4 Reasons Your Whirlpool Dryer Control Panel Not Working!

The whirlpool dryer control panel is the most critical component in the dryer. Also, the control panel is responsible for controlling every program on the dryer, like starting a cycle.

And if the control panel is not working, you can’t use your dryer, so why does it stop working? First, let’s see if the control panel is faulty or if something else prevents it from working.

The Whirlpool dryer control panel will stop working if the control lock is on. Also, a faulty main control board (MCB)or poor power supply can cause it to stop working. However, unlocking the controls or resetting the drying will fix the problem; if it’s the MCB, you should replace it.

Why Is the Control Panel on My Whirlpool Dryer Not Working?

Whirlpool Dryer Control Panel Not Working

Your control panel won’t work on the control lock, or your dryer needs more power. Also, the MCB or the control panel itself is likely faulty.

The control panel not working isn’t necessarily a fault of the control panel; other components can cause this problem.

The primary reasons your control panel will stop working are;

  • Control lock.
  • A poor power supply.
  • A faulty main control board (MCB).
  • A defective control panel.

#1. Control Lock

The control lock makes all the operation void, giving you the impression that your control panel is not working.

A control lock is more of a safety feature than a fault but can be a fault when you’re new to the lock feature.

However, you can mistakenly set the lock, so it’s ideal to place it as a reason. The control lock feature on your whirlpool dryer, just like other dryers, is a safety feature.

The lock helps to prevent kids or anyone from mistakenly messing with the settings/controls.

If you have a newer model of whirlpool dryer with LCD, then you can quickly know when your control panel is on lock. In contrast, others might be a red light indicating that the safety is on. 

The control panel display usually has an error code “loc” that indicates the control lock. While for other models, it stays on when it’s on lock mode and off when on unlock. 

However, when the display shows “loc,” it isn’t necessarily an error code but a warning that you can’t use any control. Also, apart from the locked rules, the power button is still active.

However, the lock feature can be a safety feature. But when you don’t know it is on or gets stuck, it’s a problem, especially in older models of whirlpool dryers.

Sometimes your dryer might get stuck on the control lock for another reason. It can also mean that your control board has a fault and needs replacement. 

#2. A Poor Power Supply 

Poor power supply to the dryer is a significant reason your control panel stops working. And as such, it should be one of the first things to check.

However, in this power section, three aspects can be responsible for the problem: the dryer’s power cord, the circuit breaker, and the power socket.

If you have a damaged power cord, the dryer might stop receiving full power or none. And when your circuit breaker trips off, this will also shut off the power supply.

A circuit breaker is a safety tool that protects your dryer and circuit from damage. So if you have issues with your home electricity supply, the circuit breaker will trip off.

Also, your socket can be faulty, and any problem can generate from here. For instance, an excess power supply can damage a specific component inside the dryer.

#3. A Faulty Main Control Board (MCB)

The main control board (MCB) is the brain or computer that handles the dryer’s operations. So a faulty MCB hinders the working of your control panel and any function of your dryer. 

The control board is an internal component that receives inputs you give through the control panel and executes them. 

However, the main control board will likely stop working, and your control panel will be ok.

#4. A Defective Control Panel

Your whirlpool control panel works with the dryer’s internal components, such as the motors. The control panel allows you to input commands to the main control board.

However, if one of the dryer’s components is faulty, it also affects the control panel. On the other hand, if your control panel is having issues, a component might need repairs or replacement.

For example, specific components might stop working when there’s a power surge from the circuit. 

However, the damage can affect some controls on the panel, which will require fixing the control board.

How Do I Fix the Control Panel on My Whirlpool Dryer?

To fix the control panel on your whirlpool dryer, you must thoroughly test it by pressing different buttons. Also, a reset can set the control panel.

Before attempting any fix, ensure that you properly connect your dryer to the power source or circuit breaker.

Also, you check the dryer’s power cord for any signs of damage. It’s always ideal for checking the power supply before any fix because a problem can cause a fault. 

Another tip is to test your control panel. Press the button/dials to see if they respond and to ensure that the control panel generally is not working. 

Any response meant a component was terrible. Before going deeper into diagnosis and fixing, try resetting your dryer first. 

To reset your dryer, first unplug the dryer, leaving it for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, plug back the power cord, and check if the control panel is working again.

Another way to fix the control panel is to check the wiring and connections inside the MCB. This fix is very technical and complex, so having experience with electronics is essential here.

It would help if you had your user manual guide by your side at all times for reference. Also, when you open the panel, you should take pictures of the connection as a reference.

However, getting an expert is also an option here to be on the safe side. Anyways, if you are doing it yourself, below are steps to follow to open up the panel and inspect it.

  • Unplug the dryer from the circuit.
  • Get your tools ready; you will need a screwdriver for this.
  • Unscrew all the nuts holding the top panel of your dryer in place. There are usually screws at the back holding the control panel. In this step, your user guide is essential. 
  • After losing the screws, gently remove the panel.
  • You can now inspect for any fault or loss of connection on the MCB. It’s visible to get a picture with the proper reference for your specific model; it helps to inspect correctly.

If, after inspecting and you don’t find a fault, you should screw back the nuts. Reconnect the dryer and check if the control panel works. Suppose It doesn’t call for repairs.

However, if you find a fault on the board, replacing it can solve the problem. Replacing the control panel/board will also include some steps from inspecting your dryer control board.

Note: when attempting any fix or repair on your dryer, you must switch off power or unplug the dryer.

However, you can also fix other reasons why the control panel is not working. Let’s look at the major causes of a faulty control panel and its solutions in a tabular form.

Problems Solutions
Control lock.Unlock the controls. 
Reset the control panel.
A faulty control board.Replace. 
Poor power supply.Reset your circuit breaker.
Replace the damaged power cord.

How Do You Unlock the Controls on a Whirlpool Dryer?

Most models and new whirlpool dryers come with the control lock feature. Some models have a control option to easily lock/unlock your controls, while others are combinations.

To unlock your controls, you can either open it with keys like the ‘start’ button or the ‘end of cycle signal’ controller. In a worst-case scenario, a hard reset will be the next fix to try. 

Equally important, unlocking the controls will vary with different models. It would help if you referred to your user manual to know the control key.

Also, it will be simple to unlock the controls because it all has to do with toggling a setting that will turn on/off the lock.

So let’s see how to open your control panel with these quick steps below.

  • Switch on your dryer.
  • Locate the lock button on your dryer. Some controls may have lock icons on them for indication. 
  • Press and hold the button for some seconds until the lock disables.

You can also try the above settings more than once if something else is needed. And If after trying to unlock your controls and it doesn’t work, then a  component is faulty. 

When your MBC has a fault, it might lock your controls, so replacing it can help.

Also, some newer models will have an error code displaying “Loc” with a little red key at the side. And the dryer will not start, and the error typically pops up when you press any key. 

However,  to unlock the control lock, press and hold the control lock key for about three seconds; there should be a countdown from 3-1.

 You have an ‘End of cycle signal’ button for a duet dryer. For other dryers that require vital combinations to unlock, check your manual for help.

You will press and hold the key combination for three seconds to open the control lock.

How Do You Reset the Control Lock on a Whirlpool Washer?

You can automatically reset the control lock on a whirlpool or with a hard dryer reset.

To reset your control panel automatically, press the start button for about five seconds. However, to do a general reset, follow the steps below.

  • First of all, Switch off the dryer and Unplug it.
  • Leave the dryer unplugged for at least 30 minutes; this will reset your control panel/ board and cancel any previous settings.
  •  Next, you should plug the dryer back into the circuit.
  • Plug in and Switch the dryer back on; this should switch off the control lock and allow you to do other settings.

Performing a reset is more like resetting your dryer’s settings to default. So there are many reasons for doing a reset. For example, if your settings are malfunctioning, a reset fixes it. 

How Much Does It Cost to Replace My Whirlpool Dryer’s Control Panel

Getting a new control panel will cost from $100 – $400, depending on what model of whirlpool dryer you have. And if a repair man is to fix it for you, the cost will increase.

For instance, a Whirlpool W11158457 Dryer Control Panel from Amazon costs $203.58. If you have a rare dryer model, replacing the control panel will cost more.

Finding parts of an old/rare dryer can take time, adding to the cost. However, if you discover that replacing your dryer control panel will cost you more, you can return it.


Usually, it’s rare for a control panel to develop issues like other components. It’s either a part that is at fault or you. So, check other features before replacing the control panel. 

Also, It’s not 100% assurance that working on specific components on a damaged control panel or board will make it ok again. So the best option is to replace it.

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