Can You Transport An OLED TV Flat? (Read Before Doing It)

OLED TVs offer exceptional viewing and are ideal for watching movies and playing video games.

This unique display comes to life due to the screen, which is an integral part of the TV. 

Hence, you must exercise caution when transporting your television, as any mistake could adversely affect your TV and disrupt great viewing. 

On that note, what position is best for transporting your OLED TV safely? In this article, I’ll discuss the best way to transport your OLED TV without having any issues on arrival.

It’s not safe to transport an OLED TV flat. However, with styrofoam, you can transport an OLED TV flat when it’s still inside its original packaging box. Due to the pressure from the center of your screen, it’s good you use protective measures when transporting your screen. 

Furthermore, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about the transportation of an OLED TV Flat. 

In the end, you’ll learn more about its movement and some pros and cons of purchasing an OLED TV.

Is It Safe To Transport an OLED TV Flat?

Can You Transport an OLED TV Flat

Transporting your OLED TV on any flat surface is not safe for your new or old screen.

This method is not advisable because your screen might crack without support in the middle.

Having a crack is one of the fears of any OLED TV screen owner, and transportation can contribute.

Moving on a bumpy ride, you can also lose your screen. OLED TVs share all the weight on both ends, freeing the center from pressure. 

This aspect can lead to cracks or micro-cracks that will develop into bigger ones if laid flat on any surface. I know this can be easy to move, but it can be awful if you’re unlucky.

Another experience is having a scratch on your OLED TV screen, and repairing it would cause a fortune.

And this scratch can also affect the end user in terms of visual experience.

However, you must know that this doesn’t necessarily affect everyone,  but a few get unlucky.

To avoid tales like this, read this article and see the best ways to transport your TV.

Can You Move an OLED TV Laying Flat?

Some users use this method to transport their OLED TV screen from the store or when relocating.

With this, I’ll say an OLED TV can move anywhere laying flat, but how well?

The concern now is how safe your OLED TV would be on arrival. However, the fear of cracks or scratches should be one of the disadvantages you should try avoiding.

Most people lay their OLED TV screen flat, but I’ve one way you can avoid such issues.

Instead of laying your screen horizontally, you can place it vertically. Placing an OLED TV standing is more advisable than laying it flat.

Any little pressure or shake from your truck can lead to a crack or scratch when laid flat.

However, this does not happen to everyone. I recently heard of a woman who bought an LG OLED TV, and on reaching home, she saw that it was not the same.

After visiting the Amazon store in New York, she purchased her new TV.

And she placed it in her car trunk just like a whiteboard, and it didn’t go as planned.

However, let’s examine some pros and cons of buying an OLED TV!

Eco-friendly product.High cost of production.
Proven technology.The short life span of OLED materials.

What Is the Best Way To Transport an OLED TV?

It’s important to know the steps and precautions in making your OLED TV safe when transporting. Moving things like TV, glass, and other fragile materials needs caution.

Since the OLED TV inch is usually big, you must follow the few steps below.

How To Move an OLED TV Without Having a Crack or a Scratch?

Moving an OLED TV without a crack or a scratch can be done in two ways.

You can do it by moving it with the help of your hand or by a vehicle. Let’s look at that. 

#1. By Hand

This process is demanding as people usually pay to help them. If you want to move by yourself or with the help of another, check the steps below:

  • When carrying such a big screen like this, it’s good to ask for assistance because of the weight.
  • Get on your heavy work glove with rubber gripping when you’ve gotten assistance. These gloves provide extra grip when lifting a wide screen like the OLED TV.
  • After getting on your gloves, remove the TV from the wall slowly with both hands. But if you’re two, one should hold one end firmly while the other holds the other end.
  • After doing this, move it gently as you both take it to your desired place.

Now you know how to move by lifting. However, users transporting their old or new OLED TV do this often. Next, let’s look at how to move in a truck.

#2. By Truck

Using a truck would be advisable, but how you position your OLED TV matters if it remains intact on arrival. 

If you’re using this method, check the step-by-step guide below.

  • Before continuing these steps, go to any local or online store to purchase protective foam.
  • After you’ve done this, move next to disassembling the bases, cables, and screws before packaging. This process helps to keep materials far from your TV screen.
  • When doing this, label or take note of the areas where you removed those items for easy assembly.
  • Now, the next thing to do is to use the foam you acquired from the store to secure your TV. 
  • To make your TV stay strong, wrap the entire TV with moving blankets that’ll provide padding. This method helps protect the TV screen from bumps or shocks during transit.
  • Don’t be too sure that the blanket is enough until you’re confident that nothing will affect the TV screen. If need be, wrap more blankets on the OLED TV to keep it firm.
  • After this, the next thing is for you to place the TV standing until you arrive at your destination. In doing so, you’d notice that your OLED TV is safe on arrival.

These methods are the best you can go with now. Ensure you follow every step listed above to make your TV last longer. However, other things can still affect OLED screens.


In summary, your OLED TV should be safe as long as you:

  • Put your OLED TV standing as you transport them.
  • Use a blanket to keep it from exerting pressure in the center of your screen.
  • Avoid laying your OLED TV flat without any protection.

With these, you can move your OLED TV anywhere without a crack or scratch. 

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