Power Cut During Washing Machine Cycle! (Do This ASAP)

As valuable as your washing machine, most of them work when connected to electricity. So what do you do when there is a power cut during its wash cycle?

You might still be determining if you will begin the whole process all over again or if it will resume from where it stopped.

What if the power outage lasts for a long time? Will it continue from where the power went out, or it’s best to remove your clothes?

When there’s a power cut during your washing machine cycle, it often resumes from where the power outage happens. However, this feature depends on your washing machine’s brand and model. Sometimes, you have to restart the whole wash process after a power outage, but that also depends on the machine and power outage duration. 

In this article, I’ll explain what happens when a power cut happens during a cycle and what you should do. Furthermore, how you should reset your machine when that happens.

By the end of the article, you won’t panic when this happens to you and will know what to do in this kind of situation.

What Happens When There’s a Power Cut During the Washing Machine Cycle? 

Power Cut During Washing Machine Cycle

When there’s a power cut during a washing machine cycle, the machine pauses and stops working while waiting for power. 

If you don’t switch off the machine or unplug it, it remains in auto-lock for five minutes. However, what happens to the machine after a power cut depends on the brand and model.

The machine will resume if you use an old washing machine that has a mechanical timer in the event of a power cut. You can save money on utility bills as you don’t have to restart the process.

If your washing model is new, it can remember with electric controls and resume from where the power cut happens during the cycle. 

However, depending on the brand and model, your washing machine might need to be restarted when the power is back. That’s because the machine can only remember for a short time.

In some models, you can restart the cycle or leave it alone when the power is back, as the cycle will remain on pause. This option is to help you to save energy.

Nothing will happen to your washing machine in case of a power cut except that the wash cycle stops. However, your machine can get damaged when the power is back.

The power might be low or surge, damaging your washer. Although, newer models have protection against this and are safe to use except in a few cases.

But, if you have an older model and the power comes back on suddenly, it can damage your machine.

You can also restart the wash cycle if the power cut was for a long time to keep your laundry smelling fresh.

What Should I Do If There’s a Power Cut During a Washing Machine Cycle? 

What you should do when there’s a power cut during a washing machine cycle depends on the reason for the power cut.

The cause of the power cut can be due to electrical issues in your home’s electrical wiring or a fault in your machine. It can also be due to a power outage in your area.

Knowing the cause of your washing machine power cut then determines the next course of action. 

If the power cut is not a result of a faulty machine, it should start once there is power. The rest depends on your machine’s brand and model.

Old machines will resume from where they stopped during the outage, while newer ones may resume, or you need to restart the process.

If the power outage duration is long, it’s best to remove the clothes in it and wash them elsewhere to avoid smelling stale.

If the power cut in your machine is from an electrical issue in your home, check if other appliances are working.

If they aren’t, check your home wiring for the fault and fix it before using the machine. If it’s from the GFCI circuit breaker, reset it and restart your machine.

However, if you notice that the power cut is only in your machine, then the problem is from the washing machine.

Check everything that can affect the power in your machine, like the power cord connection to the socket.

If this is the case, you only need to plug it in correctly and resume or restart the wash cycle on your machine.

Seek the help of a technician to help with the cause of the power cut in the machine. It can be from the circuit-blown fuse, a faulty wire in the machine, or something else.

If it’s any of these faults, you will need the technician’s help to fix them. You can also take it back to the company if there’s a warranty.

In these cases, there’s no chance of the machine resuming its cycle; you have to remove the clothes in it.

How Do You Reset a Washing Machine after a Power Cut?

After a power cut, resetting your washing machine depends on your type, as some machines have a rest button, while others do not.

When resetting your machine, the first thing to do is to unplug it from the power supply and ensure you aren’t wet. To prevent you from getting an electric shock.

A quick fix to reset your washing machine is disconnecting and reconnecting the power cord to the mains. You can also turn off the circuit breaker for a while and put it on again.

There are two methods to reset your washing machine, and they are;

  • Automatic reset.
  • Manual reset.

#1. Automatic Reset

If you use a newer washing machine model with a reset function, this reset feature fixes an unexpected issue, like a start-up delay.

In the case of a power cut, your machine might not respond; you have to use this reset control and commands before it starts.

However, depending on the model, the process of resetting varies by brand and model. In specific models, you spin the knob to reset while pressing the power button off.

After spinning the knob, choose a program, and reset the washer by pressing the power button.

In some models, you press the cancel button, which clears the machine error, and then press the “pause” or “stop” button, which resets it.

You can check your user manual or website for specific instructions on resetting your washing machine based on your model.

#2. Manual Reset

When doing a manual reset for your washing machine, unplug your machine from the power supply and keep your hands dry.

Leave the power cord unplugged for a minute or more, and then you can plug it back into the wall socket. In 12 seconds, ensure you open and shut the washing machine door six times.

The opening and shutting off of the machine’s door are to send a signal to the components in the machine to reset it.

Depending on your washing machine model and the directions in the user guide, you can turn it off for around a minute.

If your washing machine has a knob control, set it clockwise to any cycle apart from “final spin.” With button controls, choose any mode besides “spin,” then put on the circuit breaker.

The table below shows a few washing machine brands and how you can reset them.

Washing Machine BrandHow to Reset
Whirlpool washer.Unplug the power cord and wait for two minutes before plugging it in.
Samsung washer.Unplug the power cord and wait five minutes before plugging it back to reset it. 
LG washer.Unplug the plug or the circuit breaker, then press the start/pause button for 5 seconds.
Kenmore washer.Press the stop button twice and the power button to reset your Kenmore washer.

For specific brands and models, check their website or your user guide on how to reset it if you need help with the information here.


In summary, many factors can cause a power cut during a washing machine cycle, and how to fix it depends on the cause.

If the power cut is due to a power outage, it’s a quick fix; wait for it to be restored and resume your cycle. However, this depends on your machine’s make and model.

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