What Is The Metal Rack In My Whirlpool Refrigerator?

Appliances like refrigerators consist of different parts with varying functions. The functions of some parts are easily identifiable, while others require inquiries to understand their use.

Whirlpool is a brand that produces great home appliances, and their refrigerator is no different. 

The metal rack in the Whirlpool refrigerator is one of such confusing parts that makes customers wonder.

However, after discovering its function, they enjoy using it. So, read on to discover the purpose of your Whirlpool refrigerator’s metal rack.

The metal rack in a whirlpool refrigerator is usually on the inner part of the door. The formal name for the rack is can caddy bin. You can use the can caddy to store beverage and soda cans conveniently in the fridge.

What is the Metal Rack in my Whirlpool Refrigerator for?

What is the Metal Rack in my Whirlpool Refrigerator

The metal rack in a Whirlpool refrigerator is a can caddy. Its function is to hold soda and beverage cans. 

Whirlpool, a constructive brand, took the time to create a unique feature that other refrigerators do not have.

The metal rack in the whirlpool refrigerator is a very functional part of the refrigerator. However, it’s fortunate that most customers and users do not know its use. 

This lack of knowledge causes the curious ones to seek clarity. Sadly, some users don’t even try to find out its function. They ignore the metal racks and carry on as if they aren’t present.

Interestingly, this changes the moment they discover its use. The discovery is like a light that shows Whirlpool refrigerator owners what they’ve been missing. 

Thanks to the creative innovation of metal racks, you can have extra storage space for drinks in your fridge.

This innovation means goodbye to a few cans from a pack of drinks sitting out.

You can now successfully unload the entire pack of drinks and place them in your refrigerator to chill. 

Some may think the cans may fall out, but this isn’t true. If they can fall out after you place them in the rack, it only means you didn’t set it properly.

The rack always holds beverage and soda cans securely and comfortably. The metal rack is usually above one of the shelves at the inner part of the door.

Due to its positioning, it may sometimes restrict you from placing lengthy bottles on the shelf. 

Don’t worry, though; this is still to your advantage. It’s just a way of ensuring that you can save more space.

With this, you can place extra cans horizontally or vertically on the shelf, depending on the distance between the rack and the next shelf.

Altogether, the metal rack you will find in all models of whirlpool refrigerators is there to help you make utmost use of your refrigerator.

Consider it an extra compartment the brand adds to give you extra space. So, you should be happy that Whirlpool was mindful and concerned enough to put in measures for you to have extra storage space.

What is a Whirlpool Platter Pocket?

A platter pocket is a pantry-like surface compartment in whirlpool refrigerators.

The purpose of the platter pocket is to help free up space in other compartments by giving you a space exclusively for storing flat and wide items with ease. 

The kitchen can get choked sometimes, and your refrigerator may be full of traffic. Such a situation leaves you with no space to store items.

Luckily, if the extra items are small, you can maneuver and create space to stick them in.

But what happens when there’s a need to place a wide item in the fridge? Do you take our other stuff to create space for items like your tray, pizza box, or casserole dish? If you do so, won’t the other items get spoiled?

Yes, I know it’s all so confusing, but this is exactly why we should be glad to have whirlpool refrigerators. I’m sorry if you don’t own one, but you’re missing out on many amazing features.

Whirlpool cares about family and convenience, so the refrigerator has compartments to cater to your every need.

The platter pocket is one of such compartments. You can conveniently store your trays and other flat, wide items and find them easily when it’s time for use.

With the whirlpool platter pocket, worry no more about storing flat, massive items.

What is a Whirlpool Beverage Rack?

A whirlpool beverage, just as the name implies, is a beverage holder in your refrigerator.

The whirlpool refrigerator’s beverage rack measurement is approximately 15 inches by 3 inches. This beverage rack size can conveniently hold five cans of beverages.

I know the word beverage brings to mind soda and can drink, but this isn’t entirely the case here.

With the beverage rack, you can store more than can drinks. It’s a great innovation that allows users to cool wines in the refrigerator. 

Asides from soda cans and wine bottles, you can store egg cartons and other similar items on the rack.

Hence it is also called a wine rack. Click here to purchase the OEM replacement whirlpool beverage/ wine rack.

The design of the beverage rack varies slightly in line with your whirlpool refrigerator model.

So, you shouldn’t expect your whirlpool beverage rack to be the same as that of a friend who also owns a whirlpool refrigerator.

They may be a little different; the beverage rack will only be the same if both of you own the same model.

Customers, through countless reviews, continuously attest to the reliability of the whirlpool beverage rack.

Popular reviews say that the rack comes in handy, saves space, and is easy to use.

This item is so famous in households that owners of other brands of refrigerators also purchase the OEM whirlpool beverage rack.

However, the whirlpool beverage rack doesn’t fit perfectly in all refrigerators as the measurements aren’t the same. The case is most often that the beverage rack is longer or bigger than the fridge.

So, if you want to order a whirlpool beverage rack separately for a non-whirlpool fridge, you should cross-check the measurement before placing your order. 

The rack fits refrigerators with adjustable, rear-mounted shelves. So, the whirlpool beverage rack is compatible with Kenmore and some other refrigerator brands.

You simply have to hand it down from the shelf, thus utilizing the free space. Nevertheless, so long as the whirlpool beverage rack fits, you’ll have a great time using it judiciously.

What is a Can Caddy in a Whirlpool Refrigerator?

A can caddy in a whirlpool refrigerator is a specially designed storage space where you can keep portable items. You can also use the can caddy to store items that you use frequently. 

The indoor can caddy in your whirlpool refrigerator helps to store extra goodies like beverages (in cans and bottles) and groceries.

Thus, this provides a compact means of organization whereby more stuff can fit into your fridge. Therefore, it leaves you with a bit of extra space in your refrigerator to use as you please. 

Consequently, the presence of the can caddy means that you can preserve more items in your refrigerator, thus preventing spoilage and waste.

Let’s see some other interesting features and components of whirlpool refrigerators and their functions.

Parts/ FeaturesFunction
Interior LED lightThe lights come on when you open your fridge to see your freshly preserved foods.
Adjustable gallon door binsYou can move them for more flexibility and space.
Exterior ice and water dispenserGives you water and ice without you having to open the fridge.
Fingerprint resistanceEliminates the sore sight of finger imprints on the body of your refrigerator.
Frameless glass shelvesExtra storage space 
Factory-installed icemakerYou no longer have to refill your ice tray.
Humidity control crisper drawerCreates the perfect storage environment for fruits and veggies.

How do I Replace my Can Caddy in a Whirlpool Refrigerator?

You can easily replace the can caddy in a whirlpool refrigerator by following a few quick steps.

  • To begin, unplug the power cord. 
  • Open your refrigerator and hold the can caddy. 
  • Next, you lift it upwards and pull it out. You’ve successfully taken it out. 
  • To replace the can caddy, slide it in against the desired support.
  • Then push it down until it stops.

That’s how to replace your can caddy. If you follow these steps, you’ll have no problem taking it out and putting it back in.


Whirlpool is a brand that has its customer at heart, leading them to produce the best refrigerators, among other items.

Whirlpool refrigerators have unique parts, such as the can caddy and beverage rack, allowing extra storage space.  

The brand is so efficient that users of other brands buy whirlpool OEM parts for their refrigerators. So, if you want a new refrigerator, I’ll advise you to go for Whirlpool.

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