Here Is How To Tell The Age Of KitchenAid Appliances!

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Moving into a new home with KitchenAid appliances can be hectic if you do not know the home appliances’ age.

Some appliances might need replacement, change of parts, or might still be wholly functional for use in your kitchen.

Therefore, determining the age of the KitchenAid appliance is necessary for knowing which kitchen appliance is still valuable for your kitchen.

KitchenAid appliances use serial codes to mark their appliance for easy age and manufacture identification.

To determine the age of your KitchenAid appliance, find the model or the serial number of the appliance and take note of the serial code. Note the second to the fourth digits in the serial code. The two numbers will tell you the week and the letter, the year the appliance was manufactured. 

How Do I Tell the Age of My KitchenAid Appliances?

How To Tell the Age of KitchenAid Appliances

You will have to locate the serial number tag on your KitchenAid product. Once you find the serial tag, record the serial code and note the first four parts of the code to determine the appliance’s age. 

The first letter represents the company’s name, and the following letter represents the year the company produced the appliance.

The next two numbers on the serial code represent the week of the year that KitchenAid manufactured the product, while the other numbers signify the product’s manufacturing order.

For instance, if your KitchenAid appliance serial number is KN30411009, the K represents the name KitchenAid.

The following letter, N, represents 2003, and the last two numbers indicate the 30th week of 2003. With these numbers, you can tell that this appliance is 19 years old. 

The yearly coding of the KitchenAid products follows a pattern that starts from the letter J with the year 1999.

This pattern continues consecutively with a series of letters with corresponding years, i.e., the letter K signifies the year 2000, the letter L, 2001, and so on.

The dating and serial systems vary with appliance brands. Therefore, confirm your product’s brand before trying to find and decipher the serial codes.

KitchenAid is a kitchen brand under the Whirlpool company. Therefore, the brand’s recent models will have a similar serial number system to that of other kitchen products from Whirlpool, like Roper, SinkGuard, and Maytag.

You can often find the serial number information on a sticker at the back or under the appliance panel.

The location of these tags also varies with the brand and type of KitchenAid product.

In addition, most modern KitchenAid appliances now have expiry dates clearly on the product, which makes it easy for users to determine the age of the kitchen appliance.

You can also determine the age of your KitchenAid product by inspecting your owner’s manual or searching for the manual online.

However, if you cannot find the manufacturer date, you can contact KitchenAid Help and Support Center for more information to find your appliance serial number.

#1. Where To Find Serial Number on Your KitchenAid Appliance?

KitchenAid ApplianceSerial Tag Location
Microwave OvenBehind the door
DryersOn the dryer door
CooktopsBeneath the cooktop burner, on its liner
DishwasherThe left edge of the door
RefrigeratorOn the left wall inside the refrigerator
HoodsOn the frontal part of the hood, inside its edge
OvenBehind the door
Ice MakerBeneath the appliance lid, inside the Ice Maker
SinksOn the basin or beneath the countertop
WasherOn the washer’s door

What Year Is My KitchenAid Oven?

To find the year of a KitchenAid oven, especially before purchasing a fairly used product, you must find its serial code tag.

You can find this tag behind the door of your KitchenAid oven. However, for other KitchenAid appliances, the tag location may vary.

Nonetheless, if it is impossible to locate, you can consult the oven’s owner’s manual for information.

KitchenAid ovens are popular, reliable, and durable, hence their long life spans. The serial number tag of your KitchenAid oven is not difficult to locate since it is in an open location.

Once you find the serial tag, you can determine the year of the oven. On the oven’s tag, you will notice the serial number, among other information about the appliance on the sticker.

Following the KitchenAid serial code deciphering rules above, you can take note of the second alphabet in the serial code and compare it to the corresponding year.

The codes will help you determine the product’s manufacture year and its production week. KitchenAid brands use the same identification system to mark all of their appliances.

The difference might be the location of the serial tag on the KitchenAid products, but the identification system is similar.

This form of identification makes it easy for users to understand how to decipher the serial numbers. 

How To Find the Age of a KitchenAid Refrigerator?

You can determine the age of your KitchenAid refrigerator by looking for its serial number. If you are using an old model, it might be difficult for you to find the serial number.

However, it is necessary to find the KitchenAid refrigerator serial code to determine its age. You can find the serial number behind the fridge or on the left wall inside the refrigerator.

You can also find the serial number in your owner’s manual or the brand’s website. The serial numbers of KitchenAid appliances have a similar format.

For example, the codes of the fridge serial number tell the date of manufacture, the refrigerator brand, its model, and the week of manufacture

The first letter of the code signifies the name of the brand; the following letter, however, tells you the year of manufacture of your KitchenAid refrigerator.

This serial number will help you determine the age of your fridge. You can contact KitchenAid customer care to determine the age of your refrigerator, though it might take longer.

The serial code starts with the letter K, followed by letters and digits. For some KitchenAid fridges, the serial tag is at the bottom of the refrigerator, while others have theirs inside the fridge compartment.

However, most KitchenAid refrigerators have their tags on the left wall inside the fridge.

How Do I Check My KitchenAid Warranty?

If you purchase the fridge for the first time, you can easily find the warranty on the product’s package or in its instruction manual.

You can also contact the KitchenAid office for more information on the warranty of your appliance. 

KitchenAid appliances have a one-year warranty for most of their appliances. The warranty covers the appliance for a year from the day you purchased it.

However, you can also increase the duration of the product’s warranty by purchasing an extended warranty plan. 

The extended warranty plan can cover about five years of your appliance’s lifespan.

However, this depends on the extended warranty plan you purchase, while the plan pricing often varies with the age of the KitchenAid product. 

KitchenAid will be responsible for fixing and maintaining your kitchen appliance during the warranty period.

KitchenAid will pay for repair and labor charges for replacing factory-specified parts.

In addition, they cover the cost of workmanship on a faulty appliance as long as you use the appliance according to the instructions on the owner’s manual.

#1. How To Find Out if Your Kitchenaid Appliance Is Under Warranty?

As long as you do not void your warranty agreement, you are good to go with your warranty.

However, no matter how strong your appliance seems, it is bound to break down at some point in its lifespan.

Therefore, it is essential to check if your device is still under warranty before fixing the appliance yourself. 

If your KitchenAid appliance is still under warranty, you can get the product fixed at zero cost. To check if your KitchenAid is still under warranty, follow the steps below:

#1. Step 1: Consider the Duration of the Purchase

Before contacting KitchenAid customer support, consider the duration you have used the product since you purchased it.

Most appliance manufacturers offer a one-year warranty for their products. So, for instance, if you notice a faulty appliance a month after purchase, your warranty is still valid.

#2. Step 2: Check Your Owner’s Manual and Purchase Receipt

After purchasing your KitchenAid product, it is essential to keep the receipt for future reference.

If you feel your warranty is void or has expired, it is advisable to refer to your receipt and owner manual for the exact dates of purchase and warranty information.

Checking these documents will help you determine the validity of your product’s warranty.

#3. Step 3: Refer to Kitchenaid’s Website

If you cannot locate your KitchenAid appliance’s purchase documents, the next place to check the warranty validity is the company’s website.

You can get information on extended warranties and the length of your warranty. 

#4. Step 4: Contact Your Product’s Retailer

If you have had no luck getting any information on the website, you can contact the retailer that sold the appliance.

Here, you can get information on the warranty and your product’s purchase date.

Taking these steps ensures you do not void your warranty by performing repairs during the warranty period.


You can determine your KitchenAid appliance’s age by locating the product’s serial number.

Once you have found your appliance serial code, you can decipher its year of manufacture and determine the KitchenAid appliance age.

However, if you cannot find the serial tag on your appliance, refer to your owner’s manual or contact KitchenAid customer support.

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