5 Reasons Your Samsung Dryer Starts, Then Stops!

Undoubtedly, Samsung produces top-notch products, and its dryers are no exception. But since all appliances are susceptible to malfunction, the dryer may continuously start and stop on its own. 

Such an occurrence can be perturbing and frustrating; it always makes you feel like your plans are distorted. Not to worry, this article provides deep insights into the situation.

The most likely reason for the malfunction is an excessively heating motor. Practically, when the dryer motor heats up beyond control, the dryer system will shut off. But besides that, there’s also a chance that the drum belts or door switch are faulty.

This article reveals the possible culprits for your dryer starting and stopping. It also proffers solutions and various troubleshooting steps to bring your Samsung dryer back to normal.  

So if you want to end the malfunction, stick around.

Why Is My Samsung Dryer Starting and Stopping?

Samsung Dryer Starts, Then Stops

There are many reasons your Samsung dryer will start and go off uncontrollably. 

However, the most typical factors include an excessively heating dryer motor, a faulty drum belt, a faulty door switch, a broken idler pulley, and defective moisture sensor wires.

#1. An Excessively Heating Dryer Motor

Suspect the system motor if you notice any starting and stopping scenarios with your Samsung dryer. It could be that it’s overheating and can’t continue with the cycling process. 

Overheating occurs when the motor is faulty and needs retrofitting. Consequently, you may likewise experience a buzzing sound right before the motor ceases its operation.

Subsequently, a helpful tip for you when the dryer system stops operating, especially during cycling, is to allow it to sit for some time before utilizing it again.

#2. A Faulty Drum Belt

Besides an overheating motor, a faulty drum belt can prompt an on-off scenario in your Samsung dryer. 

Typically, the drum belt encircles the drum, motor pulley, and idler pulley. It functions in rotating the drums as the armature on the motor revolves; this is why the clothes will tumble. 

In most cases, if the dryer motor doesn’t operate and the drums don’t revolve, the belt is most probably defective or broken. 

Especially over an extended usage period, the belt is usually prone to wear and tear.

#3. A Faulty Door Switch

Though you’re unlikely to be aware, the dryer will operate inefficiently when the door switch is faulty.

Nowadays, dryers are equipped with a door switch feature that prevents them from functioning when the entryway is exposed. So if the dryer door is open, the system won’t start up. 

Similarly, the door latch can sometimes get defective or worn out, causing the entryway to be exposed and prompting the system to cease operation.

#4. A Broken Idler Pulley

Another reason your Samsung dryer will stop after running for some time is a broken idler pulley. And In most cases, the machine may not even start up.

Practically, the idler pulley connects the drum to the motor. It helps take up slack and keep tension on the drum belt, which maintains proper drum alignment. Thus conceding that it’s defective, the system will not function as it should.

#5. Defective Moisture Sensor Wires

Samsung drying machines usually come with moisture sensors. Their job is to examine the quantity of moisture remaining in the drum and communicate the result to the control board. 

But if the sensor or its wires are faulty, there’ll be inadequate communication to the control panel.

Consequently, the dryer will assume the clothes are dry even when they aren’t and cease operation. 

How Do I Fix a Samsung Dryer That Starts and Stops?

A Samsung Dryer that Starts and Stops is not desirable at all. Fortunately, you can take a few steps to ease the situation. 

Here are some guides to fixing your Samsung dryer that starts and stops:

  • Avoid overloading the dryer.
  • Ensure that the moisture sensors are in good condition(debris-free)
  • Eliminate any obstruction in the dryer vent if there are any

#1. Avoid Overloading the Dryer

One crucial step towards ensuring an efficient dryer and avoiding all sorts of issues is to avoid stuffing the dryer with too many clothes.

Sometimes, you may be on the ride to conserve energy and time, but it can hamper the dryer’s functionality in the long run. That’s precisely why you’ll experience on-off scenarios.

Anytime the dryer gets congested, the motor pulley struggles to run the whole cycle continuously. And such occurrences aren’t advisable.

The gravity and pressure, in turn, cause friction. Also, other components like the pulley and motor are more likely at risk of impairing.

Altogether, you can see that overloading can not only prompt on-off situations but also cause faults in the system. 

Always avoid overloading to have a clearer view of the malfunction. The number of clothes should never exceed the capacity of the dryer.

#2. Ensure That the Moisture Sensors Are in Good Condition (Debris-Free)

Another vital step is inspecting the moisture sensors and ensuring they’re in good condition.

Typically, these sensors communicate to the control board the amount of moisture in the drum. And this is what determines whether the dryer will continue operating or not.

If they’re faulty, or hindrances like dirt are present, inefficiency will result. The system assumes no moisture when the sensors are defective and goes off.

After cleaning the sensors, if they were the problem, everything should go back to normal. 

But if the malfunction persists, check and ensure that the sensor wires are operable or consider replacing the sensors.

#3. Eliminate Any Obstruction In The Dryer Vent

The above troubleshooting steps are good enough to stop the malfunction, but inspect the dryer vent for hindrances if nothing changes. A clogged vent makes it difficult for humid air to emanate effortlessly

Consequently, the trapped moisture will cause prolonged operation in the system because it’ll struggle to cope, and other issues can also result in the process.

To clean the vent, locate the vent hose(duct) and detach it gently. Afterward, clean it and ensure that it’s clear. Then brush out the vents from both ends.

Meanwhile, below are the solutions to other problems or factors:

A faulty drum beltReplacement
A broken idler pulley Retrofitting
A faulty motor Replacement

How Do I Reset a Samsung Dryer?

Resetting your Samsung drying machine isn’t a complex process at all. It’s a simple process that will take just a few minutes. All you merely need to do is follow the proper procedures.

So here are the ideal procedures you must follow to reset the dryer:

  • Disconnect the dryer from the mains- there should be no power supply source.
  • Disconnect the power at the circuit breaker unit
  • Allow the machine to sit for some time, let’s say about 5 minutes
  • Reconnect it and power it on.

Why Does My Samsung Dryer Keep Turning off after Three Minutes?

Your dryer turning off after 3 minutes is likely due to a heating issue in the machine. Either the motor is overheating, or there’s a problem with the thermostat. 

In such instances, it’d be helpful to contact Samsung customer service for assistance, but there are also a few fixes you should try out.

Checking for a power cord or outlet damage is vital when troubleshooting. This is because there’s a chance that the outlet or the power cord has issues and is malfunctioning.

Additionally, Samsung drying machines usually have sensors that detect when clothes are dry. They are designed to detect moisture in the clothes.

But if the clothes aren’t completely dry after a cycle, and the sensor is faulty or malfunctioning, it’ll operate wrongly and turn off the machine.

Subsequently, to resolve the issue, check if there is a build-up of lint and hair in any components. Inspect the sensors and exhaust vent and clean them out if necessary.

What Are the Most Common Problems with Samsung Dryers?

You’re likely to face several issues while using your Samsung drying machine. They range from burnt thermal fuses and screeching commotions to even fried heating elements.

In addition, sometimes you may even notice that the clothes take a longer time to dry. This could be because the drying machine isn’t getting enough airflow

To fix this issue, ensure no clogs in the vent or lint on the outside of your machine. 

Another common problem is when the dryers don’t start up due to several factors, like broken drum belts and faulty control boards. 

As a precautionary measure against avoiding such issues, frequently inspect all the components. See if there’s a need for retrofit. 


#1. Why Does My Samsung Dryer Come to a Halt after a Few Minutes of Operation?

If your Samsung drying machine goes off in the cycling process, the sensors are clogged or defective. But it could also be that the motor is heating.

#2. What Does It Mean If Your Dryer Keeps Shutting down Unexpectedly?

The machine constantly shutting down indicates a broken drum belt. This is because the efficiency of the machine depends on the drum belt.

#3. Does Unplugging a Dryer Reset It?

Unplugging your dryer and waiting a couple of moments before reconnecting it resets the system, so you should try it out. Though resetting doesn’t resolve all issues, it helps in some scenarios.


Your Samsung drying machine starting and stopping within a few minutes shouldn’t be strange. Other users face this problem too.

The malfunction is usually a result of the following:

  • An overheating motor, 
  • Defective sensor wires, 
  • A faulty drum belt. 

So keenly go through all the suggested solutions and troubleshooting steps to eliminate the abnormality. Hopefully, the dryer will get back to normal.

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