Kenmore Refrigerator 596 Capacity! (Full BreakDown)

The capacity of a refrigerator is a crucial factor you should consider before buying one. Many refrigerators look big on the outside, but the inside is filled with shelves and racks, reducing the capacity to store food. 

So, do you own a Kenmore refrigerator, model 596, and want to know how much space it has? Don’t worry; you’re at the right place. 

The Kenmore refrigerator, model 596, is 25 cubic feet, a side-by-side refrigerator with many functions. This refrigerator would be best for a family of five and has several other inner functionalities. 

At the end of this article, you should know the capacity of your Kenmore refrigerator 596. If you are a potential customer, you can determine if this refrigerator size is suitable for you. 

What Is the Capacity of the Kenmore Refrigerator Model 596? 

Kenmore Refrigerator 596 Capacity

The total capacity of the Kenmore refrigerator 596 is 25 cubic feet. This refrigerator size is suitable for a family of five because an estimate says it should be calculated at six people per cubic foot. 

Despite a few downturns, the Kenmore refrigerator model 596 is an excellent refrigerator. 

Some common problems you would encounter with your Kenmore refrigerator and their fixes are here below; 

Kenmore Refrigerator Model 596 ProblemsPossible Solutions
Refrigerators not cooling Clean the condenser coils and fan motor. 
The refrigerator ice maker is not workingCheck the water pressure from the housing supply. 
Refrigerator not defrosting Check on the defrost timer. 
Noisy or loud refrigeratorsCheck on the compressor and water inlet valve 
The refrigerator’s ice dispenser is not working Make use of a multimeter to test the dispenser motor for continuity. 

Who Makes the Kenmore Refrigerator Model 596? 

The Kenmore refrigerator model 596 is manufactured by Amana. These refrigerators are produced under whirlpool with a Kenmore badge, but Kenmore still does not manufacture these refrigerators. 

Apart from Amana, the Kenmore refrigerators have manufacturers from Maytag, kitchen aid, and Jenn Air. 

There are several ways you can identify the manufacturers of your Kenmore refrigerators. All you have to do is locate the model number. 

The first three digits on the model number, followed by a dot, reveal the refrigerator manufacturer. 

How to Locate Your Refrigerators Model Number?

There are several places you can find the model number on your refrigerator.

Some of these places include; 

  • Behind the door. 
  • At the back of the lower panel.
  • At the front of the lower panel. 
  • On the case under your lid. 

The numbers are easy to identify as you can find them on metallic tags on different parts of the refrigerator.  

What Are the Specifications of the Kenmore Refrigerator Model 596? 

Some features of the Kenmore refrigerator 596 include; 

  • Refrigerator shelves. 
  • Crisper humidity control. 
  • Gourmet pantry. 
  • Fresh n ready bin. 
  • Door, which also has some inner specifications. 

#1. Refrigerator Shelves 

This Kenmore refrigerator model has shelves made with glass and can easily break if not handled with care. 

A vital piece of information you should note is that you shouldn’t clean cold shelves with warm water. 

Since these shelves are made of glass, they can break whenever sudden temperature changes occur.  The shelves are also adjustable to meet your needs. 

This provision is a very brilliant improvement because you would not need to stress yourself before you can get whatever item you want. After all, they would all be in specified locations. 

#1. How to Remove and Replace Refrigerator Shelves

  • Lift the shelves and tilt them at the front to lift them out of the shelf support. 
  • After guiding the rear shelf hook into the shelf support, get the new refrigerator shelf and tilt it up front until the rear shelf hook drops back to the shelf support. 
  • Lower the front of the shelf and confirm that the shelf is in the correct position. 

#2. Crispers And Crisper Covers 

#1. How to Remove and Replace Crispers 

  • Pull the crispers to the front. 
  • When you get to where there is a restriction, lift it a bit and pull these crispers out. 
  • You can now replace the crispers by pulling them back into the drawer. 

#2. How to Remove and Replace Crisper Covers 

  • Remove the crispers first. 
  • Hold the glass firmly with one, and with the other, press the middle of the glass firmly until it rises above the plastic frame. 
  • After that, pull the glass out gently until it all comes out. 
  • To replace the cover, fit the cover frame back into the support and push it in. 

#3. Gourmet Pantry Drawers 

The pantry is a large drawer inside the fridge that you can use to store large food trays, beverages, and the sort. 

Some owners would have two or more categories of items to store in the pantry drawers. For flexibility, the drawers have two segments; a divider section and adjustable temperature control. 

You should not store fresh vegetables in the temperature control section because cold temperatures could damage them. 

#1. How to Remove and Replace the Drawer’s Divider 

  • Pull your drawer out to the full extension. 
  • When it is all out, lift the front of your divided and unhook it from the rear wall before pulling it out. 
  • To replace it, hook the back of the divider over the rear wall and lower the divider back into its place. 

#2. How to Reset the Drawer’s Temperature Control 

If you do not know how to get to the temperature control, you should check under the lid of the drawer, towards the right side. 

The temperature control’s job is to regulate the amount of cold coming in and going out of the refrigerator. 

This drawer temperature control is essential because when cold air comes into the fridge, it can, in turn, decrease the temperature of the refrigerator. For that reason, you need to adjust it. 

To reset the temperature control of your refrigerator:

  • Slide it to the least relaxed setting for the drawer to be at the same temperature as every other component of your refrigerator. 
  • Slide to a colder temperature, not necessarily the coldest, for it to be higher than other refrigerator compartments. 

#4. The Door 

The door is probably one of the most critical components of these refrigerators. 

You would find other specific compartments in your refrigerator’s door area, including the dairy center and the door bin. 

How to Remove and Replace the Door Bins 

  • You can remove the door bins by sliding them out. 
  • You can replace the bin by sliding it higher than the support manufacturers provide and then slide it back in. 


So, if you’ve been trying to get a Kenmore refrigerator model 596, you should be aware that;

  • It is a 25 cubic feet refrigerator. 
  • It is a side-by-side refrigerator. 
  • It comes with a fresh n ready bin. 
  • It comes with crispers and crisper covers. 

One crucial factor you should watch out for is the size of your family because this refrigerator would be the best option for a family of five. 

If your family size is more, then you should opt for a fridge with a bigger capacity.

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