6 Reasons Samsung Delicate Light Blinking!

Last updated on October 22nd, 2022 at 05:29 pm

As much as light blinking on your Samsung dishwasher may be an indication that the machine is in operation, it can also mean there’s something wrong.

There are various modes of blinking; these blinking modes signify different issues. Thus let’s explore the reasons for the delicate light blinking.

The delicate light blinking is a clue that the dishwasher has drain issues. Most probably, something’s wrong with the drain hose. Or there’s an obstruction along the drain pipe or setup. So in such cases, check and ensure the drain hose is in place.

Why Is Samsung Delicate Light Blinking?

Samsung Delicate Light Blinking

The reason for the delicate light blinking on your Samsung dishwasher is certainly a drain issue.

So, examine the sink connection and the drain as a whole. Also, ensure that the drain hose is set up correctly.

To your knowledge, not all Samsung dishwasher models have digital displays. So blinking lights come in handy in replacing the use of digital displays by indicating possible errors when they surface. 

These blinking lights usually indicate issues like faulty temperature sensors; the delicate light represents a problem in the drain system.

The nature of the light blinking alone tells you the problem. There’ll be no need for trial and error.

The delicate light blinking alone indicates drain issues, but it’s different when it blinks with other light combinations.

So let’s look at scenarios where the delicate light blinks together with different types of light.

#1. Delicate With Normal and Quick

With this combination of lights blinking, know that the water temperature is exceedingly high.

And in cases like this, you should disconnect the washer from the mains and do away with everything in it. Then, clean all the components with soap and disinfectant; allow water to flow.

#2. Delicate With Normal and Smart Auto

This combination is also an indication of an excessively high temperature. Conceding that you experience such, confirm if the water temperature is above 176⁰F.

If the water temperature is okay and the error persists, reach out to Samsung.

#3. Delicate With Normal

When these two lights blink together, know that the system has detected a stuck button. Here all you merely need to do is press all the buttons to ensure they’re intact.

#4. Delicate With Heavy and Quick

Anytime the delicate, heavy, and quick lights blink together, a failing temperature sensor is present.

Here, it’s most likely the sensor will need a replacement, so you should contact any local electrician if you don’t have prior knowledge about the replacement. 

But sometimes, the replacement may not be so helpful, so try troubleshooting steps first. For example, you can initiate a regular cycle.

But if you do that and it still doesn’t work, turn off the circuit breaker to prevent power from flowing to the dishwasher. Then, request assistance from Samsung or, better still, replace the sensor.

#5. Delicate With Quick

When the delicate and quick lights flash, it’s a clue that the washer entry isn’t shut. Thus in this scenario, ensure that you completely close the dishwasher door.

#6. Heavy and Delicate

If you see the heavy and delicate light blinking on your Samsung dishwasher, know that heater is most likely failing.

To resolve issues like this, eliminate everything from the washer, pour detergent inside, then initiate a regular cycle.

All these I’ve stated above apply in situations where the delicate light isn’t blinking alone; it’s pretty usual.

But for the delicate light blinking alone, examine the dishwasher drain setup. It may be that the dishwasher is not draining water because the drain hose is clogged.

And in such a situation, you need to unclog it so that water draining will be as expected.

Also, as a guide, dishwashers are tailored toward washing and rinsing your dishes; they aren’t garbage disposals.

It would help if you always positioned the dishwasher drain hose not too high. It should be as short as possible so the water can easily flow out of the sink.

The drainage hose should likewise have a downward slope to allow easy drainage.

A high drain hose installation on the sink is the most common reason a dishwasher won’t drain. But sometimes, the problem is an impaired drain hose.

Samsung Dishwasher Delicate Light Blinking

Your Samsung delicate light blinking depicts a problem in the dishwasher’s drainage setup.

If the delicate light blinks with other lights, the washer may have issues like a faulty sensor, high temperature, or leakage. But conceding that it blinks alone, the dishwasher isn’t draining as it should.

When you experience such happenings, your following action should be troubleshooting the drain issue.

To troubleshoot, check for obstructions, eliminate dirt and build-ups from the filter, examine the drain hose, and inspect the garbage disposal.

#1. Check For Obstructions

You should check for obstructions(food particles and dirt) in areas like the sump; if you find any, eliminate them. The sump is situated at the dishwasher’s rear.

#2. Examine the Drain Hose

Besides checking for obstructions, you should inspect the drain hose and see if its structure is twisted or bent.

Conceding the drain hose is twisting, straighten it up. In the inspection process, you may need to disengage the hose and some connected structures, so do so when necessary.

#3. Inspect the Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal is an area you shouldn’t ignore because it’s connected to the washer. Ensure that the kitchen sink drain is free and not clogged. 

Samsung DMT400RHS Delicate Light Blinking

Your Samsung dmt400rhs delicate light blinking shows a drain issue in the dishwasher.

But sometimes, even when you troubleshoot the problem by ensuring a straightened and unclogged drain hose, nothing changes; it can be frustrating. You’ll need to examine the garbage disposal properly in such a situation. 

Disengage the drain hose from its connection with the garbage disposal and place a bucket instead. See if draining will still occur.

On the condition that the washer doesn’t drain into the bucket, there’s a faulty pump.

Samsung DW80F600UTS Delicate Light Flashing 

The delicate light flashing shows that the drain setup isn’t efficient; there’s a problem.

But if you’ve checked the setup and everything seems to be in place, switch off power from the dishwasher and perform a reset

Allow it to sit for about ten minutes, then turn the system on. Thereupon, press the cancel for ten seconds; the dishwasher will reset.

If, after the reset, the light still flashes, you’ll need to check for some other possible problems and their solutions.

Possible ProblemSolution
A faulty drain motorEnsure the motor has power\possible replacement
A dirty or faulty ECS sensorClean the dirt or build-up. Likewise, replace the sensor if necessary.

How do I Reset the Leak Sensor on My Samsung Dishwasher?

Resetting the leak sensor on your Samsung dishwasher is straightforward; you can do it manually. To begin, disconnect the washer from power and allow it to sit for about 12-17 minutes.

After the speculated time, reconnect it. This action will make the unit reset, and both the sensor and control board will reset.


Samsung delicate light blinking is a common problem on Samsung dishwashers; thus, it shouldn’t seem weird to you.

The most likely reason for such a situation is a faulty drainage setup. Either there’s a clog somewhere, or the drain pump is malfunctioning.

To solve this problem, examine the drain hose, filter, garbage disposal, and any other connection; ensure there’s no clogging.

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