This Is How To Find Age Of Whirlpool Appliances!

Whirlpool appliances like refrigerators and dryers are essential in a home. Still, regardless of their durability, these appliances will suffer damage at some point because they’ll reach their average lifespan and require repairs or replacement. 

Thus, this makes it helpful to know your appliance’s age to help you discern when to get a replacement or maintenance tips that can prolong their lifespan. But the question now is how to find the age of a whirlpool appliance.

The most reliable method to determine your Whirlpool appliance’s age is through the serial number. Every Whirlpool appliance has serial numbers containing codes to explain the manufacturing date, including its exact month and year, helping you determine its age. The subsequent alpha character means the manufacture year, while the first and following number means the manufacture week.

How Can I Tell the Age of My Whirlpool Appliance?

How to Find Age of Whirlpool Appliance 

The serial number of your Whirlpool appliance will help you discover its age. It includes information on the week, month, and production year.

You’ll have to do a little calculation, nothing too complex, to find this. Just subtract the production year from the current year.

For example, if the appliance’s year of production is 1989, you’ll need to remove this age from our current year, 2022. 

That is 2022-1989= 33 years. The manufacturing year is in the serial number.

All Whirlpool appliances don’t share a similar serial number, meaning they’re all unique and only give information about the appliance the serial number sticker is on.

You’ll find all the information about that appliance you need. However, not all Whirlpool appliances will work following this method as other brands like Roper, Kenmore, Maytag, etc., are under it.

In such a case, the serial number might not help you, so it would be best to reach the company and ask for the necessary data you’ll require.

If your Whirlpool appliance is a washer, you should know all washers look alike, but a serial number differentiates them.

Aside from serial numbers, model numbers are also helpful as they provide information about your appliance, just as the serial number, primarily if you’ve misplaced your owner’s guide. 

You only have to input the necessary details into Whirlpool’s online website.

Understanding the model and serial numbers allows you to change equipment during repairs or even upgrade to new parts.

Whirlpool Appliance Age by Serial Number

The serial number of a Whirlpool appliance is almost all you need to discover its age. Whirlpool assigns these unique numbers to each product it produces. 

Hence, every appliance has a serial number containing all its details, age, and production place.

Further, Whirlpool serial numbers include letters and numerical codes to help you discover its age.

This serial number begins with a numeral number indicating the location and production year, succeeded by digits representing the week.

The third-seventh numbers symbolize the weekly batch order of production.

Understanding what each digit or character in the serial number means and how to interpret them allows you to calculate and discover the appliance’s age.

Depending on what Whirlpool appliance you have, you can find the serial number in:

  • The left-hand region of the connected appliance sticker
  • The appliance receipt and the tag behind your fridge if your Whirlpool appliance is a refrigerator
  • The manufacturer’s manual

Note: Remember that this location guide is not a definite guarantee as other Whirlpool appliances may not have their serial numbers in the mentioned places.

Knowing the age of your Whirlpool appliance is synonymous with knowing how much Whirlpool appliances will last.

And this serves many benefits as various appliances under this brand have different lifespans.

Additionally, it keeps you abreast with any upgrades you need to help you maintain them better.

Whirlpool Serial Number Codes Explanation

  • The first alpha character means the manufacturing division code.
  • The second alpha character refers to the manufacturing year.
  • The first and second digit is the manufacturing week during that specific year.
  • Digits three to seven means the weekly order batch of production

After understanding this, you should move on to knowing the interpretations of date codes.

The year 1970 to 1989


From 1990 to 2010


What Is the Age of My Whirlpool Refrigerator?

The fastest way to determining your Whirlpool refrigerator’s age is its serial and model number label. You can find this label on the left side of your fridge.

You only have to open your refrigerator’s door and look for this sticker above the door by the left, directly below the Whirlpool logo.

It is much simpler to locate the label containing the serial number on your fridge.

Finding the serial number simplifies the entire process as it will help you find the details required to help you discover your refrigerator’s age.

Additionally, you’ll find the batch alongside a precise time that tells you the age of your Whirlpool refrigerator. 

If it’s a recent purchase, a sold one might have had their sticker torn or removed.

If this is your situation, you’ll have to go back to the store you bought it from or find the date stamps on some metal parts of your refrigerator. It is necessary to know how long your Whirpool appliance lasts.

Although your Whirlpool refrigerator lasts for a long time, as it is one of the best brands on the market, it can still damage as it ages.

As its lifespan reduces, your fridge’s performance is affected, and there are obvious signs to alert you.

Some of these signs are:

#1. Food Spoils Quickly

A refrigerator preserves food from spoiling by producing an unconducive environment for mold and bacteria.

But when it reaches the end of its lifespan, it won’t perform efficiently again as the fridge won’t have the capacity to freeze up to 40 Fahrenheit continuously.

This situation mainly results from a leaking coolant or an inoperative motor, and repair is needed.

#2. Excessively Hot Motor

When the air from the fridge is too hot, you should feel the condenser coil behind the refrigerator to confirm this.

If your suspicions are true, it implies the coils aren’t cooling well because the insulator isn’t performing appropriately or the motor has some problems or strains.

Such an issue means you need a replacement and not a repair.

#3. Loud Sounds From the Refrigerator

Generally, your fridge will make a slight sound when the motor runs, but there shouldn’t be any loud noise like a bang or rattling noise from its unit.

If it happens, your fridge has significant issues with its components and must be looked into as soon as possible.

How to Tell the Age of a Whirlpool Dishwasher?

It is easy to tell the age of your Whirlpool dishwasher through its serial number. But when you find this serial number, you must interpret it to discover the production date.

The serial number is on the same sticker as the model number and is usually inside the dishwasher’s rim.

The serial number is what you need to tell the dishwasher’s age, so don’t confuse it for the model number.

Also, this serial number has nine characters with two letters and seven subsequent ones. You’ll find this significant number on the dishwasher’s side. 

The serial number’s second character is what you need to know your appliance’s age as it tells you the dishwasher’s year of production.

Most importantly, don’t interchange the date code and code decoding for other brands’ appliances with Whirlpools as they differ.

Here’s how to interpret your dishwasher’s serial number. Let’s take this one, CP3520767, for example.

The first character refers to its production place, C meaning Clyde, Ohio, and the second one P= 2003, as the date code table earlier indicates.

Subtract 2003 from the current year, and you’ll find your dishwasher’s age.

Another way to find your Whirlpool dishwasher’s age is through reliable online websites that can help determine your appliance’s age.

You only have to input the necessary details like your appliance’s brand, Whirlpool, appliance type, dishwasher, and model/serial numbers. 

It’ll run its database and find the precise information you need. Or you can contact Whirlpool through their email or call them and ask them what you require.

How to Find the Age of a Whirlpool Dryer?

As with other Whirlpool home appliances, your dryer’s serial number contains all information you need to find its age.

You can find the sticker including this number inside the door jamb, its sides, or the dryer’s back. 

The second character on the serial number is what you need, as it shows the production date of your Whirlpool dryer.

If the second character is a numeral, then your dryer was produced before 1990. But if it’s a letter, the dryer was made after 1989, and you can find this age yourself or through a decoding website. 

To locate it yourself, subtract the year of production from the current year just as you would find out your age.

Let’s use another example following the codes listed in the table above. For instance, in 2020, a Whirlpool dryer has a serial number with its first and second character being CR. 

The C can be Canada, its place of production, and the R is the production date which is 2004. Now subtract 2004 from 2020 to give you 16 years which is your dryer’s age.

If this option isn’t for you, you could use reliable sites for Whirlpool appliance date age and input the information needed.

After calculations and database scanning, you’ll get the appropriate age of your dryer.

How Old Is My Whirlpool Washer?

The serial number affixed on your Whirlpool washer is all you need to know how old it is.

If you’re using a top-loading washer, open the cover and search for a sticker at the top corner behind the tub. 

But if you’re using a front-loading washing machine, you’ll find the label inside the door or beside the rear of the cabinet by the left or right corner.

If the sticker isn’t in these places, detach the washer wall and check behind it for a label.

When you find that label, you’ll see the serial number and model number but copy only the serial number and decode it using an online website or a date code table.

Whether a letter or number, decoders for these date codes can help you calculate the age. 

It isn’t challenging to tell the age of your Whirlpool washer yourself. The second character is all you need.

If the second character in the serial number is a number 7, your dryer was produced in 1976, but if it is a letter L, your washer was made in 2001.

Knowing how to decode the serial number of your Whirlpool appliance isn’t the issue. Some of these appliances don’t have a definite place where you can find this number.

Hence, Whirlpool has a guide to help you locate these serial numbers on different appliances, either a washer, oven, dryer, or fridge. 

Knowing how and where to find this serial number helps you find any information you may need in your owner’s guide if you’ve misplaced yours, need a repair that requires a spare part upgrade, or want to repair.


Knowing your Whirlpool appliance’s details, especially age, is significant as it saves you from any unwarranted purchase.

If you decide on repairing these appliances or getting a new one, Whirlpool gives you all the details you’ll need to know its production date.

If you don’t understand how this works, it would be best to use a website.

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