E2 & F2 Error Whirlpool Dishwasher! (All You Need To Know)

Having your dishwasher in good working condition makes things easier, especially on nights like Thanksgiving.

You get to host and enjoy festivals, knowing that a tap of buttons will ease the work of dirty dishes.

Therefore, you may panic when your dishwasher displays specific error codes that could hamper its efficiency.

However, there’s no need to panic, as these codes are your dishwasher’s way of calling your attention to its issues.

Your whirlpool dishwasher displaying the E2 F2 error code indicates miscommunication between the control board and the user interface. It means the control board gets the wrong signal from the user interface. The incorrect signal passed is typically a result of a defective user interface.

The E2 F2 error code is probably what you’ve experienced and why you’re here. In this article, we’ll explain the primary cause for getting the E2 F2 error code displayed and how to fix it.

What Does E2 F2 Mean on My Whirlpool Dishwasher?

E2 F2 Error Whirlpool Dishwasher

An E2 F2 error code on your Whirlpool dishwasher means the user interface cannot send accurate signals to the main control board.

These E2 F2 error codes are the most common error many whirlpool dishwasher users face.

The whirlpool dishwasher is equipped with these error codes to help you detect the exact fault and troubleshoot it.

Its user interface board is the component of your dishwasher that aids you in passing various commands to it.

The main control board detects the command signals passed to the dishwasher and then acts upon them.

Therefore, when the user interface develops a fault, it can no longer send command signals to the control board.

Similarly, if the control board gets faulty, it cannot accurately receive signals from the user interface.

In general, the interface board controls a variety of functions of your dishwasher, aided by the main control board.

When any of the components mentioned above get faulty, it automatically triggers an E2 F2 error code on your Whirlpool dishwasher.

How Do I Fix E2 F2 on My Whirlpool Dishwasher?

The first step to fixing the E2 F2 error on your Whirlpool dishwasher is to determine the specific cause of the error.

We’ve already established that this error occurs when the interface board can’t send a signal to the main control board.

The inability to communicate between these components could be due to a defect with either of them.

Therefore, to fix the E2 F2 error, you must determine which components are faulty. On the contrary, the E2 F2 error doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a fault in either component.

Sometimes, there may be a loose connection in the wires connecting the interface board to the main control board.

Therefore, switch off your whirlpool dishwasher when you see an E2 F2 error code indication. Then, wait for some time, advisably ten minutes, before switching the dishwasher on.

If the dishwasher resets and the error code disappears, there’s no fault with the interface or main control board.

Switching the dishwasher off is a quick fix for the E2 F2 error. It could be due to a glitch in the wiring connection between the interface and the main control board.

However, follow these steps if you still get the E2 F2 error display on your Whirlpool dishwasher.

  • First, switch off the main power to the dishwasher. It is advisable to unplug the dishwasher.
  •  Next, remove the screws attached to the inner door liner.
  • Then, carefully remove the door liner and inspect the wires between the interface board and the main control board.
  • Check that the wires are securely connected, as improper connections cause the inability to transfer signals between the components.
  • Replace whatever wires seem to be loose or tampering with the proper connection.
  • The problem could be a defective interface if you confirm that the wires are secure and clean. 
  • Move on to check the interface board, and if it’s faulty, it will help to purchase a new one.
  • Install the new interface board and carefully connect the wires to the main control board.
  • Refix the screws of the door liner, replug your dishwasher, and switch it on. Your dishwasher should be in better shape and clear of the E2 F2 error code.

I have outlined the steps to fix the E2 F2 error as simple as possible to aid everyone. Carefully following these steps should be able to fix the E2 F2 error on your whirlpool dishwasher. 

One that matches your dishwasher model is vital in purchasing a new interface. If the new interface is incompatible with your dishwasher, it won’t work.

Also, we must consider that a defective main control board could be the problem. If the user interface board doesn’t have a fault, then replacing the main control board could fix the error.

In addition, installing a new interface or main control board follows a different procedure.

However, if you need more time to do it yourself or are trying to figure out what to do, you can get a professional technician.

Hiring a professional technician is advisable because, without technical experience, you may cause different faults while trying to fix them.

How Do I Reset a Whirlpool Dishwasher?

The primary way of resetting a whirlpool dishwasher is to switch it off for some minutes, then switch it on. The switch off, then switch on method effectively resets the dishwasher. 

When your dishwasher gets turned off for a certain period, it gives the system time to rest. After resting, when you restart the dishwasher, it can resume work efficiently.

Additionally, sometimes you can reset by unplugging and then replugging your dishwasher. The primary aim is to shut off the power supply to the dishwasher and give the entire system rest.

Humans sometimes need quick naps to clear their heads; a reset is that quick nap for your dishwasher.  Maintaining your dishwasher involves occasional cleaning, servicing, and resetting.

In general, you can use the unplugging and switch-off method for all models of the whirlpool dishwasher.

However, if unplugging or switching off doesn’t help, you can try these methods:

#1. User manual

Check your user instructions manual for model-specific reset steps for your dishwasher. If the manual doesn’t help, we’ve provided you with the following alternative methods.

#2. Reset control board

Try resetting the control board by switching off the dishwasher; after some time, switch it on.

Next, set the dishwasher on “high” and “heat” cycles. Repeat the cycle, and that should reset the control board.

#3. Diagnostic mode

Tap the “heated dry” and then the “normal wash” buttons, then quickly press both buttons the second time consecutively. 

Your dishwasher will automatically enter diagnostic mode and reset. Any of these steps should be able to reset your whirlpool dishwasher successfully.

Ensure to routinely reset your Whirlpool dishwasher to keep it in good working condition.

Apart from that, your dishwasher requires routine resetting; resetting it after an electrical surge or outage is vital.

How Do I Clear Error Codes on My Whirlpool Dishwasher?

The typical way of clearing error codes on your dishwasher is to reset it. You can reset your whirlpool dishwasher by switching it off and on after some minutes.

In addition, the dishwasher can be reset by resetting the control board or running diagnostic mode.

Your whirlpool dishwasher user manual may contain model-specific steps to reset it. Whichever method you pick to reset your dishwasher will be vital in clearing the error codes.

Furthermore, each whirlpool dishwasher error code has a specific way to troubleshoot it.

Here are some error codes, reasons for them, and how to troubleshoot them:

Error codesReasonsTroubleshoot
F5Clogged sprinkler nozzlesThoroughly clean the nozzles.
F8Insufficient water in the dishwasherAdjust the intake valve.
E6The filter can’t drain waterClean the filter and get a new one if broken.
E4Defective thermostatReplace the thermostat.

Various other error codes could be displayed due to various other reasons. A quick reset can quickly clear them out. However, if a reset doesn’t help, call in a professional technician.


#1. How Important Are Error Codes to My Whirlpool Dishwasher?

Error codes are of utmost importance, as they are the dishwasher’s way of communicating faults.

#2. Does My Whirlpool Dishwasher Have a Reset Button?

No, there’s no special button for resetting your whirlpool dishwasher. However, you can use a combination of buttons on the dishwasher to reset the device.

#3. How Can I Protect My Whirlpool Dishwasher Against Electrical Surges and Outages?

Purchase and Install a surge protector of good quality. This device protects your dishwasher against abrupt rises in electrical current.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the easiest way to clear error codes on your dishwasher is by resetting it.

Meanwhile, here are some things to note about your dishwasher: 

  • The E2 F2 error code of your dishwasher makes it easy to narrow down its problem.
  • Proper dishwasher maintenance will help it serve you for a long time.
  • Ensure to fix an error code immediately after you get it.

You can always get a professional technician to help out.

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