LG Linear Compressor Amps Draw! (Must Know This)

One unique thing LG offers its refrigerator buyers is the linear compressor refrigerator. The compressor removes air from your refrigerator.

Then, it moves warm air to the coils at the back of the refrigerator to enable it to cool for recycling.

The LG linear compressor acts like a digital inverter compressor. These digital inverter compressors have different speed motors that run at a seemingly low power level.

The action of the linear compressor saves energy, reduces wear and tear, and reduces friction in moving parts.

The LG linear compressor can draw from five to ten or more amperes. As a result, the compressor draws more amps during start-up than during its running cycles. Check the identification tag on the refrigerator’s compressor to calculate the amp draw. Next, you’ll see the power it draws displayed. Divide the power by the voltage of the power supply/outlet.

How Many Amps Does An LG Refrigerator Use?

LG Linear Compressor Amp Draw

Refrigerators are one of the appliances in the house that consumes a lot of power because they run constantly.

As a result, the compressor uses a certain amount of current to cool its compartment. The unit of measurement of this current is amps.

On a voltage of 120, many LG refrigerators use between five to ten amps. During start-up, the amps will be higher.

The size and features of your refrigerator will determine the amount of electricity and amps it draws.

Recent models use lesser amps, unlike older refrigerators. You should check how many amps and power your refrigerator uses.

Knowing the number of amps involves an easy calculation (this may not be necessary as some refrigerators come with manuals that display this information).

Next, you should know the voltage of your power supply and the wattage of the refrigerator. Most homes have outlets of 120 volts.

Divide the wattage displayed on your refrigerator compressor by 120 volts to get the amperage. If the wattage is not displayed on your compressor, purchase a KWH meter.

This meter will accurately measure the refrigerator’s power consumption. The meter has easy-to-follow user instructions. Plug the meter into the outlet and plug the refrigerator into the meter. 

These meters are inexpensive and reduce the money you spend on electricity bills by helping you detect the power your appliance draws.

Another way to calculate amps is using the nameplate amperage rating. However, the result of a calculation using a nameplate is not always accurate.

A duty cycle is a time the compressor is running. The refrigerator’s compressor does not run all the time as it cycles on and off.

The nameplate amperage is the number of amps the appliance draws when the compressor cycles. The efficiency levels of refrigerators vary with the insulation value.

A typical refrigerator runs on a 35% duty cycle. Therefore, if you divide the nameplate amperage by 35%, you will have an estimate of the average running amps.

For example, if the nameplate amperage is six amps and the duty cycle is 35%, the amps will be 2.1 amps. 

You can reduce the energy consumption of your refrigerator by closing the door. If you leave the door open for an extended period, it makes it consumes more power.

Ensure there is nothing in the refrigerator preventing the door from closing correctly.

Set the fridge to 40F. The colder it is, the more power it consumes. Do not place your refrigerator close to any heat source.

Make sure it is out of the reach of sunlight. Proper maintenance involves defrosting your freezer regularly if there is ice build-up. Dust the radiator, and ensure you seal the door properly.

How Do You Check The Amp Draw On a Refrigerator Compressor?

The compressor is one component of a refrigerator that draws amps. Checking the amp draw is an easy process.

This process requires a clamp meter. To check the amp draw on a refrigerator compressor,

  • Move the refrigerator and search for the compressor. The tag on the compressor shows the power in watts. Divide the watts by the outlet’s voltage to get the amp.
  • Remove the wires bundled with the conductors and isolate them. This action prevents the current flowing through the wires from interfering with your reading. 
  • Get your clamp meter and set it to the current range. To open the clamp jaws, press the open button. Next, put one conductor from the refrigerator power cord in between the jaws. Make sure the conductor is in the middle of the jaws.

Take a look at the display on the clamp meter. Observe it for a while because it may take minutes for the reading to be registered.

If the compressor is off, the reading will be low. When it comes on, observe the new reading it displays. Subtract the initial reading from the final reading to get the amp.

To know the amount of electricity your refrigerator draws, plug the refrigerator into a watt-hour meter and plug the meter into a receptacle.

The meter will show you how much power the refrigerator uses and takes note of the power usage whenever you plug it in. 

The voltage of any receptacle can be between 115 to 125 volts. Make sure there is a variation of 10% between the readings.

How Do I Know What Amp My LG Linear Compressor Is?

The compressor’s current amount is not always on the identification tag. However, you will find the power in watts on the identification tag.

You must do a simple conversion to know what amp your linear compressor is. The best way to determine the current draw is using a clamp meter. A clamp meter is a test tool that measures current.

With its jaws, you can clamp the jaws around a wire and measure the current in a circuit without disconnecting it.

Using this clamp meter, you will need a breakout cord between the refrigerator and the outlet. Then, with a flashlight, locate the compressor.

The identification tag on it shows the power. Divide the number of watts by 120 (the voltage of your outlet) to get the amp draw. 

Remove the refrigerator’s cord, plug it into a breakout cord and plug the cord into the receptacle.

You will have easy access to the wires in the breakout cord. Next, get your clamp meter and set it to the maximum sensitivity, 40 amps. 

Put the black wire between the clamp meter’s jaws in the breakout cord. Wait for the refrigerator to cycle and take note of the reading.

You can use a watt-hour meter to know the power the refrigerator consumes over time.

Plug it into the meter and plug the meter into the outlet. Whenever you plug the refrigerator into the meter, it will take note of the power it consumes.

There should be a 10% difference between the initial and current reading.

LG Linear Compressor Energy Guide Specification

Storage CapacityUp to 600 Litres
Energy Efficiency20 to 32%
Noise Reduction25%
Frequency60 to 225Hz
Power Consumption480 kWh/Year
Rated Voltage240 Volts

It offers:

#1. Linear Cooling

The LG linear compressor refrigerator reduces temperature and delivers uniform cooling in the refrigerator.

#2. Door Cooling

The refrigerator cools the stuff on the door 35% faster. This feature reduces the temperature between the door and the interior and keeps the food fresh for a long time.

#3. Moisture Balance

This feature makes excess moisture in food evaporate and maintains an even moisture balance. Inverter linear compressors are energy efficient and can run at a low voltage.


Knowing the amp draw on your linear compressor involves easy steps. First, locate the compressor and check the tag on it.

You will see the power in watts on it. Divide the figure by 120 volts which is the estimated voltage of the outlet.

Next, use a clamp meter to keep tabs on the power consumption of your refrigerator.


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