7 Reasons Your LG Washer Stuck On Spin Cycle!

When an LG washer is stuck on a continuous spin cycle, the clothing items inside the drum will soak, and the washer will use more water.

You must fix the issue before it damages your washer completely. Although, you might find it challenging to identify and troubleshoot the causes of the problem.

Therefore, it is best to read this article thoroughly to know why your LG washer is stuck on the spin cycle and how to resolve the issue.

Your LG washer is stuck on the spin cycle because there is excess water in the drum. The water could be a result of a faulty or clogged drain filter. Also, the washer could be stuck on the spin cycle because components like the timer, sensors, and drive belt are faulty, or the load inside the drum is too much.

Seven Reasons Why My LG Washer Is Stuck on Spin Cycle?

LG Washer Stuck on Spin Cycle

Your LG washer is stuck on the spin cycle because the water inside the machine isn’t draining, and it is usually due to a faulty component. There are different reasons for this issue with your washing machine.

Below are the possible reasons for your LG washer getting stuck on the spin cycle.

#1. Blocked Drain Filters

An obstruction in the washer’s drain filter could make it unable to end a cycle and move to the next one. The washer may make a humming sound to indicate a clogged drain filter.

Any blockage in the drain filter would stop the machine from draining water. Therefore, the washer would assume it is still within a spin cycle.

#2. Unlocked Door or Lid

The washing machine’s lid or door must lock properly for the washer to complete or proceed to the next cycle.

The machine will only proceed to the next cycle or end the current cycle if the door or lid is properly locked. Therefore, you must ensure the door locks correctly before starting any cycle.

#3. Faulty Timer

The washing machine’s timer is responsible for ending or starting a cycle. It signals the washer to stop a cycle and move to the next cycle. 

The washer won’t be able to stop a spin cycle if the timer is faulty. Thus, the spin cycle would keep repeating because the timer is not sending a signal to indicate the end of the cycle. 

Sometimes, you can resolve this by manually adjusting the timer to end the cycle. But, it doesn’t resolve the issue permanently.

#4. Old Filter Components

An old filter system is prone to blockage and corrosion issues, especially when you don’t clean it regularly. The lifespan of the filter system would reduce drastically and age quickly.

The filter components would prevent the machine from draining water properly, and the water would overflow inside the washer.

Therefore, the machine would continue the spin cycle to remove water from inside the washer. Unless you resolve the issue permanently, it will stay on the spin cycle.

#5. Faulty Sensors

The faulty or damaged sensors in your LG washer may be the reason for the spin cycle repeating. The sensors are vital for signaling the main control unit to stop a cycle.

When the sensors malfunction, the control unit cannot get the signal to stop the spin cycle; therefore, the washer would be stuck on a spin cycle.

In this scenario, the spin cycle would continue, but there would be no water inside the washer. However, the sensor would keep assuming there is water.

Therefore, it won’t signal the control unit to end the spin cycle, and the machine will stay on the spin cycle until you resolve the issue completely.

Although there are only a few LG washers with sensors, most washers run on timers. But it is best to check your washer’s model for sensors before it worsens.

#6. Overloading the washer

Loading the washer beyond 80 percent of its capacity could keep it spinning for a long time. After that, however, the machine would take longer to finish the spin cycle.

#7. Worn Drive Belt

When the washer’s drive belt is worn, it affects the spin speed and makes it slower. As a result, the machine would have to spin for a longer time to complete the spinning process.

How to Fix an LG Washer Stuck on Spin Cycle?

It is best to always fix drainage issues in your washer before checking for other issues because improper draining is the main reason for an LG washer repeating a spin cycle.

First, unblock the drain filter to fix an LG washer stuck on the spin cycle. It is almost impossible not to have a clogged drain filter. Therefore, cleaning the filter at least once a month is best to prevent this issue.

To unblock the washer’s drain filter:

  • First, disconnect the washer from its power source.
  • Then, position a thick towel or small bucket on the floor beside the washer. It will help accumulate water from the washer when you remove the filter.
  • Find the filter on your washer. You can check the user’s manual to locate the filter.
  • Next, use a screwdriver to remove the filter’s cover and remove the filter carefully.
  • Detach the filter screen and put it in hot water for about ten minutes.
  • Then, remove the dirt from the filter holder with a clean cloth.
  • Rinse the filter screen to remove any remaining dirt.
  • Return the filter to the washer and secure it firmly.
  • Put the filter’s cover back and secure it correctly.
  • Reconnect the washer back to the power source and turn it on.

Test the spin cycle to check if it is now functioning properly. If the washer is still stuck on the spin cycle, you should try fixing another issue.

The solutions to the other issues with the washer’s spin cycle are below:

Faulty timerUse a multimeter to test the timer for continuity and replace it if there is none.
Worn drive beltReplace the washer’s drive belt.
Old filter componentsReplace the filter system.
Unlocked door or lidSecure the door lock properly before starting a spin cycle.
OverloadIt is best to reduce the load inside the washer.
Faulty sensorsReplace the sensors before it causes other complications.

Why is My LG Washer Stuck on a Spin Cycle for Five Minutes?

The common reasons for your LG washer staying stuck on a spin cycle for five minutes are either slow draining or uneven load inside the washer.

A drainage blockage could slow the washer draining system; therefore, the washer would take an extra few minutes to drain the water properly.

Additionally, if the washing machine’s load is uneven during a spin cycle, the washer will attempt to rebalance the items evenly.

Therefore, the washer’s drum will reduce its speed and roll back and forth a few times to distribute the load evenly.

Then, it will pick up speed again to check if the load is now balanced. If the load still needs to be even, it will keep repeating the process till it successfully balances the load.

While distributing and balancing the load, the spin cycle timer won’t read. But, it will continue running once it resolves the issue.

Therefore, your LG washer may be stuck on a spin cycle for five minutes while trying to balance the load inside its drum.

However, if the machine cannot, you may need to redistribute the load with your hand manually. The machine will display a “UE” error code at that point.

How Do I Reset My LG Washer?

It is best to check your user’s manual for the resetting methods for your washer. However, if there are no directions to reset the machine, you can proceed to do it manually.

To reset your LG washer:

  • First, unplug the washer from its power source.
  • Leave the washer for five minutes so it can release the remaining electric current in it.
  • Then, replug it back into the power source.
  • Turn it back on to check if the reset was successful.

Alternatively, you can hard reset the washer with the following method.

  • Please turn off the washer and unplug the washer from its power source.
  • Long press the start/pause button for about five seconds.
  • Replug the washer and turn it back on.

However, if none of these reset methods work, you can try the master reset. To master reset your LG washer:

  • Unplug the washer from the power outlet.
  • Open and close the washer’s door or lid about six times within 12 seconds.
  • Replug the washer and turn it on.
  • Test the functions to check if the reset was effective.


In conclusion, your LG washer staying on the spin cycle shouldn’t be challenging to fix if you understand the possible causes and fix them accordingly.

However, checking and clearing the drainage system before any other component is always best. So you don’t end up spending money unnecessarily.

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