Whirlpool Cabrio Washer Bearing Replacement Cost!

The Whirlpool Cabrio washer is a machine that helps to reduce stress and save time by doing the laundry for you.

But like every machine, the more you use the washer, the higher the risk of some parts needing a replacement.

In the Whirlpool Cabrio washer, one essential part that breaks down easily is the bearing, which is crucial to the machine’s operation. Let’s find out how expensive it is to replace.

The cost of replacing a Whirlpool Cabrio washer bearing varies depending on some factors. Bearings usually last for ten years but if your washer starts making strange noises, contact a washer Repair Company. It is advisable to attend to such noise because broken bearings can cause more problems.

What Does It Cost To Replace The Bearing On Your Cabrio Washer?

Whirlpool Cabrio Washer Bearing Replacement Cost

The total cost of replacing the bearing on your Cabrio washer depends on some factors. The bearing is inexpensive, but replacing it is a daylong task.

The bearing is easily accessible for less than $50. The problem is the work put into replacing it.

Taking time to disassemble the equipment, replace the parts, and reassemble it all could take a specialist three hours and more.

The lifespan of a Whirlpool washer is at least ten years. But as time passes and from normal wear and tear, it can begin to have issues.

One crucial task for maintaining hygiene in a home is laundry. You might wash your clothes daily or anytime to maintain proper hygiene. 

Your washer takes the biggest hit regardless of how often you do laundry. A Whirlpool washer occasionally malfunctions due to constant use.

It must undergo wear, tear, and other mechanical issues because it is a mechanical device. 

Some of these flaws can be fixed using do-it-yourself techniques. However, leaving your Whirlpool washer with expert washer repair services is better. 

It reduces the possibility of electric shocks, and you’ll feel comfortable letting a professional handle the situation. Since doing laundry is important, the use of a washer is inevitable. The constant use of the machine means that the bearing can easily get spoilt.

Below are factors affecting the total price of replacing the bearing.

FactorsHow It Affects the Pricing
LocationRepairing your Cabrio bearing may cost extra for residents of affluent neighborhoods.
After-hours serviceYou’ll have to pay extra if you need a professional’s help after business hours. 
Service ChargesContacting a specialist for your Whirlpool washer bearing will cost money.
Amount of timeWhile some pros bill by the hour, others bill you upfront.
The expertIt is essential to work with washer repair specialists who charge reasonable prices and have positive evaluations. 

To replace Whirlpool washer bearing; budget between $150 and $185, including service charge.  

When Should You Replace the Cabrio Washer Bearing?

It would be best if you replaced the bearing in your Cabrio washer as soon as you notice any funny sound or the machine starts malfunctioning.

If the washing machine is noisy when running and spills water from the bottom, there may be a problem with the washer bearings.

The main cause of Whirlpool Cabrio washer bearing issues is a leaking bearing seal and a ruptured tub seal.

When this happens, water can seep from the seal and into the tub bearings and other places where water should not reach.

The water can ruin your bearings, making it important to fix them as soon as possible.

Since the repairer will have to disassemble most of the machine, replacing the tub seal and the bearing is advisable.

If the bearing fails, your tub won’t be able to rotate freely. You’ll need to swap out the bearing to resolve this.

There will be a need for the bearing driver tool and the tub seal bearing kit to complete the repair.

A tub seal bearing kit contains three bearings and one seal for repairing washing machines.

Can You Replace a Cabrio Washer Bearing Yourself?

The task of removing the washer bearing is a very tedious one that also requires a lot of skill and information.

The decision to replace the bearing depends on whether you’re willing to take the risk. However, getting a professional to handle this task is better.

The items you’ll need to replace the bearing include;

  • Three bearings: a front bearing, a rear bearing, and a bearing seal, frequently provided as individual parts. However, you can buy a bearing and seal kit instead.
  • Torx head screwdriver, pliers, a ratchet, a chisel, a hammer, and wood.
  • The first step to replacing the bearing is to ensure that the machine is off for your safety and the machine’s safety.
  • Start by taking out the top panel, which is only held by a few screws. Push the catch to release the soap dispenser box, and remove it.
  • The next component you need to remove is the control panel fascia, which is also held by screws.
  • Arrange your screws so you can remember which screw goes with which component.
  • The kick plate is the next thing you’ll remove.
  • After that, you’ll remove the front panel. Start by taking off the seal.
  • The detergent drawer is the next thing to go.
  • Remove the counterbalance weights.
  • Take the Heating Element Out. Undo the nut keeping the element in place to remove it.
  • Take out the sump. Use the drain hose to remove as much water as possible, but be ready for some spillage. One screw should be enough to unlock the sump clamp.
  • Remove the drive belt and back panel.
  • Loosen the clip holding the pressure chamber to the tub and take it out.
  • Take off the tub and dampers.
  • Find the bearings. The bearing seal, the front bearing that sits right behind it, and the smaller rear bearing setback are all in the tub’s back.
  • After locating the bearings, remove them.
  • Use a limescale cleaner to remove all cruds from the rear. There may still be debris within that could enter the bearings and harm them.
  • Install the front bearing, rear bearing, and bearing seal.
  • Check the drum spider spindle. You must check the spindle to make sure it is clean and damage-free.
  • Re-insert the tub into the drum.
  • Install a completely new seal.
  • Tighten the screws to keep the tub in place.

From the steps above, you will notice that removing the bearing is not an easy task. There’s also no assurance that you would get it right if you decide to replace the bearing yourself.

Reaching out to a professional reduces the risk of further damage to any component is advisable.

Use Your Cabrio Washer With a Noisy Bearing?

No, using your Cabrio washer with a noisy bearing is not advisable. Noisy bearings are usually a sign that the bearing is bad, broken, and not functioning properly.

Using your Cabrio washer with a noisy bearing can lead to more expensive repairs. Over time, it can cause more problems that may eventually damage the machine.

The most noise-related damage and leakage in the washer are from the bearing, which applies to all Cabrio washers. However, there are other reasons why your Cabrio washer makes noise.

When you overload the Whirlpool Cabrio, the tub assembly sinks past its intended limitations, causing the motor’s rotor to grind against the floor during the washing and spinning process.

It usually shouldn’t happen. But when the rotor touches anything underneath the machine, including an uneven floor, a carpeted floor, or any object, it will make noise.

When your machine is put on a drip pan, it makes a similar noise. The drip pan has an arc in the center, which causes the rotor to come extremely close and rub loudly.

Due to the additional weight, the tub assembly sinks too close to the drip pan.

Your Cabrio washing machine’s bearings are a crucial component because they make sure the drum is rotating properly. Another thing that causes the noise is when the bearing starts rusting. 

Rust often kills your bearings, which worsens when water spills over and enters the tub seals and places water shouldn’t reach.

If you open the rear panel of your washing machine and notice rust in the vicinity of the motor, your bearings are close to failing.

When the bearing of your Cabrio machine is spoilt and starts making noise, it is still possible to use it.

However, if you continue to use the machine for a long time without fixing it, it can affect other components of the washer, making it unsafe to use. 

It is safer and more economical to replace worn-out bearings as soon as possible.


Any Cabrio model, regardless of which one you have, has certain drawbacks when used for a long time. 

It is one of the best washers, but problems may eventually arise like any other washing machine.

Whenever you notice any problem with the machine, it is best to attend to it immediately to avoid serious complications.

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