LG Washing Machine Red Lock Symbol! (Read This First)

LG washing machines are not only durable, but they’re also very reliable.

One of the many features that make LG washing machines so good is the safety features that alert you when there is any fault with your machine. One of such features is the red lock symbol.

LG washing machine displays the red lock symbol when the child lock button is on. Besides that, the red lock symbol displays when the machine is in motion, when there is a power surge or when the water level in the washer is too high.

What Does The Red Lock Mean On An LG Washing Machine?

LG Washing Machine Red Lock Symbol

Each LG washing machine has a safety lock feature, among other safety features. The safety lock feature helps to prevent injury to you and damage to the washing machine.

And once the safety feature activates, the codes come on to let the user know that the safety features have been activated.

The light signifies that you have engaged the child lock on your LG washing machine.

The red lock symbol, also called the red washer key, only appears on the washing machine when the door is locked.

And you activate the red lock key once you press the child lock button on your machine. Additionally, the red lock key activation keeps you from sustaining any injuries.

That is especially important when there is a power outage or the water temperature in the washing machine is very high.

The red lock appears on display, and afterward, the washing machine does not function anymore. When that happens, it means that the child lock is on.

Once your machine has activated the child lock, you cannot perform any function on the machine other than using the control or button dial to turn the appliance on and off.

The exact configuration of the error code will vary from one model of LG washing machine to the other.

But, in most models, you’ll find the red lock key on the control panel of your washing machine. As expected, the methods of deactivating the key also vary from one model to another.

LG Washer ModelRed Lock Key Deactivation 
Top Load WasherThe top loader does not have a child lock button. So, press the door latch button.
LG Front Load WasherThe front load washer has a child lock button, so you’ll press that button.

What Causes A Red Lock On An LG Washing Machine?

The LG washer red lock key displays on the machine’s control panel when you’ve closed the machine’s door.

During a wash cycle, the closed door keeps clothes in the machine until the cycle is complete. Once you press the child lock button, the red lock key displays on your washer’s control panel. 

These are some reasons why the washing machine displays a red lock key.

#1. A Broken Latch In The Washer

A red lock symbol could display as a result of a broken latch in the washing machine.

If a latch jams, it will keep the door closed, and the red lock key will remain on display. And the red lock symbol is a result of the closed door.

  • First, turn off the washing machine.
  • Raise the handle slightly and pull. A slight pull should be enough to open the door.
  • But, if it doesn’t work the first time, keep repeating the process until it does.

#2. The Child Lock

The machine activates the red lock symbol when you hold the LG washer child lock button for 3-5 minutes.

The child lock feature is there so that children will not be able to access the machine during a wash cycle. Child lock activation is the commonest cause of the red lock symbol error code.

So, when you activate the child lock, the machine’s red lock feature will lick in so that the children will not harm themselves with the machine. 

#3. Washing Machine Door Is Stuck

When you do your laundry and a piece of clothing gets stuck in the door latch, it can jam the door and activate the red lock symbol.

You’ll have to move the door handle slightly and remove the stuck clothing. Then open the door, and the error code will stop.

#4. Contents Of The Machine Are Too Hot

If the laundry in the machine is too hot, it may injure you when you try to open it. If you have sensitive skin, it could cause blisters to appear on your skin.

So, to protect you, the red lock symbol kicks in to keep the door closed until the laundry cools. Once the laundry is cool enough, you can open the machine.

#5. The washer Is still Draining Water.

Finally, if water is still Draining out from the washing machine, the red lock code will be on, and you won’t be able to open it.

That does not mean that there is anything wrong with the machine. It is just a regular procedure.

However, the washer door will remain closed until all the water has drained completely. Afterward, you will be able to open the door.

How Do I Get My LG Washing Machine Out Of Lock Mode?

The child lock mode is not an error code. With the child lock activated, children cannot tamper with the settings during a wash cycle.

The child Lock code also stops children from harming themselves with the washer when a wash cycle is ongoing.

Note that you can only enable child wash mode when a wash cycle is in progress. And even after the cycle has ended, the lock mode does not automatically disable itself.

It stays enabled even after you turn off the power to the machine. The CL message on the display panel will notify you that the child lock is still enabled.

As long as the lock is enabled, you won’t be able to run another cycle on the machine.

But, if you want to run another cycle on your machine, you’ll need to disable the lock. So, how do you disable the lock mode on your washer?

  • Power on your washer.
  • Press and hold the child lock key for 3-5 seconds.
  • The child lock button will turn off. 

If yours is the newer LG front load washing machine, hold the prewash button for about 3 seconds. Check the control panel.

It should say that child lock has been disabled. And all the buttons on the machine should be able to function normally.

How Do I Unlock The Control Lock On My LG Washing Machine?

Having the door of your washing machine shut can be very frustrating. Usually, the doors of LG washing machines do not close before you begin a wash cycle.

The doors only ever close when you’ve completed your wash cycle. So, if your washer door won’t open, follow the process below to unlock it.

  • First of all, turn off your washing machine.
  • Next, unplug it from the power source and wait for 40-60 seconds. Afterward, you can open the doors. 
  • If there is any excess water, drain it and clean the washers’ hinges so that they’ll keep working without incident. 
  • Close the washer door, plug it back into the power source, and turn it on again. You can run the washer again to check if the machine can unlock this time.

#1. A Failure In The Pressure Switch

Sometimes when the washing machine’s central control door doesn’t unlock, it could result from a pressure system blockage.

Also, a bad pressure switch, either of the two, can trap the air that operates the door lock. As a result, the door will stay closed.

#2. Excess Water In The Machine

Usually, when there is a lot of water left in the machine, the interlocks will take a lot more time to release when the wash cycle is over. You’ll need to drain the water.

#3. Broken Door Latch

If the door latch, the handle, or any part of the door breaks, it will not operate properly to open the door. You’ll need to fix it.

#4. Laundry Hasn’t Cooled Down

LG says the washer locking feature kicks in so the user doesn’t harm themselves. If the laundry in the machine is very hot, the machine door will lock automatically.

And, it will not open until the temperatures cool, so you’re not hurt by such hot temperatures.

How Do You Reset An LG Washing Machine (Step By  Step)?

With time and usage, you may notice that your LG washing machine is having some issues. Sometimes it could be some unexplained codes you can’t seem to remove.

You don’t need a new washer. You may only need to reset it. And the best way to reset your LG washer may be the easiest thing you’ll do today. 

  • Turn off your machine and unplug your LG washer from the power source.
  • Press the power button and hold it for at least five seconds.
  • Press the pause/play button and hold for at least five seconds.
  • Plug the washer back in and turn it on to see if it works.
  • If it still doesn’t work, you may have to contact LG support or call a professional for assistance.


LG washing machine red lock symbol is a very common feature on LG washing machines.

Usually, the symbol appears when the child lock is on or when there is a power surge. Once you turn off the child lock, the symbol will resolve itself.

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