Whirlpool Dual Evaporator Refrigerator Problems

Having a whirlpool refrigerator in your house plays the role of keeping foodstuffs healthy and cool for long periods.

And owning a dual evaporator refrigerator eliminates problems one experiences in cooling with a single evaporator refrigerator.

However, dual evaporator refrigerators, like the whirlpool, also have their problems, so what are these common problems?

The common problems a whirlpool dual evaporator refrigerator will have are not cooling, noise from faulty components, and not defrosting. Not cooling is the major problem in a dual evaporator system, especially when the diverter valve is faulty. However, an expert can quickly fix the problems.

Common Problems with Whirlpool Dual Evaporator Refrigerators?

Whirlpool Dual Evaporator Refrigerator Problems

No matter how good one refrigerator is, it must have a problem because, like every appliance, they develop issues sometimes.

There are many reasons why any refrigerator, regardless of its type, will develop a problem.

For example, it might be due to over usage or improper usage of refrigeration and maintenance.

Refrigerators with a dual evaporator system with a single compressor have a valve ( diverter valve ).

This diverter valve helps routine the refrigerant by controlling the evaporator when one or both is working at a particular time.

First, however, it’s essential to know some of these problems with the whirlpool dual evaporator refrigerator.

  • The refrigerator is not cooling.
  • Refrigerator making noise.
  • It was not defrosting.

#1. The Refrigerator Is Not Cooling 

A sealed system leak will cause whirlpool refrigerator cooling to be inadequate, probably from improper sealing.

The problem of not cooling has been a big problem with the whirlpool dual evaporator refrigerator model.

When a refrigerator is not cooling, the problem is mainly from an evaporator. But most times, and in a dual evaporator system, it’s not the evaporator itself but the evaporator’s cover.

The problem could be a faulty start relay or start capacitor. The start relay switches on and off the compressor, and with a bad start capacitor, the compressor may not work.

Another likely cause is the temperature control board, but this refrigerator component hardly spoils, so it’s the last suspect.

#2. Refrigerator Making Noise

When your whirlpool refrigerator begins to make some noise, it’s mainly from some faulty components.

For example, a faulty gasket can result in such noise and a fan that is faulty or has a crack. However, the noise in your refrigerator is mainly from a faulty fan and sometimes a dirty coil.

When the compressor is faulty, it can produce some sounds to indicate that a component is faulty inside.

Also, when one evaporator fan motor gets faulty, you will hear noise from the refrigerator when you open the door.

But if you notice the noise is from the back bottom side, it’s probably from the condenser fan.

#3. The Refrigerator Is Not Defrosting

The not defrosting problem could be from the defrost heater or defrost thermostat. Since the defrost thermostat controls the temperature of both evaporator coils, any fault may cause a problem with the temperature.

If a broken thermostat and any coils are cold, the defrost heater will fail to turn on. The defrost timer can also be the reason for the not defrosting problem.

In conclusion, when you have a defrost problem with your whirlpool refrigerator, ensure to check some of these areas:

  • The defrost control board.
  • Defrost heater.
  • Defrost thermostat.
  • Defrost timer.

Another problem one can encounter is over freezing, the opposite of not defrosting. The primary cause of over freezing is mainly from a compressor.

Over freezing happens when the compressor is unable to pump efficiently.

Common Fixes of Whirlpool Dual Evaporator Refrigerator

The overall fix you can practice on your whirlpool dual evaporator refrigerator is good/proper maintenance and cleaning practice.

And before you fix some of the problems, you have to diagnose them carefully before introducing the help of an expert.

Besides identifying the problem is also fixing, so below are some things you can do to identify the problem.

First, check if the evaporator fans are working correctly by checking the air vents to ensure airflow with other parts.

Below are some fixes to some whirlpool refrigerator problems.

#1. The Refrigerator Is Not Cooling

Check whether the compressor or evaporator coils and fan are in good shape. If dirty or there’s an obstruction in the fan, clean and remove any obstruction. However, a faulty fan may need replacement too.

#2. It Is Not Defrosting

When it’s a defrost problem, you may need to employ the aid of a repair expert. And some parts will need replacement.

For example, when a defrost timer is faulty, you can’t repair it but only replace it.

#3. Refrigerator Making Noise

A bad compressor is likely the cause of a noisy refrigerator, so a repair expert should check it.

But if it’s not the compressor, you can check for debris or obstruction in fan blades and clean them off.

Whirlpool Dual Evaporator Refrigerator Repair Cost? 

Like other whirlpool refrigerators, dual evaporator refrigerator repair will cost around $350 – $1500.

However, the price will vary with different factors, like the fault, your location, and the type of refrigerator. But you can still get the repair cost in the range of $350 – $1500.

Some repairs can be easy and cheap, while others can be expensive and complex to fix.

Sometimes, you might not identify the problem efficiently and need several repairs before fixing the problem.

And some repairs may require replacing some parts, which will add up the cost of repairs.

Sometimes you can have a refrigerator fix as low as $60 – $100, but this price is rare for a dual whirlpool refrigerator.

So, it’s essential to identify what type of fault your whirlpool dual evaporator refrigerator is having. And to know how much a particular repair may cost you. 

Also, if you don’t have any experience with repairs, or don’t understand the refrigerator’s components, don’t attempt a repair.

Don’t repair by yourself, even if it’s minor and you lack experience; always introduce the help of an expert.

Below is a table with some repair areas you may encounter and how much you will spend on fixing them.

Refrigerator Parts Cost of Repairs($)
Compressor 500 – 1000
Evaporator120 – 500
Control board500 – 1000
Sealed system800 – 1200
Ice makers350 – 500
Fans120 – 200
Water dispenser170 – 500

Apart from the labor for repairing your whirlpool refrigerator or any other refrigerator, there is a diagnostic cost.

A repair expert will charge you a cost to check for the problem before attempting any repairs. And a diagnostic cost will range from $50 – $100

However, the diagnostic cost fee doesn’t apply to some cases. For example, the company might curb the diagnostic cost fee if you have a warranty on your appliances.

Also, without a warranty, request the diagnostic cost because it’s equally as important as the repair itself.

Whirlpool parts are available for purchase, so they won’t be expensive as they aren’t scarce, so will the repair cost be affordable.

In addition, you will have to pay a service fee and the labor cost for the fixing professional.  

How to Prevent Problems with Whirlpool Dual Evaporator Refrigerators? 

Having a whirlpool dual evaporator refrigerator is a good choice, regardless of the problems you may encounter.

However, problems are bound to occur, but you can control them to a minimum or none by carrying out some maintenance practices.

Always handle the refrigerator with care, and avoid rough handling. Also, ensure you have a good power supply for the refrigerator and avoid overworking it.

Even though your whirlpool refrigerator gets faulty, every repair is worth it.

Fridge Section of Whirlpool Dual Evaporator Not Cooling Well

The possible cause of the fridge section of a whirlpool dual evaporator not cooling well is a leak in the evaporator.

Also, when the condenser coil is dirty, it may cause the section not to cool properly. 

However, other factors can cause this problem apart from a leak in the evaporator coil. An obvious mistake of not setting the temperature of the fridge section can be the reason behind it.

If you can’t identify the fault, your refrigerator may have some faulty components that need repairs from an expert.

Also, having a faulty thermostat causes a fridge section not to cool properly. Just like a typical everyday thermostat, the refrigerator’s thermostat controls its temperature.

Thus, if the thermostat is faulty, the refrigerant will also fail; the best fix is to replace the bad thermostat.


Whirlpool products are one of the best around, especially when it comes to home appliances.

And when it comes to refrigerators, a whirlpool is reliable, but getting a dual evaporator system tends to be problematic.

However, with good use and maintenance, you will hardly face most of the problems, and repairs are always affordable.

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