6 Reasons Your Frigidaire Freezer Green Light is Blinking!

The Frigidaire is a good freezer brand that works very well. But with electronic gadgets, something can go wrong, and it gets faulty, and it’s the same with the Frigidaire freezer.

You notice that the green LED light on your Frigidaire freezer starts blinking, and what comes to your mind is, why is it blinking? 

Then, you start thinking about the cost of repairing it. Well, let’s figure out why your freezer light is blinking in this article.

Your Frigidaire freezer’s green LED light blinks because something isn’t working well. The flickering alerts you that your freezer cannot reach its ideal temperature. The cause of this problem can be a worn-out door seal, excess load in the freezer, a faulty power outlet, etc. But, of course, most times, you can fix this problem yourself.

In this article, I’ll explain why the green light on your Frigidaire freezer is blinking and how you can fix it. Furthermore, I’ll explain how to reset your freezer.

Why Is My Frigidaire Freezer’s Green Light Blinking?

Frigidaire Freezer Green Light Blinking

Your Frigidaire freezer’s green light blinking can be because of any of the reasons listed below;

  • A new freezer.
  • Worn-out door seal.
  • Excess load in the freezer.
  • A faulty power outlet.
  • Hardware failure.
  • Power failure.

#1. A New Freezer

One of the reasons you have a flickering green light on your freezer is that you are using your freezer for the first time.

The light blinks when you first connect your Frigidaire freezer, and it has yet to reach the optimal temperature it needs to be at.

So, the green light keeps blinking till it gets there. If this is the cause of your freezer blinking and it stops, you know that your freezer is at its required temperature.

#2. Worn-out Door Seal

Here is another reason you see your Frigidaire freezer blinking green. Your freezer’s door seal is responsible for keeping your freezer door appropriately locked.

If the door is not appropriately locked, the freezer cannot work at its optimal temperature, resulting in the green light blinking in your freezer.

A worn-out door seal allows warm air into your freezer and damages the food or reduces its shelf life. You need to fix this problem quickly to avoid all the food in your freezer going bad.

#3. Excess Load in the Freezer

If you store many items in your Frigidaire freezer, it leads to the green light on it blinking. As a result, the freezer works overtime to keep everything cold, and a problem occurs.

Also, because you store excess load in the freezer, some of the items stored can block the vents and limit the ventilation in the freezer.

When there is a block in your freezer’s ventilation, it won’t function properly, and this causes the green light to start blinking.

Another disadvantage to storing excess load in your freezer is that it consumes more electricity as your freezer keeps working overtime to keep everything cool.

#4. Faulty Power Outlet

Sometimes, the cause of your freezer’s green light flickering is that you connect it to a faulty power outlet.

If this is the case, the freezer won’t be able to draw the required power from the outlet and won’t work well, hence the blinking.

To check if this is the cause, you can use a multimeter to test if the voltage in that outlet is appropriate.

#5. Hardware Failure

A problem with your freezer’s hardware can result in the green light blinking. For example, the light blinks if there’s a problem with your compressor, thermostat, or even the power board.

In this case, you might be unable to ascertain the cause of the problem by yourself. You should get a technician to check it out and give their expert opinion on what you should do.

#6. Power Failure

If there’s a problem with power in your Frigidaire freezer, the green light will keep blinking. 

It can be because of a cord or a loose connection, resulting in an inconsistent power supply to the freezer.

How Do I Fix the Blinking Green Light on My Frigidaire Freezer?

To fix your Frigidaire freezer problem of its blinking green light, you must know why so you know your course of action.

After going through the problems above, you can fix them by following the steps below.

#1. Replace the Door Seal

If you notice that the reason for your freezer blinking green light is a worn-out door seal, you need to replace it.

The first step to replacing it is to know your freezer’s model so you can know which door seal suits your freezer.

Start at the corner of your freezer to remove the worn-out door seal. After removing it, clean the area with a wet cloth to remove debris or dirt that won’t make the new seal stick to the door.

Put your new door seal into where the old seal was and press it down gently to install it. You can also use a hair dryer to remove the kink in your freezer so it will close properly.

After replacing the door seal with a new one, keep it sealed so the freezer works at its ideal temperature. You’ll notice that your freezer is no longer blinking green.

#2. Reduce the Load in Your Freezer

Try reducing the load in your freezer to see if the green light will stop blinking, which it should. But if it doesn’t, create space in between the items in it and ensure nothing is blocking the vent.

The green light will stop blinking with proper ventilation in your Frigidaire freezer.

#3. Change Faulty Power Outlet

If the cause of the blinking green light in your freezer is a faulty power outlet, you need to change it.

Also, check for loose connections and the wiring of your freezer to ensure it’s working correctly.

#4. Reset Your Freezer

After trying out all the fixes and the green light continues blinking, reset your freezer. Resetting your freezer will clear it of minor errors, and the green light will stop flashing.

How Do You Reset a Frigidaire Freezer?

There are a few ways you can reset your Frigidaire freezer. The table below shows the different methods to reset your freezer.

Unplug your freezer.Unplug your freezer from the power outlet for 15-20 minutes before plugging it back.
Turning your freezer defrost timer anti-clockwise.Look for the defrost timer switch, and turn it anti-clockwise to reset your freezer.
Use buttons.Pressing the “power freezer” and “power cool” buttons will reset your freezer.

Any of the methods in the table above will reset your Frigidaire freezer. However, in the paragraphs below, I’ll explain how to reset your freezer using the defrost timer technique.

Before using your freezer defrost timer to reset it, you must know its location. Please ensure that your freezer is unplugged while working on it. 

You can find the defrost timer at the back or bottom of your fridge. After locating it, insert a flat-head screwdriver into the notch of the defrost timer switch and turn it anti-clockwise.

However, if your defrost timer is behind your refrigerator, use the 3/8-inch socket screwdriver to open the panel.

After opening it, you’ll see the defrost timer next to the freezer’s compressor. Then, turn the notch anti-clockwise to reset your freezer.

Next, replace the defrost timer to its position, close the panel, and wait about half an hour to restart your freezer.

Where Is the Reset Button on the Frigidaire Freezer?

Most Frigidaire freezer does not have a reset button, but if yours has a reset button, it is inside your freezer.

For you to be sure about this, check your user manual for where your reset button is. You can also check your freezer’s model online to see if yours has a reset button and location.

The good thing about a Frigidaire freezer is that even without a reset button, you can reset your freezer.


In summary, the green light that blinks on your Frigidaire freezer warns that all is not well with your freezer. This sign alerts you to take action before the problem gets bigger.

The good thing is that you can fix most of these problems using the hacks in the article, but if you can’t, contact a technician.

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