Kenmore Refrigerator Beeping (3 Times, 5 Times & More)

Kenmore refrigerators usually have a way of alerting you about a malfunction. The brand is reliable and can detect these simple malfunctions.

Although, you would need to help the refrigerator sort out any issue wrong with it. Generally, most refrigerators have an alarm system that uses beeps to signal the user.

Understanding the fridge’s operation is the best way to figure out what each beeping means.

The meaning of the beeping signs differs in each refrigerator brand and model, and you would need the user’s guide for each model to understand the beeping sounds.

Whenever your Kenmore refrigerator beeps, you do not need to panic. You only need to find a solution to it.

A Kenmore refrigerator beeping signals that there is something wrong with the fridge. The beeping may indicate a door, a compressor, and a high-temperature problem. You can quickly fix these issues independently if you understand how to identify them.

Kenmore Refrigerator Beeping 3 Times When Plugged in

Kenmore Refrigerator Beeping 

A Kenmore refrigerator beeping three times when plugged in signals that the refrigerator door is not closed.

Your refrigerator has a door alarm that beeps when you leave the door opened. The door alarm may also beep if you trigger the door switch or if there is wavering in the fridge’s internal temperature.

Additionally, your refrigerator door may appear as if you closed it, but the door seal could disturb it.

There is too much dirt and grime on your door seal, it loses its firm hold on the fridge.

Therefore, cleaning around the door seal is best to prevent the beeping sound. Also, a worn-out or damaged door seal would not allow the refrigerator door to close correctly.

Furthermore, the fridge’s door would not close if you overload the refrigerator compartments.

Therefore, you need to avoid arranging too many things in the fridge so that it would hinder the door from closing.

Always try to distribute the things you arrange inside the refrigerator evenly. You need to create enough space for the door to close correctly.

Finally, suppose your Kenmore refrigerator is beeping three times when the door is closed correctly, and nothing is wrong with the seal because of a faulty door switch.

In that case, the door switch could keep triggering the door alarm if it is damaged and can’t differentiate when the door is closed or opened.

You would need to contact a professional technician to fix the door switch.

Kenmore Refrigerator Beeping 5 times       

Your Kenmore refrigerator beeping five times indicates that the temperature is too high.

For example, a Kenmore refrigerator’s average temperature is 40 degrees Fahrenheit,  any temperature over 55 degrees Fahrenheit would trigger it to beep five times.

It is best to allow proper airflow around the refrigerator’s compressor to avoid overheating.

Additionally, pushing your fridge too close to the wall behind it is not good. The wall disturbs the air circulation into the compressor, thereby increasing the heat.

When the heat increases, your refrigerator recognizes it and beeps five times

Therefore, it would help to give enough space between the refrigerator and the wall to prevent the situation.

You can also use a thermometer to monitor and regulate the fridge’s temperature.

How to Stop Beeping on Kenmore Elite Refrigerator?

The easiest way to stop beeping on a Kenmore elite refrigerator is to unplug and plug it back. It is best to unplug it while the door is open.

You should leave it in that position for about five minutes before plugging it back. It would help the processor reset and the refrigerator stop beeping. It is the simplest way to reset any refrigerator.

Additionally, unlike other fridge brands and models, the Kenmore elite refrigerator does not have an alarm reset button.

If you do not want to unplug the fridge directly, you can return it to its default state. The default settings would reprogram the fridge and make it seem new.

It would help if you pressed the home and ultra ice buttons simultaneously for five seconds. Then, the fridge controls would shut down. 

When the controls have shut down, you would need to unplug and replug the fridge. Then, it would restart like a new refrigerator.

However, the method only works for minor problems. Here is how to stop other beeping problems.

Cause of BeepingSolution
Door problemRearrange the items inside the fridge to give enough room. Check and repair the door seal. Keep the door seal clean. Repair the door switch.
Built up iceManually defrost the freezer.
Unbalanced refrigeratorLevel the floor beneath the refrigerator. Use fridge foot levelers to create a balance. Adjust the screws on the feet of the fridge.
Faulty alarm systemRepair the refrigerator’s alarm system
High temperature Allow proper ventilation around the refrigerator.

What Does It Mean When Your Fridge is Beeping?   

Your refrigerator beeping could mean several things depending on the brand and model of your appliance.

The number of refrigerator beeping times would help you predict what the problem could be.

But, first, you need to understand each number of beeps from the user’s guide manual. Here are the meanings of standard refrigerator beeps.

#1. Power Failure

Some refrigerators may beep when there has been a power failure because they are trying to regulate the temperature to the optimal level.

For example, a beeping frigidaire fridge would display a Power failure error code and beep until the inside cools off. 

Next, you need to press the alarm reset button to signify that you are aware of the power failure. Finally, the alarm reset button would cause the beeping to stop.

#2. High Temperature

A fridge will beep if the temperature within it is too high. The heat triggers the alarm system once the refrigerator’s internal temperature is 55 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.

Likewise, a Kenmore freezer beeping due to heat means the external temperature is at 26 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. 

A beeping fridge may also display an “H” or “HI” error code to indicate the high temperature.

#3. Door Problems

The typical refrigerator beeping sounds are due to door problems. The general door problems are a door not closing properly, a faulty door alarm, and a broken door seal.

Many fridges have a door feature that triggers the alarm if the door is not closed. Your fridge door may not close if it is overloaded or the items inside are improperly arranged.

Furthermore, your refrigerator’s door seal helps the door to stay firm to the body of the fridge. If the seal is broken or worn out, it will prevent the door from closing.

Also, the accumulation of dirt on the seal can disturb the door from staying firm with the fridge’s body. Hence, it would trigger the door alarm system and cause the fridge to beep.

#4. Blocked Air Vent

Too much ice or frost inside the fridge could block the air vents, causing the refrigerator to attempt to balance the temperature.

The refrigerator’s attempt to regulate the temperature would cause it to beep. It would be best to defrost the refrigerator to clear the ice from the air vents.

#5. Blocked Ice Maker Chute

Some refrigerators will trigger the alarm system if ice is blocking the ice maker chute.

It is a common problem with refrigerators with ice makers. You need to defrost or remove the stuck ice to stop the beeping.

#6. Faulty Components

A faulty or frozen refrigerator component such as the condenser, compressor, and temperature could trigger the alarm system, causing it to beep.

You need to contact a professional technician to check your fridge and fix the problem. 

#7. Control Board Issue

Your fridge beeping could be a false alarm from the control board. Although, it is best to check what the beeping means and temporarily stop it before finding a way to fix the control board.

A faulty control board could trigger the alarm and cause the fridge to beep. Then, you would need to repair the control board.

#8. Unbalanced Fridge Position

Your fridge could beep if it is not balanced correctly. For example, a refrigerator could give you warning beeps if standing on uneven ground.

You need to level the floor or find a way to distribute the refrigerator’s weight for the beeping to stop.

Common Kenmore Refrigerator Beeping Problems

The common Kenmore refrigerator beeping problems are because of the door system. It is easier to unintentionally leave the door open or overload the fridge and disturb it from closing correctly.

The refrigerator door problem is a minor issue that you can quickly fix. However, if your Kenmore refrigerator beeps three times, you must pay attention to the door problem.

In addition, another common Kenmore refrigerator beeping results from a faulty refrigerator part.

A Kenmore refrigerator beeping four times is trying to call your attention to the refrigerator parts issue.

The components may be frozen or damaged, and you need to fix them. You must defrost the component or contact a technician for a more severe issue.

A frozen refrigerator component is common in refrigerators that do not have an auto defrost function.

Also, a faulty circuit and high temperature would trigger the alarm system to beep four times.

However, a refrigerator beeping four times could indicate a door problem in some Kenmore models. 

Therefore, if your refrigerator beeps four times, you must check these things to know the specific problem.

Furthermore, a Kenmore refrigerator would beep five times if the temperature is high. Any temperature above 55 degrees Fahrenheit is too high for the refrigerator.

You would need to find a way to regulate the temperature to an average of 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, a gas leak can cause a Kenmore refrigerator to beep.

When the refrigerator gas chamber is punctured, the gas will find a way through the puncture into the atmosphere, and the gas refrigerator’s gas level will drop.

The gas reduction would make the refrigerator unable to cool effectively. Then it would trigger the alarm system and cause your Kenmore refrigerator to beep.

Finally, a Kenmore refrigerator would beep if there was ice buildup inside the fridge.

Ice will accumulate in the fridge if the defrost components are faulty and the fridge can not defrost any ice it makes.

The fault may be from the defrost thermostat, heater, timer, and control board. You would need to defrost the refrigerator for the beeping to stop.        

What if a Refrigerator Won’t Stop Beeping It Has Been Going on Non-stop?

If a refrigerator keeps beeping non-stop, you need to check the compressor. A faulty compressor would make the fridge unable to cool properly.

The compressor is responsible for keeping the inside of the fridge cool. If the compressor is faulty, the fridge would sense it and trigger a continuous beeping sound to alert you.

Additionally, a Kenmore fridge has a built-in system that makes it easy for you to inspect the fridge.

The diagnostic system of the fridge will give light indicators if the compressor is not working.

The fan motor and the ice maker need to function efficiently for the compressor to keep running. Therefore, the source of the problem may be from either of the two components.

Furthermore, a refrigerator would beep non-stop if it is not correctly balanced. It will help if you put your refrigerator on even ground to prevent it from tilting.

Your fridge would not stop beeping until you level its position. You can adjust the screws on the refrigerator to balance the position. You can also support the fridge with some platform to balance it.

Also, you need to give the fridge enough ventilation space so that overheating the coils would not make it beep.

If the fridge’s coils are too hot, it will continue beeping non-stop. Therefore, space between the fridge and the back wall is best for proper airflow. You can as well install an external fan to keep the coils cool.


In conclusion, beeping sounds from your refrigerator should not result from something serious.

A beeping refrigerator is mostly something you can resolve on your own. However, you may need to contact a professional because the types of beeps could be confusing.

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