What Model is My Kenmore Refrigerator? (Explained)

The model number is sometimes the best place to start when looking up the characteristics of your Kenmore refrigerator.

Any household appliance’s specs provide information on its manufacture site, the sort of refrigerator, its production year, and how it will perform.

The model number is the set of numbers that appear in bold before the serial number. It is frequently shortened to MOD or written out completely. The Kenmore refrigerator model number typically begins with a prefix of 110, 665, or any other country code, followed by a period or dot and various digits. For instance, 665 is a model number for a Kenmore refrigerator, 2515787032.

How Do I Know the Model of My Kenmore Refrigerator?

What Model Is My Kenmore Refrigerator

You can identify the model of your Kenmore refrigerator in a few different ways. 

When contrasted with the other models, these characteristics of the refrigerator model aid in determining specific components in the following ways:

#1. Size

The inside space of a Kenmore refrigerator is its size. Using this measurement, you can calculate the amount of food that can fit inside the fridge.

Also, you can multiply specifications to do this. Additionally, you might provide more room to prevent keeping the refrigerator in a confined space.

If your calculations are accurate, you will fit the refrigerator you buy into the space offered.

Get a measuring tape to measure the inside of your Kenmore refrigerator to determine its width, depth, and height. 

To calculate cubic feet, multiply the three figures (Weight, base, and height) in inches collectively, then divide the result by 1728

If your refrigerator, for instance, is 35 inches wide by 35inches deep by 50 inches high, you would multiply by 35 by 35 by 50.

There are two ways to find out the size of the Kenmore refrigerator when it is available, either using the model number or taking the refrigerator’s external measurements.

In addition to the manual method, you can use the refrigerator’s model number to determine its size. 

For earlier models, it may be challenging to locate this information. But you can resolve this problem by adopting a systematic strategy.

#2. Serial Number 

The key distinction between model and serial numbers is that serial numbers frequently begin with alphabets, while model numbers are only in figures.

The serial number may reveal the refrigerator’s age, depending on the manufacturer. Additionally, you can use the serial number to determine your appliance’s date to assess its age. 

The serial numbers start with two letters, then six numbers, and finally, a letter. The month and year it was created are indicated by the two letters in the serial number.

For instance, if a Kenmore refrigerator’s serial number is ES334567, the first digit denotes the manufacturing year, and the third digit, 2003, is included in the serial number. 

Kenmore made the refrigerator in 2005, according to the first number, 5. The next two numerals indicate the manufacturing month. 

Where Do I Find Kenmore Model Number?

You can find your Kenmore refrigerator’s model number on the warranty card or the appliance. Any of the following places should have the model number:

#1. From the Warranty Card, 

The warranty card for the Kenmore refrigerator is the best source for the model number. The model number is frequently on the warranty card. 

One uses this number to determine the size of various equipment, such as the dishwasher size.

The Kenmore refrigerator’s manufacturer provides the warranty card at the time of purchase. 

The model number could also be on the cash receipt. Then, while creating the bill, the seller enters the model number.

#2. Door Frame

The next location to look for the model number on your Kenmore refrigerator is the door if you can’t find it on the warranty card. You can also see the model number when you open the refrigerator on the door frame. 

Those refrigerators with the freezer on the bottom or side-by-side may have this on the door frame. It would help if you started here since it’s the right refrigerator’s door frame.

#3. Interior Walls Of Refrigerator

The third location would be the inside walls if you were looking for the number on the frame of your refrigerator door. 

The left or right inner walls of your Kenmore freezer or refrigerator are the interior walls. To ensure the model number is present, you must inspect both the places and the sides. 

The model number is also current on refrigerators with a freezer on the bottom or top and side-by-side refrigerators.

#4. Behind the Crisper Drawer

You typically place your fresh food in the crisper drawers. The model number of your Kenmore refrigerator, and you may not see it.

You may not easily know the model number because it is behind the crisper drawers, whether a side-by-side refrigerator or one with the freezer on the bottom or top. 

You should check behind those drawers if the model number is visible on the door frame or the freezer or refrigerator’s walls.

#5. Behind the Kick Plate

The front panel of your refrigerator at the base is called the kick plate. 

You’ll need to switch your refrigerator off before removing the real plate to see whether the number is there to verify that it is on your Kenmore refrigerator. 

For refrigerators with side-by-side doors and those with the freezer on the bottom or top half, you can place them here, as was indicated in the preceding sections. 

It would help if you came here last to avoid wasting your time since the options above are the most common places to check. 

#6. Plate On the Inside the Door

For Kenmore beer coolers, you can find the model number inside the door. To find the model number plate, you must open the refrigerator. 

Inside the door is the only location you need to look for the model number plate if you have a cooler refrigerator.

#7. Behind the Compressor

The region next to or on the rear of the refrigerator’s compressor is another spot unique to a certain type of Kenmore refrigerator. 

Typically, a refrigerator with a small design contains this. This is the only place to look for the model number if you have a tiny refrigerator

How Should I Read My Kenmore Model Number?

Simply looking at the model number will reveal the manufacturer. The identity of the manufacturer model number is by the first three numerals and a dot.

The first number often denotes the serial number’s manufacture year, while the second and third numbers represent the refrigerator production month.

The serial number also contains the time of manufacture in addition to the date. Time is shown by the numbers on the correct decimal, while the numbers on the left indicate the date.

Although it could be challenging to distinguish between the serial and model numbers of the Kenmore refrigerator, there’s a clear distinction between them.

Your Kenmore refrigerator’s serial number should be on the same license plate as its model number. 

Remember that the model number identifies the appliance’s manufacturer, whereas the serial number refers to details about the specific device.

The serial number for each refrigerator may differ, though, as the production is in-house. They differ because serial numbers for products are generated differently by each manufacturer.

Each serial number often begins with two letters, followed by a run of numbers. 

Your Kenmore refrigerator’s first two to four letter-number combinations might tell you when month, and year it was produced.

How Can I Tell the Manufacturer of My Kenmore Fridge? 

Kenmore refrigerators are unique. Whirlpool and others sell Kenmore fridges and any replacement parts you might require if your refrigerator has damaged components. 

The handy model number is crucial when looking for the part you require for your machine on the Sears website.

You’ll want to determine what the model number on your Kenmore refrigerator implies now that you know where to look for it. 

When you want to learn more about your refrigerator, the model number provides you with a wealth of information. 

You can use it to determine who made it to see if the refrigerator’s parts are still accessible.

The first three numerals, located before the dot or space, are part of the model number of Kenmore refrigerators that you should pay attention to. 

The first three digits are significant since they stand for a code that should identify the maker of your Kenmore refrigerator.

The manufacturers and the codes identifying their businesses are in the table below.

Manufacturers Number Code
GE362, 363
Whirlpool 106, 110, 198, 562, 665


In summary, it’s crucial to know your refrigerator’s model to learn more about it. 

Even though a model number seems straightforward, it requires knowledge to be properly comprehended.

The explanation of the specifics of a Kenmore refrigerator model number and how to correctly read a Kenmore refrigerator model number is in this article.

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