How To Reset Frigidaire Fridge After Power Outage?

Frigidaire refrigerators are durable and high-quality kitchen appliances used for cooling and preservation.

Unfortunately, when there is a power outage, your Frigidaire refrigerator may experience issues working correctly, or it may not turn on, even when power is back on. 

However, you will have to reset the fridge manually to get your freezer to work correctly when you encounter such issues after a power outage.

At this point, you may start wondering how to reset your Frigidaire refrigerator.

To reset your Frigidaire refrigerator, disconnect the fridge from the power source and allow it to rest for 30 minutes before reconnecting it. Then press and hold the power freezer and the power cool buttons together for ten seconds, then release the buttons to complete the reset. After this, your freezer should be able to function correctly.

How to Reset Frigidaire Freezer After Power Outage?

How to Reset Frigidaire After Power Outage

To reset the Frigidaire freezer after a power outage, you must use the following procedure. 

  • Disconnect the freezer from the power source by unplugging it, and allow it to rest for about 30 minutes.
  • Reconnect the freeze back to the power source.
  • Press and hold the power button on the control panel for ten seconds
  • Press and hold the power cool button for some second, then release it to complete the reset
  • Press the arrow down promptly three times
  • Press the up arrow once, and then you can select the temperature you want for your freezer.

After this procedure, your Frigidaire freezer should reset and be able to function correctly.

Or you can press and hold both the power freezer and the power cool buttons simultaneously for some seconds and then release the buttons, after which your refrigerator will reset.

Frigidaire Freezer Not Working After Power Outage

Frigidaire refrigerators are pretty good kitchen appliances due to their quality and durability.

However, your refrigerator may fail to regulate, cool, or even turn on if your Frigidaire freezer encounters any problems, especially after a power outage. 

It might result from a wiring issue, faulty components, or an error in the system, and probably a reset or replacement of these components will be the solution to your problem.

However, here are a few reasons why your Frigidaire won’t work after a power outage.

#1. Faulty Control Board

The control board serves as the brain of your freezer and is responsible for controlling all the essential parts of your fridge.

The control board may fail when heat, vibration, or moisture exposure. It may also fail due to errors it receives after a power outage. 

When you are experiencing such issues, you can manually reset the freezer, and if it still does not work after resetting it, you will have to change the control board completely.

#2. Power Cord And Wiring Issues

Refrigerators contain wiring which sends electricity to all of their parts and the power cord which connects the fridge to the power source. All of these are very important for your refrigerator to function correctly. 

However, your freezer may fail to work if the power cord is faulty or there is a wiring issue; this can happen under any circumstances, including a power outage.

Therefore, after resetting your fridge and it still does not work, it is advisable to check your power cord; if it is damaged, you will need to replace it. 

And if you are not handy with simple home repairs, it will be best for you to invite a professional to check your wiring for possible repairs or replacement.

#3. Tripped Circuit Breaker

A circuit breaker is a resettable fuse that helps to prevent an electric circuit from overloading.

If your circuit breaker keeps tripping, this may be because some fridge components are drawing too much power.

You will need to test some of the components of your freezer using a multimeter and see if any are drawing too much power; then, you will have to replace that part.

#4. Faulty Compressor Start Relay

The compressor start relay is an electric device that helps the compressor to work properly by giving it a power boost.

Unfortunately, when the wires in the relay are exposed to an excess voltage by the compressor motor, this will cause the wires to melt. 

If you are not good with simple home repairs, you should invite an electrician to repair or replace the compressor start relay. However, if you are, then you should be able to replace the start relay.

#5. Faulty Temperature Thermostat

The thermostat helps to monitor the temperature of the refrigerator. The thermostat also sends signals to the compressor when it notices the temperature is getting too high, telling it to start up.

Nevertheless, the thermostat may fail if the connector or contact assembly in the thermostat is damaged. The best way to handle this is by replacing the thermostat.

Here are a few quick fixes for these issues:

Common Problems In Frigidaire Refrigerators Solutions
Faulty control boardYou should check the control board for possible repair or replacement 
Tripped Circuit BreakerDisconnect power for some minutes then plugs the refrigerator back in.
Faulty thermostatThe best way to resolve this is to replace the thermostat

Is There A Reset Button On A Frigidaire Refrigerator?

There is no reset button on a Frigidaire refrigerator. However, if your Frigidaire freezer is experiencing any issues with cooling or turning on after a power outage, you will need to reset the refrigerator manually. 

The simplest way to reset your fridge is to unplug it from the power source and allow it to rest for about 30 minutes, then plug it back, press and hold the power freezer and the power cool button simultaneously for some seconds to complete the reset.

You can then set the temperature you want for your freezer, after which your fridge should be able to function correctly.

How Long Does It Take For a Freezer to Freeze After a Power Outage?

When the power is out for some days and comes back on, it will take time before your freezer can freeze its content.

The air in the fridge will start getting cold immediately, but the interior and other contents in the refrigerator at room temperature will take several hours to get frozen. 

Therefore, it will take a minimum of three to eight hours for all the contents of your fridge to get fully frozen. In some cases, it may take up to 24hrs maximum for your unfrozen food to freeze.

Therefore, the time it takes for your freezer to freeze equals the content of your refrigerator and its workability.

Frigidaire Refrigerator Beeping After a Power Outage

When your Frigidaire refrigerator keeps beeping after a power outage, something is wrong with your freezer; in most cases, it could be that the door is not correctly closed.

However, other causes can be a damaged alarm, blocked ice maker chute, or power failure. Suppose your freezer doesn’t stop beeping after a power outage.

First, reset the alarm by the reset alarm button or the mute alarm button on your fridge, or you can unplug the freezer for a few minutes and then plug it back in; this should help reset the alarm and stop the beeping. 

Here are other possible reasons why your Frigidaire refrigerator may keep beeping after a power outage and what to do.

#1. Power Failure

When there is a power failure, your fridge may display a PF error code and start beeping.

If you encounter such an issue, you must press the alarm reset or cancel button, telling the refrigerator to stop beeping.

If the alarm continues after you reset it, you will have to unplug the freezer and allow it to reach its average temperature.

#2. Door Not Properly Closed 

When your refrigerator door is not closed correctly, this can be caused by overloading the freezer with many items, a damaged door sensor, or general carelessness.

Make sure you close the refrigerator door correctly, and if the beeping continues, you should check the door sensor and replace it if it’s damaged.

#3. Damaged or Faulty Gaskets

A damaged or dirty door seal (gasket) could cause the door not to close correctly or may trigger the alarm causing the fridge to beep.

Clean your door seal or check the damage and replace it to fix the beeping issue.

#4. Faulty Control Board

A malfunctioning control board can cause the refrigerator to beep. Unfortunately, diagnosing a faulty control board may require a professional’s help if you are not handy with simple home repairs.


Frigidaire refrigerators are great kitchen appliances because of their durability and quality.

However, when there is a power outage, your Frigidaire freezer may experience some issues cooling or turning on; even when the power is back on, this may also trigger the fridge alarm to beep.

When your freezer is experiencing such an issue, you will have to rest the fridge for it to function correctly again.

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