Here Is How To Tell The Age Of Maytag Appliance!

Maytag corporations have been around for more than 100 years in production. They produce many home appliances that last years and sometimes decades in use.

Replacing the unit or repairing the parts often depends on the age of the product. Knowing the age of the appliances helps in several ways. 

The different products have similar steps to calculating age. You need some details for this calculation. Let’s see how to find the age of your Maytag appliance.

The serial number unique to your appliance is what you need to determine the age. This number is often on the product, appearing in one or several places; location depends largely on the product type. The serial number with the chart table is all you need. 

Can You Tell a Maytag Appliance’s Age by Serial Number?

How To Tell The Age Of Maytag Appliance

Maytag appliances have unique serial numbers for their products. This serial number can tell the age of the product.

For other brands of appliances, the serial number is just a point of identification. However, for Maytag appliances, it is so much more. 

Every home appliance comes with a ten-digit alphanumeric symbol that ends with two letters. These letters are all you need to calculate the date of your appliance.

The serial number is available on the sticker or shiny tag. This tag is located in different places on the particular appliances.

It is usually in areas not exposed to touch; this is to help keep the tag clear for as long as possible. 

There are at least two symbols containing numbers and letters on the stickers. One is the serial number with the designation “SER.” This number is what you need for the calculation.

After getting the letters, the next step is to interpret the codes. You have to be careful at this point to understand how the codes work. 

The first letter represents a year, but some letters can represent multiple years. The situation is different for the months; each month has two letters as codes.

Hence one code can mean two separate dates, and two different codes signify the same date. 

Here is the table showing the first digit codes and Manufacture Year:

First Digit CodesManufactured Year
A1978, 2002
B1966, 1990, 2014
C1979, 2003
D1967, 1991
E1980, 2004
F1968, 1992
G1981, 2005
H1969, 1993
J1982, 2006
K1970, 1994
L1983, 2007
M1971, 1995
N1984, 2008
P1985, 2009
Q1972, 1996
R1986, 2010
S1973, 1997
T1987, 2011
U1974, 1998
V1988, 2012
W1975, 1999
X1989, 2013
Y1976, 2000
Z1977, 2001

The second table shows the months and letter codes. 

Months of ProductionCodes on Sticker
JanuaryA, B
FebruaryC, D
MarchE, F
AprilG, H
MayJ, K
JuneL, M
JulyN, Q
AugustP, S
SeptemberR, U
OctoberT, W
NovemberV, Y
DecemberX, Z

From the two tables, we see that “HC” can mean that the production date was “February 1969” or “February 1993.”

In some other cases, “ZM” and “ZL” both represent “June 2001.” Use the two tables to decipher the codes for your various Maytag appliances. 

What do Maytag Model Numbers Mean?

Model numbers help manufacturers to give a unique number to their products. It is unique and quite different from serial numbers.

Maytag appliances differ from each other. Even machines of the same category have different makeup and parts.

The model number helps to narrow down the parts and design for many reasons. One typical example is during parts replacement.

The model number becomes essential if you need to replace any part of your appliance, including the dishwasher and refrigerator. 

Some features available in the market have their design matching specific model numbers.

The manufacturer then uses the model number to produce spare parts that fit perfectly for the product. The model number is designated “MOD.”

How Do I Know the Age of My Maytag Series Washer?

Maytag series washers have different and unique serial numbers that can help you determine the age of the product.

Suppose you are getting a new Maytag series washer. In that case, the attached receipt or paperwork usually contains the necessary details. This detail includes the age.

Sometimes, the receipt is unavailable or may not contain the serial number. The next option is to find the sticker containing the serial and model numbers.

For Maytag appliances, the serial number is always at the top corner of the sticker, while the model number is below. 

Copy out the serial number and use it to determine the age of your Maytag series washer. Most times, the serial number has ten alphanumeric symbols.

Two letters start the sequence, followed by six digits, ending with another pair of letters. It would be best to notice the letters at the end, not the beginning. 

To find the serial number of the series washer, you should check the back of the appliance. This area is where you find the control panel.

Sometimes, the tag is just behind or under the control panel. In other cases, the inner part washer cover contains the number.

Another area where you can find the number is at the various left corners of different series washer parts.

Once you find the letter, you can check the table explaining the codes to decipher the manufacturing date. Knowledge of the date is not just for keepsake. 

It is crucial when you want to replace some parts of the product. Or perhaps the washer is old, and you need to buy a new product.

The serial number helps to determine the age and compare it with the years of service. 

What is the Age of My Maytag Dryer?

The age of your Maytag dryer depends mainly on the two letters found at the end of the appliance serial number.

With these letters and the click of a button, you can quickly determine the age of your product. 

To know the age of your Maytag dryer, you need to find the serial number. The number is usually on a sticker.

Some familiar places are the inner part of the washer’s lid, the backside, or the bottom corner of the dryer. 

Another area common to all types of Maytag appliances is the control panel. Check under or behind the control panel if possible to find the serial number.

These numbers are usually in locations that are hard to find. The goal is to paste a part of the product that is safe from frequent touch. 

Because of the nature of the sticker, frequent touch often erases and fades the numbers. Most of these products also come in contact with water, another reason for the quick fade.

However, hiding it in corners ensures preservation for a long time. The good thing is that you can find the number on different parts of the components. 

For some models, especially those from 2001, the digits can tell you the manufacturing date.

The first digit usually indicates the year, while the second and third digits indicate the week of production in that year.

However, note that this method is not always practical. Hence it is best to use letters. 

Deciphering the codes for Maytag dryers is the same for other home appliances from this brand.

This ninth symbol, usually the first letter, stands for the year, while the second letter indicates the month of production. With that, you can calculate and tell the age of your Maytag dryer. 

How Can I Tell the Age of a Maytag Dishwasher?

The serial number of a dishwasher is essential in determining the age of a Maytag dishwasher. Knowing the age of the Maytag dishwasher is crucial for several reasons. 

The Maytag corporation has been around for more than 120 years, and dishwasher production started decades ago.

Hence it is possible to find dishwashers of different ages and models in the market. So you want to be sure before paying for a new dishwasher.

Suppose you are also buying the product from a previous owner. In that case, the serial number will help identify the make and model of the Maytag dishwasher. 

Find the tag that contains the serial number and the model number. You must know the difference between both sets of alphanumeric symbols. What you need for the age is only the serial number. 

The tag or sticker reveals the serial number in the inner compartment of a typical Maytag dishwasher.

The door’s side panel or internal surface is an excellent place to look. The owner’s manual also gives you a list of common areas to check.

Once you find and interpret the codes to get the date, you can decide if you would like to get the dishwasher.

According to reviews from various users, the Maytag dishwasher has an average lifespan of 10 years if properly maintained.

However, you can expect repair or replacement issues starting from the sixth year of use. 

It will be effortless to get the proper replacement or repair model if the serial and model numbers are readily available. 

How to Determine the Age of a Maytag Refrigerator?

With the serial number and manual interpreting the numbers, you can determine the age of a Maytag refrigerator.

Maytag products are one of the top-rated refrigerators in the market. According to the review, you can use this fridge for many years before getting another or replacing the parts. 

While the model number helps you to identify the manufacturer’s unique production, the serial number helps to determine the year and month of production.

Hence with the date symbol table, you can determine the age of a Maytag refrigerator. 

Like all the other products of Maytag, all you need from the serial number are the two alphabets ending the series.

It is usually the ninth and tenth symbol. While the ninth represents the year, the tenth represents the months. 

Finding the serial number on your refrigerator can be tricky, especially if you have used it for years.

The serial number is always available on tags or stickers for all models of Maytag refrigerators. 

#1. Tag or Sticker 

One way to find the serial number is to find the tag or sticker on the refrigerator.

To keep them clear and intact for as long as possible, Maytag places these stickers in areas that users do not commonly touch.

It usually takes conscious effort to find and locate the tag. The tags are not in plain sight. 

However, the left corners are good places to start your search. The stickers are always on the left because most people use their right hand.

Hence there is little touch or disturbance at the left corners of the refrigerator. Some common examples include the upper-left-hand corner of the food liner or the crisper drawer.

Newer models tend to have the serial and model number on the upper left corner of the frame or the control panel’s underside. 

Once you find the serial number, all left is to interpret the codes and get your manufacturer’s date. 

#2. Owner’s Manual

Many users often look to the owner’s manual with the hope of finding the serial number. However, this is a futile attempt.

The owner’s manual usually contains general information about the fridge. This available information includes mode of operation, installation, and maintenance procedure. 

Because of its general use, the manual does not contain the specific serial number for each refrigerator.

However, the owner’s manual can help you interpret the codes. Alternatively, you can visit the Maytag support website for help. 

Once you interpret the codes, you can easily decide if it is worth it to get the right parts for repairing or if you would like to get a new model. 

Final Thoughts

Home is fun when all the appliances are in optimal condition. The different Maytag appliances in your home have an expected lifespan.

Checking the serial number and calculating the age can help decide if it is to replace the unit. 

Check the different likely areas for serial numbers often designated “SER.” Use the table to interpret the codes.

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