Acceler Ice Mean On Kenmore Refrigerator! (Uses & More)

Regarding refrigerators, ice makers are a feature that is one of the most important, and the efficiency and speed of the ice maker.

The Acceler ice feature is a quality ice maker found in Kenmore Refrigerators like the Elite models. So, what does this feature mean on the fridge?

The Acceler ice 2 on a Kenmore refrigerator is a feature that maximizes the production of ice cubes for 24 hours. It steadily decreases the freezer’s temperature, allowing continuous and instant ice production. It takes about 10 ice cubes in about 90 minutes and can run up to 20 times a day. 

What Does The Acceler Ice 2 Mean On a Kenmore Elite Refrigerator?

What Is Acceler Ice 2 For On a Kenmore Refrigerator

Acceler ice 2 is a component of the Kenmore Elite Refrigerator made for the sole purpose of increasing the efficiency of the ice maker on the fridge, causing it to produce ice at a fast rate, capping at about ten to 12 ice cubes every few minutes.

It works by steadily decreasing the freezer’s temperature, allowing it to produce ice quickly. 

It indicates that your Kenmore Elite Refrigerator can instantly create ice cubes. As expected, the Elite models of the Kenmore Refrigerator produce ice faster than their counterparts, the Non-elite models.

The Elite models produce ice cubes in just a few minutes, compared to the slow pace of the Acceler in the Non-elite models. 

Also, the Acceler ice 2 on a Kenmore Elite Refrigerator has an ice box that stores the available ice cubes, giving you space to produce more than enough ice cubes needed and preventing the ice from melting before you get to use them. 

The ice maker assembly is solely to produce ice. The process starts when the water inlet valve passes water into the back of the freezer; then, the water moves into the tray thermostat, where it freezes.

Afterward, the ice cubes go into the ice tray. It can run about 20 times a day when the temperature drops.

Each cycle runs for 24 hours before the Acceler ice 2 turns off automatically, returning your ice maker to default settings, which takes about six to 12 hours to make ice cubes.

Ice Maker StatsDefault Ice MakerDefault + Acceler Ice 2
Ice cubes produced10 cubes 10 cubes
Time taken90 minutes12 hours
Rate1 cube per 9 minutes1 cube per 72 minutes

How Do You Turn On the Kenmore Acceler Ice Maker To Make Ice?

To turn on the Acceler ice 2, press the Acceler ice button. The display screen indicates whether the feature is on or off. 

You can easily use Acceler ice 2 by activating the feature. Here, you need to punch the Acceler ice key to initiate the process to begin.

The Acceler ice feature button is in the refrigerator section, right after the temperature buttons for the two angles.

The freezer’s temperature will gradually decrease when the Acceler feature is activated. This action enables Acceler ice 2 to manufacture the needed ice cubes.

As earlier stated, the ice maker runs on cycles, and the Acceler ice 2 can run several times a day. 

How Can I Turn Off Acceler Ice 2?

To turn off the ice maker manually, you must press the same Acceler ice button you used to turn it on, and the display screen will indicate whether it is still on or off.

Usually, the ice maker turns off on its own after every 24-hour cycle, and your Kenmore refrigerator returns to its average ice-making speed. 

Benefits of Acceler Ice 2 Function On a Kenmore Refrigerator

The Acceler ice 2 has many advantages as it comes with the Kenmore Refrigerator, including:

#1. High-Speed Ice Production

The number one benefit and sole purpose of the Acceler ice 2 feature on the Kenmore Refrigerator is the ability to make ice at incredible speeds.

Making 10 or even up to twelve cubes in 90 minutes or under compared to the average speed of the ice maker takes several hours to make the same amount of ice. 

It keeps the ice cubes coming nonstop for your parties, picnics, or gatherings, so you won’t run short on ice when the guests wait for their drinks.

But, of course, no one likes a warm soda on a hot sunny afternoon, do they? 

#2. Eco-Friendly Mechanism

The Acceler ice 2 comes with an Eco-friendly mechanism that reduces the Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs – a toxic compound that depletes the ozone layer) that the Kenmore Refrigerator gives out when it makes ice.

Ice makers are heavy users of refrigerants in refrigerators, and the end products of these refrigerants are compounds that are detrimental to the environment.

The Acceler ice 2 makes quick use of the refrigerants, reducing the amount of these compounds produced. 

#3. Icebox For Preserving Already Made Ice For Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Models

The Kenmore Elite Refrigerators with the Acceler ice 2 also come with an ice box for keeping the ice cubes already made from melting and allowing the ice maker to make as many ice cubes as you might need. 

#4. Easy to Operate

Another fantastic thing about the Acceler ice 2 on the Kenmore Refrigerator is its surprisingly easy accessibility. You can activate it by pushing a single button—Acceler ice.

There are no complex buttons or knobs or dials or anything like that. It turns on when you push the button and goes off automatically after running for 24 hours. 

#5. Longer Ice Production Cycles

With the Acceler ice 2 feature on your Kenmore refrigerator, you don’t need to turn it on every one or two hours like some other ice makers. Instead, it makes ice continuously for a full day.

It means that if you’re planning to use a lot of ice tomorrow, you can leave the Acceler ice 2 on today till 24 hours later. How awesome is that?  

What to Do If the Acceler Ice 2 Maker Doesn’t Make Ice On Normal Setting?

In the case of the Acceler ice 2 on a Kenmore Refrigerator not making ice, the problem may most likely be that there is pressure on the control button again after you’ve turned it on.

All you have to do is to locate the button and press it again to turn it on. Also, the problem can come from freezing the water supply line.

Here, the first thing you should do is take the refrigerator’s power cable out of the socket, then find this water supply pipe and melt the ice with a hair drying machine or warm water if you need the ice maker at that time or you can leave the refrigerator off till the ice thaws over time. 

Nonetheless, if you cannot melt the ice yourself, you can always call your repairman to help. 

It could also result from the Ice maker being overworked or overloaded. Either it’s turned on for several days, or a high current of electricity goes through the refrigerator.

In this case, you’d have to take that trip to the repairman. Another way to fix the issue of the Acceler ice 2 not making ice is to reset it.

You can reset the ice maker by removing the front plate that covers it with a gentle tug. Then, search for the on and off switch on the PC board and turn off the machine. 

Remove the refrigerator plug from the socket, wait five to ten minutes, and then plug it back in.

Afterward, you turn on the ice maker and place the cover plate back on it. Finally, close the freezer, and allow the ice maker to complete a cycle before further action.

Then there’s the water filler. According to Repair Clinic, the Kenmore Elite Refrigerator not making ice could result from the water filter with hard water deposits and other impurities that flow from the water lines.

Therefore, you must change your filter at least every six months to keep the water fresh and flowing freely into the ice maker. 


The Acceler ice 2 is a premium feature of Kenmore Refrigerators that everybody would want in their homes.

To keep the ice coming as much as you want. Its easy accessibility, efficiency, speed, and work rate make it a top option among the best of the best refrigerator features. 


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