Kenmore Appliances Age? (Easy Ways To Know This)

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You may tell that certain appliances in your home have been there for a very long time by looking at them. However, not often is their age clearly shown in front of them.

You’ll want to know how old the appliances in your new home are if you’re buying a new home. Hence nobody wants appliances that are likely to fail.

If you can decode the meaning of your appliance serial number, it might help you decide if they should be replaced or not.

The Month and Year of your appliance can be determined from your appliance serial number first two letters. Month and year are represented by the first and second letters of the date codes, respectively. But it is not always simple to determine the age of a product using the serial number; therefore, contacting the manufacturer is another alternative.

How to Tell the Age of My Kenmore Appliance?

Kenmore Appliances Age

To tell the age of your Kenmore appliance, Use your appliance’s serial number, not the model. Numbers are followed by two letters at the start of each Kenmore serial number.

The serial number’s first two characters, which stand for the month and year of manufacture, are two letters. 

But the method of decoding appliance serial numbers is not always the same because Kenmore products have different manufacturers, and each manufacturer has its unique serial and model appliance code. 

Let’s take some brands, for example.

#1. Frigidaire

For Frigidaire, if Your appliance serial number is NF11910958, the NF indicates the country of manufacture.

The first digit represents the year, in this case, 2001, and the week of manufacture is represented by the fourth and fifth characters, which means week 19.

#2. GE Appliances

The serial number on GE brand appliances reflects the age of the product. If your appliance serial number is  LT221102, L represents the month., and T represents the year.

You might need to properly check the device to see the ten-year difference because the serial number may occasionally contain the same numerals.

Check the year to determine whether it is a 1990 or 2000 model. Fortunately, the appliance will have other distinguishing characteristics, such as colors or features, that will enable you to determine the year of production. 

#3. LG

Regarding LG appliances, the year’s final digit is the only one shared. The first number represents the appliance manufacturing year for an LG appliance with serial number 503 tagh22222.

The second and third numbers indicate the appliance’s manufacturing month. So the date of production of the above serial number is march 2005. 

Kenmore Appliance Age Finder

Each company has a different way of dating appliances, so be sure to research your particular model and find out what numbering scheme has been applied. Kenmore also comprises a large number of appliances.

According to Whirlpool, the code typically follows this pattern: The manufacturing division code is represented by the first alphabetic character.

The year of production, which may be researched online, is represented by the second alphabetic character. 

The first and second numerals indicate what week of the year the product was made, respectively. The remaining figures show a manufacturing order. 

Kenmore Appliance Age Serial Number Decoder

Kenmore does not produce its appliances. Instead, they outsource the work, and as a result, many different manufacturers produce their appliances.

To find out which manufacturer produced your model, check the model number on your appliance.

 The model’s serial number will help you determine the manufacturer. The manufacturer’s identity is based on the first three numerals and a dot.

Take a refrigerator; for example, if the third number on a refrigerator’s serial number is three, it means The refrigerator was constructed in 2003.

If the following two numbers are 02, it indicates that the refrigerator was produced in the second week of 2003. 

The tables below contain the meaning of some alphabets on Kenmore serial number appliances. Maytag and Whirlpool.

#1. Whirlpool

The third to final number on your model number is the date code for the Whirlpool model serial number. 

Alphabet Year
K1982 or 2001
L1983 or 2002
M1984 or 2003
P1985 or 2004
R1986 or 2005
S1987 or 2006
T1988 or 2007
V1989 or 2008
W1990 or 2009
X1991 or 2010
Y1992 or 2011
A1993 or 2012
B1994 or 2013
D1995 or 2014
E1996 or 2015
F1997 or 2016
G1998 or 2017
H1999 or 2018
J2000 or 2019

#2. Maytag

For the Maytag model serial number, the year is represented by the first alphabet, and the month is represented by the second.

Alphabet YearMonth 

How to Determine The Age of Kenmore Refrigerator?

Since outside companies manufacture the line of refrigerators sold under the Kenmore brand, it is difficult to determine the age of a Kenmore fridge by serial number.

Therefore, it can be challenging to locate a current manufacturer’s list. However, the manufacturer’s prefix appears as the first three digits of a Kenmore serial number

The remainder of the number continues as the manufacturer would on their appliances after that.

Kenmore refrigerators with the serial numbers 106, 110, 198, 562, or 665, for instance, are Whirlpool models. However, there may be others.

Unfortunately, many online lists of manufacturer prefixes are out-of-date. However, if your refrigerator is older, you will have to search online for more details.  

It’s valuable information to have since knowing the age of your refrigerator might help you determine whether to call a maintenance specialist when it starts acting up.

So if you can’t get the serial number of your appliance online after a series of searches, then contact the business by email or phone.  

It’s not challenging to locate the serial number label on most refrigerators. It’s on a metallic label that includes, among other information, the name of the maker, the model number, and the serial number.

The serial number alone may tell you the fridge’s age, depending on the manufacturer. However, you may need to go online to learn what the serial code for your manufacturer implies.  

Say you own a  refrigerator. You want to look at the serial number, even though the model number helps order parts.

The month and year of manufacture are indicated by the two letters at the beginning of the serial number TZ2773968, for example. 

T indicates that the refrigerator was created in November, whereas Z indicates that it was made in either 2012, 2000, 1988, or 1976.

Standing in front of the refrigerator should tell you whether it was made in 2012 or 2000, but manufacturers offer a way to get in touch with them if you want more details. 

You’ll need to contact the7m because other manufacturers use similar techniques to smuggle the age into their serials, but it will be specific to their coding systems. 

How to Tell How Old Kenmore Dishwasher Is?

If you want to tell how old your Kenmore dishwasher is, look at the serial number on your dishwasher.

The dishwasher’s year and manufacturing week are indicated by the first three numbers of the appliance serial number.

The first digit indicates the year, and the next two show the production week. You can typically discover your dishwasher’s serial number by looking on either label left or right.

If the serial number of your dishwasher is not on any of the outside labels, it will be inside the edge of your dishwasher. 

How Do I Find Out What Year My Kenmore Appliance Is?  

Below are a few ways to know the age of your Kenmore Appliance.

#1. The Use Of Serial Numbers

A serial number is the most popular and reliable method for determining your appliances’ age.   

Every appliance produced by various brands has a coding system placed by the manufacturer to identify it and the date of manufacture.

Even though this approach can take some time, it is still the best choice. Every manufacturing organization has different codes and interpretations, some of which are simple to comprehend. 

#2. The Use of Code Search Sites On the Internet

This option is a workaround because it takes a lot of time to manually decode the serial codes to obtain the date

You can input your model and serial number to a website, which will supply you with the date, saving you from having to decode without guaranteeing that it will be accurate.

The manufacturer date will be displayed when you enter the appliance information on online code search sites.

#3. The Use of Your Owner’s Manual

You can find some information about your appliances in the manuals for your appliances. For instance, the majority of manuals provide the manufacturing date. 

If you can’t find the manuals, you can contact the previous homeowners; they may know where it is or when your appliance was published.

If the date of the manufacture is not on the manual, you can use the code search sites online. 

#4. Knowing the Age of the House

You can guess how old some appliances are if you know how old the house is. For example, if a house was built in 2008, the house’s appliances were installed that year. 

However, this can’t give you an accurate guess because some appliances can be manufactured years before the house was built.

For example, a dishwasher was manufactured in 2006 but was bought and installed in a new house in 2009. Therefore, the dishwasher is three years older than the house. 

This method can help you because no matter how old the appliances are, they can only start functioning as soon as they are installed.

#5. Getting In Contact With the Manufacturer

This would be your best option and last recourse if all other solutions failed. First, you need to get your appliance’s model and serial numbers.

Give the information to the manufacturers, and they will provide you with the year your appliance was manufactured. 

If you cannot acquire your serial or model numbers, you can describe the product or submit images. Then, they’ll be able to recognize your item.


Knowing the age of your major appliances is crucial when making a budget for your current home or purchasing a new one.

How to tell the age of your Kenmore Appliances has been discussed above.

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