Kenmore Refrigerator Model 253 Dimensions!

Kenmore is a popular American appliance brand owned by Transformco and distributed by Sears. 

Kenmore sells several electrical appliances, including refrigerators, freezers, vacuum cleaners, and AC units.

Kenmore has multiple brands of refrigerators ranging from small mini fridges to large freezers. Their model 253 refrigerator is one of their popular large-sized fridges.

The Kenmore refrigerator model 253 has a dimension of (33″ W x 67″ H x 31″ D). It has a width of 33 inches, a height of 67 inches, and a depth of 31 inches. With these values, we can calculate the cubic feet of the refrigerator to be 39 cubic feet.

What Are the Dimensions of Kenmore Model 253?

Kenmore Refrigerator Model 253 Dimensions

The Kenmore model 253 refrigerator has a dimension of (33″ W x 67″ H x 31″ D). The Kenmore 253 has ample refrigerator space and also a dedicated freezer space. 

There are different sizes of fridges and freezers in use today; there are small mini-fridges, medium fridges, and large refrigerators.

If you are shopping for a good Kenmore refrigerator, there are several factors you should consider before making a purchase.

Things like the size of the fridge, its storage capacity, flexibility, and price should be deciding factors.

Here are some of the factors you should consider before buying a fridge.  

#1. Size

The size of a refrigerator should be one of the first things you should know before you select a fridge. 

If you live in a house with a small kitchen or no segmented kitchen, you should consider the refrigerator size before choosing.

Houses that are single-roomed or do not have much free space will benefit from a fridge with a smaller profile.

Larger houses can safely purchase medium to large fridges, but you must ensure enough space in your doorways for the fridge to pass. 

You also have to match the size of the fridge to the size of your kitchen cabinet or slab to ensure there’s no problem during installation.

#2. Capacity 

Refrigerators have several storage capacities you should look for while shopping. The capacity of a refrigerator will affect how many things you will be able to store before it gets filled up.

If you store lots of food and drinks in your fridge, you should consider buying a medium or large refrigerator.

A mini fridge would be best for those that do not store lots of perishable foods and drinks.  

#3. Efficiency 

With the rising energy cost, consumers are paying close attention to appliances and electronics that are energy efficient.

Refrigerators used to be power hungry in older times, but technological advances have made modern freezers more efficient. 

It would be best to keep your eyes peeled while shopping and select fridges with lower startup currents and smaller power draw.

Refrigerators in the 250-watt range should be your first choice when selecting refrigerators.

#4. Extra Features 

Modern refrigerators come jampacked with extra features and should be a strong factor when selecting a fridge.

You can set on/off timers to save electricity, receive notifications when your chicken is all thawed out, and it is even possible to play doom eternal on modern fridges.

Even though smart fridges are a bit expensive, the features and convenience they offer are very much worth it.

So the next time you shop for a fridge, it would help to select modern ones with cool features that work best for you.

How Big Is the Kenmore Model 253 Refrigerator? 

The Kenmore model 253 stands at a height of 67″, a width of 33″, and a depth of 31″. You can also find the size by checking the user manual or the fridge model number.

Installing a refrigerator in a room like a kitchen is easy, but you must be conscious of things like an electrical access panel and ventilation.

The location you place and position your refrigerator can affect its lifespan and efficiency with time.

It would be best if you mapped out the location you will place it and know the dimension of the fridge before installation. 

Here are some factors you should consider before installing a Kenmore refrigerator. 

#1. Ventilation 

The amount of air in a kitchen or a room will influence your fridge’s cooling efficiency and power consumption. If the room is stuffy and hot, it will negatively affect your fridge’s ability to cool.

Poor ventilation will cause your fridge to thaw faster when switched off and increase condensation, leading to electric shocks and fires.

If your kitchen or room is poorly ventilated, you should improve it or install your refrigerator in another room with better air circulation.

#2. Electrical Access 

Fridges consume more power than most household appliances. The socket your fridge is connected to should be protected with a voltage stabilizer, and you should not connect other heavy appliances to it.

The switch should also be positioned at the side of the fridge, not behind it, so you can easily stop it in emergencies.

#3. Wall Clearance

Refrigerators should be positioned at least 2 inches from the wall and raised 2-3 inches from the ground. 

This clearance is needed because refrigerators use the same principles of heat exchange as air conditioners.

The radiator pipes behind fridges exchange the heat energy inside the fridge compartment and transfer it into the air outside. 

If something blocks the radiator pipes (like a wall), it will limit this heat exchange process and reduce the fridge’s efficiency.

#4. Positioning 

The position of a fridge in a kitchen should also be planned and thought out. Fridges are tall and usually have a high center of gravity; this makes them unstable and easy to topple.

Refrigerators should not be placed near doorways where they will be prone to scratches and easily hit.

 It would also help if you positioned it with ample ventilation and away from the sun’s harsh rays.

What Is the Size of the Kenmore Model 253 Refrigerator Freezer?

The Kenmore model 253 refrigerator has a dimension of (33″ W x 67″ H x 31″ D), but it varies based on the door configuration of the fridge.

Here are the manufacturers’ different door configurations and average sizes of fridges.

Freezer Door ConfigurationPrice Range Average Dimensions 
Top Freezer $400-$20028-32 in wide/61-66 in tall
Bottom freezer $700-$350029-32in wide/67-70 in tall
French doors.$1200-$400036-40in wide/70in plus tall
Side by side$900-$400032-39 in wide/65-71inch tall

Where Can You Put a Kenmore Refrigerator Model 253?

You can place your Kenmore refrigerator model 253 in your home’s kitchen, dining or hallway. 

You can place your refrigerator in various locations in your house if there’s enough space to accommodate it. 

Refrigerators can work virtually anywhere in your house, but few locations work best due to convenience and accessibility.

Here are some of the ideal locations you can install your Kenmore Refrigerator without worrying about its size.

#1. Kitchen 

The kitchen should be the first place you should consider installing a refrigerator. 

Installing a refrigerator in your kitchen will hasten your access to key cooking ingredients and improve your cooking accuracy.

The kitchen is also an ideal location for installation because occupants of the house will not get disturbed by the fridge noise while it is running.

#2. Dining Room 

Your home dining room is the second best place you can place your refrigerator in your home. You can place your fridge here to make it easily accessible for storing drinks and preserving leftovers. 

Placing it here also makes it easy to prepare breakfast and get drinks and other consumables. 

Dining rooms are usually spacious, and you can install medium to large refrigerators easily and with enough space remaining.

#3. Basement 

If there isn’t enough space in your home for large refrigerators, you can install them in your basement instead. 

You can put your fridge in your home basement if you mostly do long-term storage like frozen poultry, beef, and game if you are a hunter.

Going up and down your basement to access your fridge might be a chore, but it is way better than placing it in an overcrowded environment.

#4. Hallways

They are also good places you can install a refrigerator. Some houses usually have one hallway that is a dead end or empty.

Hallways are good positions because they are easily accessible from any room in the house and are safe from scratches and accidents.

How Do You Measure the Cubic Feet of the Kenmore Refrigerator?

You can measure the cubic feet of Kenmore refrigerators by using a mathematical formula, scanning a QR code, or getting it from the fridge’s model number.

Cubic Feet is a measurement that calculates the amount of space in a cube or solid. Refrigerators volume are measured in cubic feet or liters. 

The size of a refrigerator is indicated on the packaging the refrigerator comes in, but there are other ways you can find the size of the refrigerator.

#1. Refrigerator User Manual 

The user manual of your refrigerator is the first place you should check if you want to check the price of your refrigerator.

Your refrigerator’s dimensions and cubic feet should be in its user manual. You should ensure you do not lose your manual or dispose of it.

You can search some manual saving sites like this one for backups of your manuals.

#2. Mathematical Formula 

You can use a formula to know the cubic feet of your refrigerator. To calculate the cubic feet of your refrigerator, you need to know the measurement of your refrigerator’s height, width, and depth in inches.

The formula for calculating cubic feet is (WxBxH)/1728. Let’s say your fridge dimensions are (30″ W x 29″ D x 60″ H) multiplying them together will give you 52,200. Dividing 52,200 by 1728 will give you 30.2 cubic feet.

#3. QR Code 

Most refrigerator manufacturers have QR codes that, when scanned, will bring up information about that particular product. You can find the QR codes on the outside or etched inside of the fridge. 

You can take your mobile phone and scan the QR code on the fridge, and you will be led to a page informing you of the fridge specifications.

#4. Model Number 

The model number of Kenmore refrigerators also provides a way for you to know how much space there is in a refrigerator.

You can guess the size of the refrigerator by looking at the number immediately after the last letter in the fridge model number. 

For instance, KEN32 means there’s a high chance the fridge has 32 cubic feet of usable space.


You can calculate the cubic feet of your refrigerator by multiplying its height, width, and breadth and dividing it by 1728. 

The cubic feet you get don’t always translate to your total storage capacity because of the fridge insulator, compressor, and ice maker. 

And other compartments will take up some space leaving you with smaller storage.

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