GE Refrigerator Led Lights Dim (Reasons & Solutions)

On a fantastic day, you decide to open your refrigerator, and then you find out the led lights are dim.

You start wondering what the issue may be because your refrigerator light is always bright and shines very well. 

Well, your refrigerator light may be dim. As a result of some improper functioning of your refrigerator, sometimes the fault may be from mismanagement of the refrigerator. 

Your GE refrigerator led lights becoming dim might result from several different problems. Low electricity current, poor connection, bad circuit board, unstable power supply, old led light bulbs. If the bulb is faulty or lost, it can also result in dim light. An improper cord connection can also interrupt the refrigerator’s power supply, causing dim light. 

Why Are GE Refrigerator Led Lights Dim? 

GE Refrigerator Led Lights Dim

The led light of a GE refrigerator is always bright. This led light location depends on the model of a refrigerator.

If you notice your refrigerator light dim, there must be a problem that needs control. 

#1. Low Electricity Current 

If the current is low, the refrigerator will receive less voltage than before, thus reducing the brightness of the GE led light so it can accommodate the low electric current.

Therefore, it is better to turn off the refrigerator to avoid damage or even electric shocks to someone who wants to use the refrigerator. 

Whenever we notice the refrigerator, there is a low current. Therefore, even if the refrigerator’s light is not dim, we should ensure to put it off.

By doing so, we help increase the lifespan and help maintain the refrigerator. 

#2. Old Led Light Bulb 

Every bulb has a life span, a period in which it will work. It is just like an expiring date.

When the bulb approaches its end of life span, it doesn’t seem to take enough current like it used to. Instead, it begins to produce dim lights. 

Like our bulbs at home, so does the refrigerator’s led light behave. All you have to do is to get a new led light and replace the older one.

If you cannot handle it, do well to request a technician’s service. Do not forget to put the refrigerator off when changing the led lights.

Replacing the lights when the refrigerator is on can lead to electric shock and even death. So make sure you check very well before you try to fix a new led light. 

#3. Bad Circuit Board  

If your refrigerator has a bad circuit board, it may alter the normal functioning of the refrigerator.

It can also affect the brightness of your led lights. As a result, the light becomes dim and fails to shine as it does. 

If you have this, it is preferable to request a technician’s service, but if you can do it, all you need to do is to get a good and functioning circuit board.

The circuit board is at the back of the refrigerator. Just open it, and you can replace your circuit board. 

Some people go for old but functioning circuit boards because of the low price. But it is advisable to go for a new circuit board to avoid problems if the one you bought has a fault. 

#4. Faulty or Damaged Led Light Bulb 

Your led light might be the reason for the dim light, not the refrigerator. If the light is faulty, then the bulb will not be able to produce bright light.

All you need to do is get a new led light bulb and replace it with the old one. Put your refrigerator off when doing this. 

Loose bulbs can also result in dim lights. If the bulb is not tight, it will alter the amount of current taken by the bulb.

If the bulb cannot take enough current, it will produce light according to the current it receives, dimming the light. 

Just tighten the bulb; if the wires connecting it are loose, you should also tighten them.

When tightening the bulb, make sure you do so until you can no longer tighten it. Do not use force when doing it so the bulb will not break 

How to Fix Led Lights On a GE Refrigerator (Step By Step)?

Fixing led lights on a GE refrigerator is not difficult; all you need to do this is a new led bulb that’ll be used to replace the old one.

Below is the step-by-step process for fixing a led light on a GE refrigerator :

#1. Unplug Your Refrigerator From The Power Outlet 

Unplugging the refrigerator is to avoid electric shock when fixing the led light. In addition, it is a safety precaution when handling electric appliances in our homes and offices. 

#2. Remove The Old Led Bulb 

To remove a led bulb, all you have to do is turn the bulb anticlockwise. Then, continue to turn it until the bulb leaves its socket.

Do this gently and not forcefully, so the bulb won’t break and maybe injure you. 

#3. Fix The New Bulb 

Fixing it, you have to screw it in clockwise since you screwed anticlockwise when removing the older one.

You continue screwing gently till the bulb is fully fixed in the socket and can no longer turn. 

#4. Plug Your Refrigerator 

Plug it to test if your new led light is working fine. If the light is flickering, dim, or doesn’t produce light, you have to go and change the led light. 

If your warranty period is not over and you have a faulty bulb, you can contact the producer to get your refrigerator led light fixed. But if the warranty period is over, you’ll have to replace it yourself. 

Why is GE Refrigerator Led Light Not Working? 

Your GE refrigerator light not working might result from several reasons. 

#1. Faulty Light Bulb Or Socket 

If your socket is terrible or the light bulb is faulty, you need to get a new one and replace it. Unlike the led light bulb, the socket is not so easy to replace.

You might want to consider the services of a technician. The e poor light board will also alter the functioning of the light bulb. Fixing this also needs the services of a technician. 

#2. Sabbath Mode 

Wondering what a sabbath mode is? As the name implies, the sabbath is a day set aside for worship, and no one is to make use of an electric appliance. So it is according to Judaism law. 

To fix it, you must press the “Light” and “Lock” buttons on your refrigerator and hold it for about 10 to 20 seconds. After that, it should reset the refrigerator from the “Sabbath Mode.” 

Can You Replace the Led Light In the Fridge? 

Yes, you can replace a led light in a fridge. It does not take much time and energy to replace a led light in a refrigerator.

You only need to get a LED light and follow the above steps to replace your refrigerator’s led light. Make sure to get the correct bulb for your refrigerator.

If the bulb is not the exact one used by the refrigerator, there will be issues when trying to fix the lights in the refrigerator, and it might damage the bulb or the socket. 

How Long Do Led Refrigerator Lights Last?

Led lights are known for their long lifespan, that’s why it is in most home appliances, and even some of our bulbs at home are also Led lights. For example, a new refrigerator led light will last 2 – 5 years. 

Although certain factors are responsible for the lifespan of LED light, if the refrigerator is in use often, the life span of the led light will be short.

But if the refrigerator is rarely used, the led light lifespan will increase since it is not frequently used. 

Some bulbs used for home appliances:

Bulb Appliances used 
Incandescent bulbs Ovens(40 watts) 2. Refrigerator (40- or 60-)Microwave oven(25 watts) 
Halogen light bulb Oven (15 watts) 
Led lights Freezer and refrigerator, since they’re cooler (never use a LED light in an oven) 


Your dim refrigerator led light has many ways to fix depending on the problem of the bulb. The problem can come from the fridge or even the bulb itself.

Always make sure to close your refrigerator door when not in use, so not leave it open as this can cause the refrigerator light not to work for some hours.

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