GE Dishwasher Diagnostic Mode! (How To Enter & More)

GE dishwashers can occasionally develop faults from time to time, causing them to malfunction. However, all GE appliances have diagnostic error codes for use and navigation.

They also have a design to show error codes that could better help you understand the issue you are about to deal with.

Most times, setting your GE dishwasher in diagnostic mode helps to clear error codes on them. Here is how to do that.

You can put your GE dishwasher in diagnostic mode by first looking carefully and observing the error codes on the screen of your dishwasher. Next, you should press and hold the “cycle select”  and “start” buttons for about 5 minutes. Lastly, when the dishwasher enters diagnostic mode, the reset countdown begins. 

In this article, I will explain the process of putting your dishwasher in diagnostic mode, how to exit it, and why running a diagnostic on your dishwasher is crucial. 

Hopefully, with the information I will give here, you should be able to put your dishwasher in diagnostic mode.  

How Do I Put My GE Dishwasher In Diagnostic Mode? 

GE Dishwasher Diagnostic Mode

As you already know, GE dishwashers come in varying sizes and features. While one model can accept any method of running a diagnostic mode, another will not.

However, you don’t have to worry so much about that because, in a few moments, you will read how to put your dishwasher in diagnostic mode with simple steps. 

Luckily, this does not suggest that your device gets damaged beyond repair or that you should discard it immediately.

To put the GE dishwasher in diagnostic mode, you must long-press the start and cycle keys for about five seconds or more. While doing this, ensure to put your dishwasher in standby mode. 

So without further ado, let’s go through their models’ methods of putting your dishwasher accordingly in diagnostic mode.  

#1. GE GLDT690T Dishwasher Diagnostic Mode

Here is how to enter the diagnostic mode on your GE DT690T model.

Step 1:

Switch off the dishwasher and disconnect it from a power source. Make sure that all the LED and SSD lights are off too. 

Step 2:

Open the dishwasher door and reconnect it to the power source.

Step 3:

After reconnecting it to the power source, press the Delay+ON/OFF buttons for at least 2 minutes. 

Step 4:

Lastly, close the doors and watch out for the LED lights and SSD lights and ensure they are all beeping before you continue the process and complete it. 

However, you may not necessarily have to allow the countdown on the diagnostic mode to end before you can end the process or cancel it.

To exit the diagnostic mode, you must long-press the ON/OFF button or go ahead and disconnect it from the power source. 

#2. GE Triton Dishwasher Diagnostic Mode-How To Enter

The GE Triton dishwasher uses service mode as its diagnostic mode. 

To enter the diagnostic mode on this dishwasher, press the “cookware” and  “heated dry”  buttons on the dishwasher for a few seconds. 

While doing this, ensure you press the two buttons simultaneously. When you want to cancel or exit the “service mode.”  

You can press the “start”  or “reset”  key within the diagnostic cycle to cancel it. 

#3. GE Profile Dishwasher Diagnostic Mode

The profile dishwasher models or series share the same method as the Triton dishwasher when putting them in diagnostic mode. 

However, they may vary from other models of the profile dishwasher series.  

Most times, resetting the dishwasher could become your last resort to clear the errors, but you need to know that you can put your device on diagnostic and have it reset in a few moments. 

For example, the PDW8900 series requires you to long press the “cookware”  and “heated dry”  buttons for 3 seconds to put the dishwasher in diagnostic mode.  

On the contrary, PDW9700 and PDW9970 series GE profile dishwashers require you to long press the “down”  arrow and “heated dry” buttons for 3 seconds to put them in diagnostic mode. 

However, all the profile dishwasher series have the same method to exit the diagnostic mode. To exit or cancel the diagnostic mode.  

Furthermore, you can press the “start” or  “reset” keypad during the diagnostic cycle to terminate it.

Generally, to enter the diagnostic or service mode, press and hold down the “cycle select” keypad for three seconds. 

Exiting the diagnostic mode requires you to long press the “circle select”  and “start” buttons for at least 5 seconds.

The overall time taken for a GE dishwasher to complete its diagnostic mode cycle or process is about 5 minutes.

Why Can’t I Access the Diagnostic Mode on My GE Dishwasher? 

Assessing the diagnostic on your GE dishwasher, it’s always easy to do, mainly because all you need to do is long-press the two buttons-cycle select, and start buttons for 30 seconds. 

However, it would help if you considered some key factors, such as your door status. Unfortunately, assessing the diagnostic mode becomes challenging when not implemented.

Here are some reasons you can’t access the diagnostic mode on your GE dishwasher. 

#1. Door Status

When putting your GE dishwasher in any diagnostic mode, you must leave the doors open for at least 10 seconds. 

The appropriate door status, especially for the GE GLDT690T model, requires you to open the dishwasher doors before connecting them to a power source. Afterward, it requires you to enter diagnostic mode and close the doors. 

#2. Wrong Diagnostic Mode Cycle Method

Another reason you can’t access the diagnostic mode on your dishwasher could be a wrong diagnostic mode cycle method. 

All GE dishwasher models have specified methods for entering, exiting, and exiting a diagnostic mode.

Unfortunately, when the method you choose does not correspond to the model you use, entering the diagnostic mode on a dishwasher is impossible. 

Look through your dishwasher manual to know the correct method for running the diagnostic cycle on your dishwasher. On the other hand, you can contact GE customer care service for help. 

What Are the Diagnostic Codes on a GE Dishwasher?

The diagnostic codes on your GE dishwashers help you navigate using it and detect any issue or fault it may develop. 

The diagnostic codes help homeowners troubleshoot their devices or appliances without seeking external professional help. 

However, others require intense inspection by professional electricians.

Error CodesFaults
C1Restricted pump drain valve and drain lines
C2Blocked drain lines and clogged pump
C3No drain
C4An overflow or overflowing water fault
C5Low water fill
C6Low water temperature
C7Defective temperature sensor
C8Clogged detergent cup
C9Power failure

Interestingly, you can quickly resolve all these error codes and faults when you run a diagnostic test on your dishwasher.         

How Do You Put a GE Dishwasher Into Service Mode?

When putting a GE dishwasher into service mode, you must first consider some key factors. One essential factor is the model or series of GE dishwashers you want to run a service mode on. 

For example, the PDW 8900 series requires you to long press the “cookware”  and “heated dry”  buttons for 3 seconds to put your dishwasher in a diagnostic service mode. 

On the contrary, for the PDW9900 series GE profile dishwasher, you must long-press the “down” arrow and “heated dry” buttons for 3 seconds to put that model in service mode. 

Another factor you should consider is the error code displayed on the screen of your dishwasher. 

These error codes help homeowners better understand the gravity of damage or fault they have on their dishwashers. 

Also, it further amplifies if running a diagnostic test or putting the dishwasher in service mode will clear out the errors. 

Lastly, all GE dishwashers have specified methods to put them in service mode. 

Therefore, always look through your manual guide to see the correct method for putting your dishwasher in service mode. 

Nevertheless, read on as I give a detailed how to put a dishwasher into service mode.

Seven Steps on How To Put a GE Dishwasher In Service Mode- Step By Step 

Below are the seven steps to put your GE dishwasher in service mode.

Step 1:

Switch off the dishwasher and disconnect it from the power source.

Step 2:

Ensure all the LED and SSD lights go off.

Step 3:

Reconnect it to the power source and open the doors. 

Step 4:

Long-press, the Delay + ON/OFF pad for 5 seconds, then close the doors.

Step 5:

Press and hold down the “cycle select” pad for 5 seconds.

Step 6:

To begin the test cycle, press the “start” button to terminate the ongoing “cycle select” test.

Final Thoughts

To put your GE dishwasher in diagnostic mode, you must:

  • Know the model or series of the dishwasher you’re running a diagnostic on.
  • Understand the various error codes that may appear on your dishwasher screen.
  • Understand the detailed step-by-step guide for running a diagnostic mode on your dishwasher. 

Once all these essential factors are in place, you can successfully enter and exit a diagnostic test mode on your dishwasher without stress.

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