How To Find Cubic Feet Of The Kenmore Refrigerator?

Are you curious about the capacity of your Kenmore refrigerator? Do you want to know what the cubic feet of your Kenmore refrigerator are?

Look no further than in this article; I’ll provide all the answers you want. Just sit tight and enjoy the reading.

The space within a Kenmore refrigerator varies depending on the model of the fridge. To ascertain the capacity of your fridge and not make any assumptions, you can use two possible methods: using the model number information and measuring the cubic feet manually with a tape measure.

How do I Find the Cubic Feet of my Kenmore Refrigerator by the Model Number?

How to Find the Cubic Feet of the Kenmore Refrigerator 

To find the capacity of your Kenmore fridge using the model number method, you’ll need to find the model number information first.

You can find the model number and information about the cubic feet of your Kenmore refrigerator on a silver label at different sites, such as;

  • The upper right or left side wall on the interior of the fridge or freezer.
  • The interior of the ceiling
  • at the bottom of the interior floor.
  • On the refrigerator’s front frame.
  • At the rear of the bottom crisper of the last drawers in the compartment of fresh food
  • The back side of the lower toe kick-plate.

Other possible sites include:

  • The case below the refrigerator’s lid
  • The rear of the refrigerator’s timer panel.
  • The back of the refrigerator’s door, especially if it’s new.
  • The bottom front panel
  • The manual guide and the payment receipt

Alternatively, you can consult your email for the purchase confirmation and look for the model details if you bought the refrigerator online.

Once you find out the model details, you can move on to Kenmore’s website to check for the cubic feet of your refrigerator.

For some models, it’s also possible to scan QR codes with your mobile phone, which will launch a browser automatically. That will directly take you to your refrigerator details.

The manufacturers may print the model number on an aluminum tag or a white or silver label.

You can also find it on the refrigerator pack as boldly-written information for easy identification, and you may find it underneath a bar code.

In the model number, you’ll see a prefix of three digits with a period ensuing. An example of this prefix is 110 and 665.

A period and more digits follow the prefix. After that, look for an aluminum tag or a white or silver adhesive label.

The model number is usually stamped or printed on the tag/label. The third digit after the period is the cubic feet of your refrigerator.

If zero follows the number, the capacity is either 10 or 20 cubic feet, as the case may be.

Kenmore refrigerators usually come with a model number, which mostly begins with a three-digit prefix followed by a period.

This prefix stands for refrigerator manufacturer; an example is 106, 110, 665, or some other country code.

After the prefix and period comes a set of numbers. The model number of a Kenmore refrigerator can look somewhat like this—110. 2315789034.

The third or fourth figure of the model number after the period usually represents the refrigerator’s size. To illustrate, if the number is 5, it could stand for a 15-cubic-foot refrigerator.

How to Find the Cubic Feet of my Kenmore Refrigerator Manually?

You can also know the capacity of your fridge by measuring it with tape. You’ll need a tape measure, a pen, a notepad, and a calculator.

I highly recommend a laser tape measure as it will give you accurate readings and is easy to use.

To do that, grab your measuring tape and measure the refrigerator’s interior height(H), width(W), and depth(D) from the inside.

To get the best results in terms of accuracy, you must remove all the drawers and shelves.

Furthermore, write the figures down after measurement so you don’t forget them and mix them up. After that, use a calculator to multiply the figures you get. That is:

Dimensions: Height × Width × Depth

After that, divide the product by 1728. That’ll give you the cubic feet of your Kenmore refrigerator. To illustrate, assume you measured the dimensions of your fridge, and you get:


When you multiply the figures, 50 x 28 x 28 = 39200, divide the answer by 1728, which gives 22.7 cubic feet, which corresponds to your fridge’s capacity.

How Many Cubic Feet does my Kenmore Refrigerator Model 795 have?

The capacity of the Kenmore 795.78022 is 22.1 cubic feet, and it is a bottom-freezer refrigerator. It is available in white, black, or bisque versions.

A cubic foot refers to the capacity of an item. It is usually expressed as the width times the height times the depth of the item.

Most refrigerators have a rectangular shape, meaning you’ll likely have three different figures for height, width, and depth.

Say your Kenmore fridge is 3 feet wide, 6 feet high, and 2 feet deep. To determine the capacity, multiply 3 x 6 x 2, giving you 36 cubic feet. 

The problem with the measuring method is that the interior of your refrigerator is not empty.

It contains several drawers, shelves, and compartments that may alter the available storage capacity.

The manufacturers may not justify this lost space in the cubic feet they display when they advertise the product.

Therefore, you must have this at the back of your mind: the storage capacity is less than what the manufacturer says. That is because of the unusable space taken up by the drawers and shelves.

How to Determine the Size of a Kenmore Refrigerator?

To determine the size of your Kenmore refrigerator, check the pack of your refrigerator, as the manufacturer may include the size on it.

If the manufacturer doesn’t provide it, the next option is to use the model number. The manufacturer’s information is the first three numbers followed by a period.

The next digits represent the size of the refrigerator. Usually, it’s the third or fourth digit. However, it’s common that the numbers will represent something entirely different.

For instance, if the fourth figure is five, the size is 15 cubic feet. If you don’t have access to the pack or the model number, then all hope’s not lost.

The other method is to measure the dimensions of the fridge using a tape measure.

That is, the refrigerator’s height, width, and depth, and multiply what you get. Then divide the answer by 1728 to get the cubic feet of your Kenmore fridge.

If your refrigerator is too full, temporarily evacuate the contents to provide enough room to measure accurately. Measure the interior space of the fridge, not the exterior. 

Additionally, measure the dimensions in the same unit and don’t mix cm with inches. Measure in inches and then convert to cubic feet by dividing by 1728.

Which Kenmore Refrigerator Size is Best for Me?

Say you want to replace your old Kenmore refrigerator with a new one. How do you know which size is the best fit for you? Here are some things to consider.

You need to know the size of your current refrigerator, as this will provide a rough guide as to which size to purchase.

Next, realize that manufacturers factor the wasted space by drawers and shelves into the stated cubic feet. Therefore, the space available for storage is less than they advertise.

You can choose a refrigerator with removable or adjustable drawers, compartments, and shelves.

Doing so will guarantee that you keep wasted space to the barest minimum and maximize the storage capacity.

Additionally, lower the upper shelf if you use tall containers like soda, milk, or orange juice to create enough room for your liquid containers. Equally effective is using movable compartments for those items.

The size of the Kenmore refrigerator that is best for you depends on many factors, like family size, what you intend to store, and others.

That said, home refrigerators have a standard size of between 18 and 26 cubic feet. However, a size of 19 to 22 cubic feet is best for most families.

If your family is large, you have several roommates, or you want to use it in a company, you should get a larger refrigerator.


The Kenmore refrigerator model number is a great way of knowing your refrigerator size. All you have to do is look at the third or fourth digit after the prefix and period.

However, if you can’t find your model number or if the model number doesn’t accurately tell you the size, don’t worry. Use the manual method I exhaustively discussed, and you’re home and dry.

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