Amana Washer Lid Lock Bypass! (3 Steps To Follow)

Amana washer is one of the best washers in the market with innovative designs and is part of the Whirlpool family. However, this doesn’t mean it’s without drawbacks.

If you are experiencing lid lock issues with your Amana washer, then you can’t make use of your washer. Therefore, it becomes a liability due to the lid lock’s safety system. 

Hence, it would help if you bypassed it to use it while still experiencing problems with your lid lock.

To bypass your Amana lid lock, you should know the cause of the problem you are experiencing with your lid lock. The lid lock problem can stem from faulty locks, hinges, door strikes, etc. Knowing the cause, you can decide on the bypass method based on the different techniques.

In this article, I will explain how to bypass the lid lock of your Amana washer and the various techniques you can use for it. Also, why is your lid lock not working in the first place?

By the end of this article, you will know why your Amana washer lid lock isn’t working and how you can bypass it.

How Do I Bypass the Lid Lock on My Amana Washer?  

Amana Washer Lid Lock Bypass

To bypass the lid lock on your Amana washer, you can use any of the techniques below:

  • Access to the lid lock switch.
  • Use a magnet to disarm the lock.
  • Cut the lid lock switch’s wire.

#1. Access to the Lid Lock Switch

You need to be able to access the switch of the lid lock so you can bypass it. Follow the steps below to do that, and sidestep the lid lock.

  • Switch off your Amana washer and remove it from the wall socket to prevent electrical shock. Ensure you avoid water from getting into it and don’t damage it.
  • Put off the water supply valve to protect you from an electrical shock. Note that sometimes the hot water valve is colored red while the cold water valve is colored blue. 
  • Open the top panel and locate the lid lock switch underneath it. Several clips attach the lid lock switch assembly to the harness.

#2. Use a Magnet to Disarm the Lock

In this method of bypassing your Amana washer lid lock, you’ll need a magnet for this process. Follow the steps below to use this method.

#1. Position Your Magnet 

Put the magnet between the lid lock switch and your washer cabinet to create a stable electromagnetic connection.

The force in the magnet will mislead the washer into sensing something else. When you open the lid door, it will perceive it as closed.

However, it would be best if you used a thin magnet so it won’t cause a disturbance when closing the lid door and will close properly.

#2. Use Your Washer

Start washing after putting the top panel back on the washer. You only need to ensure you place the magnet well so the lid door closes correctly, and you can open it anytime.

You can also load more clothes into your washer without turning the machine off first.

#3. Adjust Your Magnet

If you notice a problem with your washer, it’s probably due to the magnet placement, so you need to readjust it.

Put the magnet where the lid lock switch is typically on the top panel. Keep your magnet’s appealing side pointing downward to create a strong connection with your washer’s solenoid.

Also, if your magnet is weak and can’t perform well, replace it with a new one.

#3. Cut the Lid Lock Switch’s Wire

Follow the steps below to bypass your lid lock using this technique.

  • Locate the lid lock switch assembly at the panel’s bottom and remove it with a 0.64cm nut driver.
  • Use your thumb to open the lock switch assembly and unclip or unscrew it to get the switch cover.
  • With your washer tech sheet, check the wire you should cut. 
  • Depending on the amount of wire your machine has, probably three or four, check the one with the “lock switch” and “lid switch.”
  • Use scissors or a plier to cut the “lock switch” and “lid switch” wires. If these wires are still connected, the washer won’t lock.
  • Cut wire insulation of about 2.5cm from both wires to lets you work well without disturbance.
  • Twist the wires’ ends, then attach a wire connection or electrical tape.
  • Lastly, reassemble your washer.

Now that you can bypass your lid locker, know that as it has its pros, it also has its cons. In the table below are the pros and cons.

You can access your lock lid anytime while washing.Your warranty might be void due to the wire cutting while bypassing.
You can open the lid door to clean it when it becomes clogged.If you cut the wire incorrectly, you can damage your washer.
You can use the washer with the lid sensor broken.You can get injured by the spinning agitator opening the lid.

Why Is My Amana Washer Lid Lock Not Working?

There are several reasons your washer lid lock isn’t working. Here are some possible reasons for this problem.

  • Interference in the lid.
  • Defective door.
  • A stuck lid door.
  • A broken lid door.

#1. Interference in the Lid

If your Amana washer lid lock isn’t working and you notice that you have a flashing lock light, 

The interference in the lid can be you not closing it adequately or appropriately placing it in the lock position.

It can also be due to materials stuck in the lid lock preventing it from closing. It is due to interference.

The good thing about this is that you can fix it by ensuring you remove the lid lock and properly position it. Use a flat object, so you don’t damage it while trying to fix this problem.

If something is obstructing the lid, preventing it from closing, clean it up with a soft, damp cloth and ensure nothing is blocking the lock.      

#2. Defective Door

A defective washer door can affect your lid lock and won’t work well. If your washer door is faulty, the lid lock will be clicking.

You should check the door to know the problem and why your lock is clicking. You can test with a multimeter to check for continuity in the door lock switch. 

If, after testing, you discover that there isn’t continuity in any of the switches, you have to replace them. Also, you must get a replacement if it’s a faulty door lock.

Check the door strike assembly and the main circuit board if it’s faulty to know why the lid lock isn’t working. Replace them if they’re the cause.

#3. A Stuck Lid Door

If your lid lock isn’t working, it can also be because of a stuck lid door. This problem occurs when you unintentionally turn on the washer before turning on the water connection.

Your lid becomes locked, and you get an error code of F8E1/LO FL, for which you have to begin a draining cycle to rectify.

#4. A Broken Lid Door

A broken lid door is another reason your Amana lid lock isn’t working. You might need to replace it if the damage is beyond what you can rectify.

Ensure you disconnect your washer from power before checking if it’s damaged or broken. Then you can go ahead with repairing or replacing the broken part.

How Do You Unlock the Lid Lock on a Washer?

To unlock the lid lock on your washer, press and hold the control lock button on the washer for three seconds and see the countdown.

However, if this doesn’t work, press the power button and hold the control lock for three seconds.

If that also doesn’t unlock your washer’s lid lock, then unplug your washer for a minute before reconnecting it and turning it on.

You can also check your user manual for more details about your specific model for unlocking your lid lock.

How Do You Get an Amana Washer out of Lock Mode?  

To get the Amana washer out of lock mode, you must troubleshoot and know why it is in that mode.

Here are some common lock problems and solutions:

  • Check your washer’s settings.
  • Inability to turn on the washer before connecting it to a water source.
  • Interference in the lock.

#1. Check the Washer’s Settings

Suppose your settings are wrong, resulting in your washer’s lock mode. For example, when in a fresh hold cycle, it’s in lock mode, you can remove it by using the cancel button.

Just use the cancel button or disconnect your machine from power and give the control about two minutes to cool down and reset.

#2. Inability to Turn on the Washer Before Connecting It to a Water Source

If you put on your washer before connecting it to a water source, you get an error code, and the door gets locked. You can get it out of this locked mode by pressing the power button.

That process starts a draining cycle which will take approximately 10 minutes, and after that, you can use the washer.

#3. Interference in the Lock

If your washer is in lock mode, check to see whether the lock striker on the washer is interfering with the lock. The part of the lid that fits into the lid lock is called the lock striker.

Based on your washer’s model, it can be anywhere. Locate where it is and clean it of any debris blocking it.


In summary, you bypass your lid lock to fool your washer into sensing the opposite of what’s happening. You need to know where the problem with your lid lock lies so you can bypass it.

The good news is, most times, you can fix the problem yourself by replacing the damaged part causing the lid to lock.

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