3 Reasons Your Whirlpool Microwave Display is Not Working!

Has your Whirlpool microwave’s display been giving you issues? I understand that one of the most critical parts of a microwave is the display. 

It serves many essential functions and is very helpful to the user. Therefore, the microwave’s special features become compromised when the display stops working. 

This anomaly could lead to extra trouble for the user. Fortunately, you’re at the right place!

If your Whirlpool microwave display is not working correctly, the reasons range from lack of power to faulty wiring and fuse mishaps. These problems could be in the form of totally blank displays or displays of only half-zeros. 

This article explains the possible problems hindering your whirlpool microwave from working and how you can fix these issues.

Why My Whirlpool Microwave Screen Is Not Working?

Whirlpool Microwave Display Not Working

Using a microwave with a faulty screen can cause inconvenience to you. Your Whirlpool Microwave display may not work for a few reasons.

These include: 

  • Absence of power supply to the microwave oven.
  • Presence of disjointed wires within the control panel. 
  • Destruction of the internal fuses within the microwave oven.

When these defects persist without appropriate resolution, your Whirlpool microwave display may begin to malfunction.

This malfunction can be in the form of totally blank displays, half-zero displays, or extremely garbled displays.

Why Would a Whirlpool Microwave Display Suddenly Stop Working?

There are several reasons why your Whirlpool microwave display may stop working suddenly. 

Here are the most common reasons why:

#1. Inadequate Supply of Power to the Microwave

Most of the time, the problem is often so simple that it gets overlooked.

Many people may forget to turn on the microwave switch and assume something has gone wrong with the display. 

Some might even assume that the microwave oven has stopped working.

This assumption can’t be blamed on anyone since many people readily believe things without making confirmation. 

Your microwave display may not work when you don’t connect the microwave properly to a power source. 

This anomaly could be due to the following reasons:

  • The microwave is outrightly unplugged. 
  • A tripped breaker powers the microwave. 
  • Loose cable connection at the base. 
  • You did not connect the plug properly to the wall. 
  • Your microwave cable is bad at some point. 
  • You didn’t turn on the breaker appropriately. 

Even though these processes appear simple, they have proven to be helpful most times.

Your microwave display may not be faulty. You are probably not aware of why it is not coming on. 

If the microwave display isn’t working after trying another power outlet and following the guides mentioned above, your microwave display issues might be due to other reasons. 

#2. Loose Wires Within the Panel 

Sometimes, if your Whirlpool Microwave doesn’t have a power problem, the problem could be inside the display and control panel of your microwave.

To confirm this, you must be very careful because you will have to remove the control panel and look within to see if there are issues you can quickly fix. 

To confirm whether there are some loose wires within the microwave, you should follow the guide:  

  • Unplug your microwave to avoid getting electrocuted when you come in contact with the wires behind the panel. 
  • Watch out for the capacitor, as it can store voltage even after you have unplugged the microwave for a long time. 
  • Remove the mounting screws along the top front of the microwave, then open the door. 
  • When you open the door, you will find some other mounting screws firmly holding the panel to the microwave cabinet. 
  • Remove the screws and open the panel carefully while ensuring to press the clips located at the edges. 
  • After that, you will find some wires connecting the panel to the microwave cabinet. 
  • Some of these wires might be unconnected. Connect the wires correctly. 

After doing all this, return the panel, vent covers, and all of the mounting screws that you have removed.

Then plug the microwave in to see if you have finally fixed the problem. However, it is better to change the panel if there are too many disjointed wires.

To prevent wasting time and energy, you should get a new panel for your microwave. 

And when you do, you should call a professional repairer to help you fix it. Calling a professional repairer will help prevent potential accidents.

#3. Blown-up Internal Fuses

Your microwave has internal fuses located in different parts. The temperature and monitor fuses are the main fuses in many microwaves.

Many times, the reason why your microwave display will not function is that the fuses have blown up already. 

You need to consult the user manual to know the specific location, so you won’t have trouble finding them. 

After you see the temperature and monitor fuses, check if they are bad. You will see discoloration of the thin wire inside the fuse. 

If they are blown, you need to get replacement fuses to get your microwave display working flawlessly once again.

However, if you cannot handle this, endeavor to summon a repairer. 

However, calling a repairer could incur additional costs. You should be aware of that and prepare yourself for it. 

Why Is My Whirlpool Microwave On, but the Display Is Not Working?

Usually, the leading cause of your Whirlpool Microwave display not working is a fault with the control board. 

Sometimes, you may turn on the microwave oven, but you will be surprised that the display is not working. Other times, it might just be displaying deformed characters. 

The issue might start with problems with your microwave keypads, but occasionally the keypads and the display may become faulty simultaneously.

Remember to consult a professional electrician whenever you’re confused. Whirlpool customer support is another great option.

How Do I Reset My Whirlpool Microwave Display?

No matter the quality of the microwave you are using, there will always be a need to perform a reset occasionally. 

Additionally, you don’t need special tools to perform a reset, unlike technical activities like testing a microwave transformer that requires special tools. 

You may need to perform a reset due to some software glitches or unintended microwave settings.

The following are the types of resets that you can perform on your microwave and how to do them:

  • Soft Reset 
  • Hard Reset

#1. Soft Reset

Strictly adhere to the following steps to complete a soft reset on your microwave:

  • Please search for the reset or cancel button and press it. This action should end every activity going on in the microwave. 
  • However, if the digital screen displays a lock icon, you might need to proceed to do something else. 
  • Press the reset/cancel button for at least three seconds to deactivate the microwave’s child lock feature. 
  • Proceed to test the effectiveness of the soft reset you have performed by placing a cup of water and setting a cook time of 30 minutes. 
  • If the microwave works as it should, you have successfully performed a reset and are good to go. If otherwise, you need to proceed to hard reset. 

#2. Hard Reset

If a soft reset procedure fails to solve the problem, you will need to perform a hard reset instead.

To perform a hard reset, strictly follow the steps given below:

  • Unplug the microwave plug from the power outlet. Ensure you do not touch the outlet without gloves if you notice burns around the plug. 
  • After removing the plug, let the microwave sit for at least 30 minutes for it to discharge completely. 
  • Plug the microwave after the 30 minutes has elapsed and test whether the hard reset was successful. 

Below is a table showing the differences between a soft reset and a hard reset:

Soft ResetHard Reset
You initiate it by pressing the reset/cancel button. You initiate it by removing the microwave’s plug from the power outlet. 
You can complete it in a short time–less than a minute. It takes much longer to complete a hard reset—usually about 30 minutes. 
You can perform a soft reset with the microwave on. You must turn off the microwave oven for a hard reset and discharge the stored electricity. 

Final Thoughts

When your Whirlpool Microwave display becomes faulty, you need not worry too much. The anomaly is usually due to the three reasons discussed. 

As you would have seen, the reasons are very straightforward, and you can resolve them yourself. 

You can also choose to hire the service of a repairer if you are not comfortable doing it yourself.

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