F02 Error Kenmore Washer: All You Need To Know

Dealing with error codes while trying to run a wash cycle on a Kenmore washer can be very tasking and stressful.

However, these error codes are a subtle reminder that your appliance is faulty and needs urgent servicing.

It is common to experience these errors when you fail to run routine maintenance on your Kenmore washer. Therefore, why is your washer displaying an F02 error?

Kenmore washer F02 error shows a problem with the appliance drainage system. It is usually provoked by a blocked drain system, a faulty drain pump, excessive tub suds, and other components. Which ultimately leads to a long drain time.  

This article will help you to understand the causes of F02 errors on a Kenmore washer and how to clear them successfully.

After going through this article, you will be able to discern the best way to handle your washer and maintain its efficiency without encountering annoying error messages. 

What Does F02 Error Mean on the Kenmore Washer?

F02 Error Kenmore Washer

The F02 error on a Kenmore washer means a long drain time, showing a problem with the drain network.

Many factors can obstruct your Kenmore washer drain system, leading to a longer drain time.

Once your washer detects an extended drain period, the control sends an error message to notify you something is wrong with your device.

The F02 error pops up once the drain time surpasses eight minutes. To clear the error codes, you must first know the cause of the problem.

Some potential causes of F02 error on a Kenmore washer include the following.

#1. Clogged Drain System

Check and confirm that you do not have dirt or debris in your drain system. Inspect the washer duct together with the drain hose and look out for any clogs. 

In most cases, you will need to physically open the washer door and check the filter on the pump for any clogs.

#2. Faulty Drain Pump

A drain pump attaches the washtub to the drain hose to pump water out of the duct. A damaged or loose pump will cause your washer to have a long drain time.

The electrical wires that power the pump run by the side, and the constant vibration of the washer sometimes loosen the connection.

Therefore, it hinders the pump from pushing water from the wash tub and out of the drain. 

#3. Excessive Suds In the Tub

Excessive suds can build up in the washtub and cause an extended drain. More often than not, excessive detergent during a wash will cause suds to build up. However, you can remove suds by running rinse and spin cycles.

#4. Water Degree Pressure Switch Block

The water degree pressure switch specifies the degree of water in the sink. The control gets notified once water attains the set point.

When the water level pressure switch is blocked, the wash cycle gets interrupted, resulting in a long drain time.

How Do I Fix the F02 Error on the Kenmore Washer?

Fixing the F02 error on your Kenmore washer is easy once you figure out the cause of the problem.

When fixing the F02 error, the first step is troubleshooting. Press the pause or cancel button to clear the F02 error.

  • Check out the tub for any potential suds and run a rinse and spin cycle to clear the suds.
  • Check for clogging of the hose drain and remove any materials or debris blocking the drain.
  • Inspect the drain pump filter for debris and remove any external materials.
  • Also, inspect the connections around the pump and ensure it is intact and running well.
  • If nothing is wrong with the above parts of the washer, you need to replace the pump.

Here is what to do;

  • First, disconnect your Kenmore washer.
  • Unscrew the three bolts holding the panel in front and take out the board. 
  • Locate the pump in the center and unscrew the plastic grip to remove the filter.
  • Get ready with materials to collect the water that will gush out as you unscrew the plastic grip.
  • Thoroughly tidy up the filter cabinet.
  • You can also inspect the pump’s inlet by removing the back panel.
  • Take out the large bellow from the lower part of the tub that goes to the pump basin.
  • Raise the plastic cover that encloses the cables that power the pump.  
  • Unscrew the bolts and drag the pump forward.
  • Unclamp the outlet hose and take out the pump.
  • Tidy up the pump together with the filter.
  • Place the various parts back in reverse order.

How Do I Reset the Kenmore Washer?

Kenmore manufactures high end durable, and reliable washers. And it is only proper to try running a reset of your washer when it malfunctions.

It would help to know that a Kenmore washer does not have a reset button. Regardless I will show you a few steps you can follow to reset your washer.

Here are a few steps you can follow to reset a Kenmore Washer

  • First, press the stop button twice, followed by the power button. 
  • Go on and select a wash cycle. For example, you can choose the Normal wash cycle.
  • Now select a wash choice. You can choose the Hot and Cold options.
  • Next is to press the start button to complete resetting the washer.
  • Now, restart your washer, and you are good to go.

Another way to run a reset on your Kenmore washer is to carry out a power cycle.

Here is how to power cycle your Kenmore washer

  • Switch off the washer.
  • Unplug the appliance from the power source.
  • Allow the washer to stay for at least five minutes.
  • Reconnect the washer to the power source.
  • Power the washer, and your reset is complete.

Some reasons you should run the rest of your Kenmore washer include the following.

  • The washer is not draining.
  • The washer becomes too loud.
  • The washer fails to spin.

While Kenmore has top-notch washers, they come with their advantages and disadvantages. 

The table below contains the advantages and disadvantages of a Kenmore Elite washer.

It has an intuitive control panel.Most models come with a high price tag.
It has a large capacity to help you do more laundry faster.Some models have poor soil removal on delicate cycles.
Regular and quick cycles are shorter than other tested washers.Kenmore elite uses more water than other washers of similar design.

What Are the Most Common Error Codes on Kenmore Washers?

Kenmore washers display a variety of error codes depending on which component of the appliance is malfunctioning. However, once you know the issue, you can resolve the error code and fix the problem.

Some of the most common error codes on Kenmore washers include the following.

#1. LD Error

Your washer displays the Long Drain error when there is a long drain time. To fix the long drain error, check that the drain hose is not blocked. 

Also, ensure there are no suds and that the drain pump is in good shape.

#2. LF Error

The washer displays the Long Fill error when your appliance takes longer to fill.

To fix the long fill error, ensure the intake hose is not twisted or damaged. Untangle the twisted hose and replace the hose if damaged.

#3. OL Error 

The appliance displays the Overload error when filling your washer with excess laundry items.

To correct the overload error, open the washer and reduce the number of items in the machine. Once done, you can start the wash cycle again.

#4. DL Error

When the Door of the washer fails to lock, the machine displays the Door isn’t Locking error.

To correct this error, clean up the lock sensors with a cotton swab dipped into rubbing alcohol and ensure there is no object obstructing the Door from locking.

#5. SD Error

When your washer detects excess suds, the appliance will display the Suds Detected error. 

To fix the suds-detected error, ensure the use of high-efficiency detergents in the right amount. Using an excessive amount of high-efficiency detergents will still cause suds errors.

#6. OR Error 

Your washer will display the Open Relay error when a system fails. To fix the open relay error, call an expert to come and examine the washer.

#7. F20 Error 

When your washer fails to detect water entering the machine, the No Water Detected error is displayed.

To clear the error, ensure the valves are functioning correctly, and the intake hoses are not twisted or damaged.

#8. F24 Error

When there is an abnormal water temperature sensor reading, the appliance displays the Water Temperature Sensor Error.

To fix the error, check and confirm that the sensor is attached and properly working. Also, test the resistance of the heating component.

#9. Lid Error

When the lid fails to close when you press the start switch, the appliance displays the Lids Isn’t Closed error.

To fix the error, open and close the lid and observe if the sensor doesn’t discern the lid switch, then you must replace it.

#10. FL Error 

The machine displays the flood error when your washer has a high water level.

To fix the flood error, check and ensure the drain pump is not blocked. Also, inspect if the water intake valve is functional.


F02 error depicts a long drain time caused by the following:

  • A clogged drain system.
  • Excessive suds in the tub.
  • A faulty drain pipe.
  • When the Water degree pressure switch is blocked.
  • Damages to parts of your washer affect the drain hoses and valves.

You can fix the F02 error by examining the above components, removing any clogs, and replacing any damaged parts.

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