LG Dryer Won’t Stop Running! (Reasons & Solutions)

LG dryers have an effective and efficient command prompt that coordinates the general functioning of the appliance.

The command prompt helps it to stop and start running at the right time. Many components contribute to the functioning of the command signals, so your dryer doesn’t work endlessly and gets faulty.

However, sometimes your dryer may malfunction and give you issues. It is essential to understand why your dryer develops these issues and know the troubleshooting tips for the dryer.

Stopping any malfunction immediately, it begins to protect the dryer from totally breaking down.

As part of the malfunction, your LG dryer may not stop running when it ought to.

An LG dryer won’t stop running if there is a fault with the hardware or electrical components of the appliance. You may need to take the dryer apart to access the problem or fix it on the control board. Most of the hardware components would require replacements if they are completely damaged.

Why Won’t My LG Dryer Turn Off?

LG Dryer Won't Stop Running  

Your LG dryer won’t turn off because of a problem with one of its components. The dryer can wrinkle or damage your clothing items if it doesn’t stop.

It is best to check the reasons for your LG dryer not stopping and troubleshoot it immediately.

Here are some significant reasons why your dryer won’t turn off.

#1. Wiring Issues

The wire connections in the dryer may develop faults that make it unable to recognize the off signal.

As a result, it could prevent the vital components of the dryer from functioning correctly and make the dryer unable to turn off.

#2. Clogged Air Vent

The rate of airflow through the dryer determines how soon the clothes dry. The air circulating within the dryer helps to dry the clothes effectively.

If the air vent cannot allow adequate air circulation because dirt or debris clogs it, it won’t let the clothes dry quickly.

The drying time would be longer because the dryer moisture sensor would not let it turn off till all the water is dry.

#3. Faulty Moisture Sensor

The dryer’s moisture sensor is responsible for signaling the control board to stop the dry cycle when the clothes are dry.

It is a function that senses the dampness level in clothes so that the dryer does not exceed the drying time.

If the dryer moisture sensor is faulty and assumes the clothes are still wet, it would send the wrong signal to the control board. Hence, the control board would keep letting the dryer turn off.

#4. Faulty Gas Valve Solenoid

Gas valve solenoids in your gas dryer are responsible for opening the gas valve inlet for gas to flow into the appliance.

The gas then enters the burner assembly for the dryer to heat up. If the gas valve solenoids become faulty, the gas would not flow into the burner and keep shutting off.

Therefore, the dryer won’t heat up and would be unable to stop at the right time.

Also, if the faulty solenoids allow unlimited gas flow into the burner, it would keep it working without stopping.

Both situations would make the dryer unable to turn off. The inability of the igniter to light up the burner is a sign that the solenoids are faulty. 

#5. Heating Problems

The dryer’s interior needs to be warm for the drying process to be faster—the air flowing into the dryer converts into warmth inside to increase the drying rate.

Therefore, there is a heating element and heating element assembly responsible for keeping the insides of the dryer warm.

The drying cycle would take longer to dry if the heating element burns out and stops working.

Additionally, if the heating element in charge of warming the air is faulty, the drying time would be longer.

The moisture level in the clothes would determine how long the dryer would run until it turned off.

LG Dryer Won’t Stop Running, and No Heat Problem

An LG dryer needs heat to make the drying process faster. Electric dryers take air from the surroundings and convert it into warmth, while gas dryers have a heating chamber warming the insides of the dryer.

If the heating system of the dryer fails, it may make the appliance unable to stop running.

However, there are a few cases where the dryer won’t stop running without heating issues. It usually happens when something is wrong with the working function of the dryer.

The common reasons for such cases are;

#1. Faulty Dryer Timer

The dryer timer is responsible for the duration of time a cycle lasts. You set the timer according to the duration you desire your dry cycle to end.

If the timer is faulty, it won’t be able to send stop signals for the dry cycle to the control board.

Therefore, you need to check the timer to fix the issue. You will need to replace the dryer timer if it has no continuity.

#2. Faulty Cycling Thermostat

The cycling thermostat is responsible for the functioning of the dryer’s timer. Dryers with dry auto features advance the timer by using a cycling thermostat.

However, if the cycling timer is faulty, the timer would be unable to detect how long a dry cycle ought to last.

Therefore, replacing the cycling thermostat for the dryer to stop running at the right time is best.

#3. Faulty Cool Down Thermostat

LG dryers have a cool-down mode that keeps the dryer spinning at the end of the dry cycle. The spinning would continue until the temperature inside the drum had reduced.

The dryer would stop running when the temperature was no longer high. The cool-down thermostat is responsible for making the dryer stops running when the internal temperature is average.

However, the cool-down doesn’t produce heat but uses electrical energy to keep the drum spinning.

If the cool-down thermostat is faulty, the dryer won’t stop running because it would keep assuming the temperature is high.

How to Fix an Lg Dryer That Won’t Stop Running?

The best way to fix an LG dryer that won’t stop running is to diagnose and troubleshoot the problem.

A dryer troubleshooting tips mainly involve you opening and taking apart the appliance so that you can locate the source of the problem.

It is best to check each component before concluding because some faults sometimes look alike.

Also, if you are replacing any dryer component, it is essential to use the same model and install it properly.

The solution to fixing an LG dryer that won’t stop running are:

Faulty timerYou need to test it for continuity; if there is no continuity, you need to replace the dryer timer.
Malfunctioning control boardYou should only replace the control board if other solutions do not yield results. Therefore, it would be best if you were not quick to replace it unless you are sure it is the source of the fault.
Faulty Cool-down thermostatIt would be best if you replaced the cool-down thermostat.
Wiring issuesUse electrical tape to attach naked wires if they cut.
Clogged air ventClean the air vent to remove anything clogging it.
Faulty moisture sensorIt would be best to replace the dryer moisture sensor.
Gas valve solenoidsYou need to replace all the solenoids even if only one is faulty.
Heating problemsReplace the heating element and assembly if they have no continuity after testing them.
Faulty door switchUnplug the dryer, then test the door switch for continuity using a multimeter. It is best to replace the dryer door switch without continuity.

Common Causes Why LG Dryer Won’t Stop Running?

The common causes for why an LG dryer won’t stop running could be a faulty door switch, a wrong time, or a faulty control board.

Both of these components are vital to stopping a dry cycle. The dryer would not run until the door closed fully

The door switch signals the dryer when the door is closed or open so that it can begin or end a dry cycle. If the door switch is faulty, the dryer may not get the signal when the cycle is over.

In this situation, the faulty door switch would keep making it seem like the door is closed; therefore, the dryer won’t stop running.

After checking it, the best solution is to replace the dryer door switch if it has no continuity. The door switch issue happens when you open the door, and the dryer won’t stop running.

Additionally, a faulty control board could affect the whole function of the dryer by sending and receiving the wrong signals. 

The dryer’s control board is responsible for stopping the dryer’s timer. If there is a cut in the contact between the control board and timer, it would be unable to signal the dryer to stop.

Although it is rare for a control board to malfunction, you should only test it after trying other solutions to the dryer’s issue. It is best to have the control board replaced.

Lg Dryer DLE1101W Won’t Stop Running. How to Fix It?            

An LG DLE1101W dryer won’t stop running if the motor relay is stuck or shorted out on the main control board.

The motor relay signals the dryer to stop when it is off. Hence if the relay “ON” is stuck, the dryer won’t be able to stop running if the control board signals it to stop.

The dryer would keep running every time you shut the door due to the motor getting power signals. It would help if you examined the control board to access and fix the motor relay.

Here are the dryer troubleshooting tips to fix the motor relay.

  • Unplug the dryer and locate the screws holding the control board in place at the back of the dryer.
  • Unscrew them and turn the control panel over to access the control board.
  • The motor relay switch is at the bottom right corner of the control board. If the relay is melted or has black marks, it is damaged.
  • Remove the control board and use a soldering iron to remove the relay from the circuit board.
  • Clean the burn marks off the control board and replace the relay with a new one.
  • Attach the new relay with soldering iron and return the control board to its position.
  • Screw the control board panel cover and plug in the dryer. Your dryer should run and stop properly now.


In the end, if your LG dryer won’t stop, you should not panic or try to fix it yourself.

It is best to contact a professional to check the problem and let them fix it7. You might complicate things if you do not understand the issue.

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