleaning done for you. 

For the above reason, the rinse-spin cycle would serve the function of a personal cleaning for the Whirlpool washer. 

#2. Method Two: Remove And Hand-clean The Air Trap Chamber.

Another way to clean the air trap chamber on the Whirlpool washer is to remove and hand-clean the air trap manually. 

Proceed to remove the air trap chamber when the rinse-spin cycle cannot clean the air trap.

You’ll be required to engage this method when the air chamber clogs resulting in little particle accumulation over the years.

Over some time, on removing the air trap chamber, you may notice a lump or gooey ball of accumulated particles. Such kind of dirt doesn’t go with the rinse-spin cycle.

The steps to locate and remove the air trap chamber are within every owner’s instructions manual. Do well to check and follow the steps as enlisted.

On removing the air trap chamber, check for any blockage. Soak the trap into a warm water solution for, say, ten minutes to get the best cleaning experience. 

With a brush, thoroughly scrub the trap to clear the clog. After that, remove the blockage and reinstall the air trap chamber. 

You can be sure to have properly cleaned the air trap chamber with the second method. Although it is a little tedious, it is truly worth the time.

However, when the case is such that the particle doesn’t clean properly, you’ll have to do a replacement of the chamber.

Whirlpool Washer Air Trap Location

The air trap chamber is usually between the top of the washer pump hose and the water pressure switch hose. 

The washer pump hose and the water pressure switch hose are the two components you’ll immediately find surrounding the Whirlpool washer air trap. 

For Whirlpool washers, you will find the air trap chamber in the lower front bottom of the washing machine.

Usually, it stays hidden behind the lower cover of the Whirlpool machine washer. It may just happen that you may begin to notice that your Whirlpool washer is overfilling water.

It is most likely that the air trap chamber is the culprit whenever you observe such an occurrence. 

Such may occur because the air trap chamber is probably damaged and needs replacement. As it is a pretty easy task, you can handle it yourself.

Below are guided steps on locating, removing, and replacing the air trap chamber in a Whirlpool washer. 

  • First, always remember to unplug your washer from the electric supply before engaging in any repair whatsoever on your washer. 
  • Similarly, also close the hot and cold water supply to the washer.
  • Loosen the lower quarter access panel that houses the air trap chamber and other components.
  • The air trap chamber is between the washer pump and water pressure switch hose by the lower right of the washer. You will have it to be behind the washer drain pump.
  • Remove the drain pump to access the air trap chamber.
  • Carefully remove the pump hose from the narrow end of the air trap and then the drain hose from the other end.
  • Replace the air trap chamber with the new one following a reverse of the above steps.


It is common to experience technical faults while operating a washing machine, even the Whirlpool washer.

The error code display, which signals a warning of a possible fault in most cases, comes from some blockage.

Whirlpool air trap pipe blockage can result from a few issues, including the excess use of detergent during washing.

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