Kenmore Refrigerator Defrost Drain Location (Explained)

Most modern refrigerators have an auto-defrost function, allowing the appliance to melt the frost that forms as the fridge functions.

So, as the frost melts, the water flows out of a defrost drain.

However, different refrigerators have defrosted drains in different locations, and there would be certain problems if these drains are not channeled into proper collection containers. 

For one, this phenomenon can result in water leakage, which could cause your kitchen to become flooded.

For this reason, many Kenmore refrigerator owners are curious about the device’s defrost drain location.

Usually, you can find the defrost drain of your Kenmore refrigerator at the low end of the back of the fridge. But if your Kenmore fridge is a side-by-side model, you can pick out this component just behind the freezer’s back panel. Knowing exactly where its to defrost drain is located is critical to handling unexpected spillages that happen from time to time.

Where is The Defrost Drain On a Kenmore Elite Refrigerator?

Kenmore Refrigerator Defrost Drain Location 

Defrost drain tubes are sometimes inside the refrigerator or the false door beneath the fridge on Kenmore refrigerator models.

The location of the drain tube in a Kenmore refrigerator differs according to the appliance make and design.

Nevertheless, in most Elite models, the drain is placed below the false flooring of the unit. 

To access the defrost drain on a Kenmore Elite refrigerator, you should take out the false floor and inspect the unit.

To remove this covering, remove the screws holding the board and lift it from the main compartment.

Where Is the Defrost Drain On a Kenmore Side By Side Refrigerator?

Side-by-side fridges with an automatic defrost system carry defrost drain tubes that transport water during the defrosts cycle into a drain pan under the fridge.

The defrost drain on a Kenmore side-by-side refrigerator usually looks like a small hole, and you can find it at the side or rear of the compartment. 

It is usually located at the bottom of the back wall, but this somewhat depends on the specific model you’re dealing with.

But when this component is clogged or not functioning, the water flows back to the fridge’s front.

Therefore, if you see water on the ground in front of the fridge more than once daily, it could have resulted from a blockage in its defrost drain tube.

Kenmore Upright Freezer Defrost Drain Location

The Kenmore upright freezer defrosts drain is found at the lower back panel inside the freezer.

You’ll have to unscrew the panel to locate its exact placement. There’ll be silver evaporator coils that look like a radiator on a car. The drain hole will be directly in the middle below the silver coils.

To quickly find this component, inspect the back wall of the Kenmore upright freezer, where ice mainly forms.

The drain is always placed close to help eliminate the water produced due to the melting ice.

How Do You Clean The Defrost Drain On A Kenmore Refrigerator? 

Most people are unaware that their refrigerator has a drain. This drain hole helps to catch the moisture that collects at the refrigerator’s back wall.

The rest of the refrigerator will have problems if the drain is clogged. The holes are usually at the base of the back panel, and the ribs connect to the channel moisture beads. 

The need for cleaning the drain tube of your Kenmore refrigerator can not be over-emphasized.

It is necessary for the long and healthy lifespan of your refrigerator. And this doesn’t involve cleaning just the defrost drain but all parts of the refrigerator.

This activity should be done at least twice yearly, depending on the appliance’s usage for the refrigerator’s efficient performance.

There are six crucial steps to follow when you want to effectively wash the defrost tube or drain of your Kenmore refrigerator:

#1. Unplug the Fridge

Cut the power to the refrigerator by disconnecting from any electricity or power source by turning off the electricity through the circuit breaker or simply unplugging the refrigerator. This ensures your safety from electrocution during the process.

#2. Inspect the Drain Tubes

You can find these refrigerator drain tubes inside the fridge or in the false doors under the Kenmore appliance. So, it is necessary to always look at the fridge’s interior to confirm before acting.

#3. Confirm the Location of the Defrost Drain

You should confirm the location of your refrigerator drain tube as it is specific to the Kenmore refrigerator model.

For instance, most models of Elite fridges have a defrost drain or tube placed under the false floor partition of the fridge. Therefore, to clean, first, you should take out the underfloor.

#4. Plunge a Screwdriver into the Clog

You must carefully reach in with your screwdriver, firm rod, or wire into the clogged defrost drain.

With this, you can discover and dislodge any dirt blocking the Kenmore refrigerator defrost drain.

Several screwdrivers, such as the 3-inch screwdriver, are ideal for removing screws on your Kenmore refrigerator.

So, you can easily purchase this 3-inch screwdriver. If the clog is caused by ice, you can use a hair dryer or a heat gun to melt the ice or leave it for a while to defrost on its own while disconnected from electricity. 

#5. Flush the Drain With Water and Bleach

Then, prepare a combination of bleach, hot water, soda bicarbonate, and hot water to pump down the drain hole.

Next, spray the hot mixture down the drain hole to push the dirt or liquid, causing the blockage that reaches the pan beneath. 

Keep repeating this process till the water running becomes clean and clear. The dirt will be washed off, and the pan will be washed clean and returned to its initial position.

#6. Lock the False Door Back Into Place

If you have removed any screws, simply place and screw the false door back in place. Finally, replug your fridge to the power source. 

The above procedure will help you get a well-functioning and efficient refrigerator and a resilient one that will function for over a decade.

Why Does My Kenmore Refrigerator Defrost Drain Keep Freezing?            

In refrigerators with defrosting coils, the built-up ice is melted out by heating up, and the water is allowed to seep into the defrost drain.

When the refrigerator leaks water to the top of the drain, its temperature is nearly freezing and freezes over time. Over and over, this process is repeated till the refrigerator defrost drain freezes shut. 

Some maintenance tips can help to prevent drain clogs.

  • It would be best if you inspected the drains regularly for any debris that may cause a blockage.
  • Clean any frost or residue found with a clean, wet sponge instantly. Do not let them pile up.
  • You should keep external items away from the rear or sides of the appliance.
  • Make sure the air vents are not blocked in any way. This will help to maintain the right temperature and airflow.

Some refrigerators come with drain heaters. Drain heaters keep the water in the defrost drain tube from freezing and clogging the refrigerator defrost drain, according to to Remove and Replace.

If you see water leaking from the refrigerator and your refrigerator model has a drain heater, the refrigerator defrosts drain might be malfunctioning.

Wrongly positioning the defrost drain is another principal cause of this problem. So, getting a new drain heater installed can easily and quickly resolve this clogged refrigerator drain problem.

However, if you find out that the drain heater is also working correctly, the fault may result from a malfunctioning drain strap

The sizable piece extends from the defrost heater to the drain and conducts the heat that melts the ice buildup. Sometimes, you may only need to install a new drain tape to repair the clogged drain. 

Here are quick solutions to issues that cause Kenmore refrigerators to defrost drains to freeze incessantly:

CauseQuick Fix
Presence of debrisUse a plunger to push out the building debris before it reaches problematic levels.
Loose drain strapInspect the drain strap and ensure that it is tightened and firmly attached.
Damaged drain heaterReplace the heater if it is damaged beyond repair, or fix it if possible.


Kenmore refrigerator defrosts drains are located on the back wall and bottom of the freezer compartment.

Also, refrigerator leaks are mainly due to freezing water lines, food debris, and clogging.

Whatever the issue, a proper diagnosis can help you determine the exact cause and remedy. Sometimes, these issues require nothing more than a simple fix.


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