Kenmore Refrigerator Size By Model Number (Must Read)

Given the rising need for refrigerators, particularly in subtropical areas, Kenmore, a reputable and well-known brand, has created a variety of types and sizes of refrigerators.

Over the previous ten years, Kenmore refrigerators models have been among the most frequently utilized home appliances. 

Well, a big question from any user can be; what size is my Kenmore refrigerator?

Users must be aware of how different Kenmore refrigerator models come in different sizes; knowing your Kenmore refrigerator model and size matters a lot.

If you know your Kenmore refrigerator’s model number, you can determine its size. To simplify things, it would be advisable to always check the label before using any additional strategies. You need to understand how it works since, in some cases, the size of a Kenmore refrigerator is encoded in the model number. 

Kenmore Refrigerator Size By Model Number 253

Kenmore Refrigerator Size By Model Number 

The Kenmore refrigerator model 253 has a capacity of 18 cubic feet. Model 253 of the Kenmore refrigerator is slightly smaller than Model 106.

However, this model’s specifications are relatively close to model 106. The Kenmore refrigerator model 253 is -5 to 5 Fahrenheit, but the preset only covers a small area.

It has a warranty period of one year following the initial delivery date. The repair of a faulty appliance is free. A free replacement will be provided if the appliance cannot be fixed.

Kenmore Refrigerator Size By Model Number 106 

The  Kenmore Model 106 is a side-by-side refrigerator with a 20.6 cubic foot space.

It contains controls that are now computerized, an ice-making component, and a reverse osmosis water treatment system.

The factory’s temperature points for the freezer and refrigerator are 0 and 37 degrees, respectively.

The fridge, however, may operate between -5 and 5 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the refrigerator operates between 33 and 41 degrees Fahrenheit.

Some Kenmore refrigerators, model 106, have internal ice and water dispensers. 

This refrigerator has a valuable volume of almost 15.3 cubic feet and many sliding glass shelves in various configurations.

Along with drawers and covers for the meat, the refrigerator also has a removable vegetable crisper.

While the crisper drawers include a controller for monitoring humidity levels, these drawers also have their temperature settings.

In addition, the refrigerator also has an added vegetable tray to the crisper drawer. As a result, perishable veggies can now be stored in addition to the hardier ones.

In addition to mesh bins and baskets for storage, this freezer offers a volume of around 5.4 cubic feet.

For more straightforward access, some designs have these components mounted higher up.

In contrast, light bulbs are present in the two doors, the crisper and the ice and water dispenser. The rest are 40 watts; however, only the dispenser’s 10-watt bulb is used.

Kenmore Refrigerator Size By Model Number 795

The Kenmore refrigerator Model 795  is 29.8 cubic feet. That is approximately 30 Cubic feet in size.

It is stylish, practical, and roomy. Its slim in-door ice maker guarantees that you may utilize the entire door bin.

The refrigerators’ certified water filter eliminates contaminants for great-tasting water.

In addition, the Simple Select Dispenser has three smooth touch icons for water, ice, and crushed ice that are simple to use. It features an ice function that increases ice creation speed by 20%.

This refrigerator has a Kenmore Smart mobile app that allows you to monitor freshness, filters, and more. It is designed to work with Amazon Alexa TM.

If the door is left unlocked? A notification will be sent to your phone via the app. Its technology is cool enough to keep foods with the same taste as the day they were purchased.

The refrigerator’s spacious, and the customizable interior provides you plenty of room to load up on good stuff. 

Dual Evaporators of the refrigerator separate the cooling of the refrigerator and freezer to maintain appropriate humidity levels and prevent the transfer of odors.

The clean-flow air filter flows air through a charcoal filter to remove food odors and help the refrigerator maintain a fresh scent.

The linear compressor swiftly adjusts to variations in air conditions to maintain the refrigerator and freezer’s predetermined temperature.

Kenmore Refrigerator Size By Model Number 596

Made in 2005, The Kenmore refrigerator model 596 is a side-by-side door refrigerator with approximately 25 cubic feet of space.

It is built with a french door and a bottom freezer. The refrigerator operates between 33 and 41 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a valuable volume of almost 15.3 cubic feet.

The refrigerator has A full-width pantry drawer with movable glass shelves that allows you to choose how you use the inner space of the fridge.

Kenmore Refrigerator Size By Model Number 363

The Kenmore refrigerator model 363 has a 24 cubic feet volume. This portable refrigerator looks nice and has several more great features than its competitors, at an ideal place for more extended periods.

It has shelves that can be adjusted and a side door storage for simple management. In addition, it has controlled humidity drawers and airflow technology to keep your regular foods fresh.

You can comfortably fit in your household essentials, snacks, and even party platters in this door refrigerator, all thanks to its 24.1 cubic feet of space.

The refrigerator has A full-width pantry drawer with movable glass shelves that allows you to choose how you use the inner space of the fridge. The refrigerator is ideal for pies, pizzas, and party platters. 

The newer versions The refrigerator has A full-width pantry drawer with movable glass shelves that allows you to choose how you use the inner space of the fridge is ideal for pies, pizzas, and party platters. 

It contains two Crisper drawers with humidity control to preserve the freshness of delicate products for an extended period.

With the aid of venting and the Multi Air Flow technology, the entire refrigerator, including the space inside the door, can be kept chilled. 

The bottom freezer has an integrated ice maker that keeps you well-stocked with fresh ice.

The refrigerator has built-in bins and a door bin For convenient storage of wide and tall objects. Also, it is made to be highly energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

On the other hand, compared to its competitors, this refrigerator operates at peak efficiency for extended periods.

Where Can You Find the Cubic Feet Of  Kenmore Refrigerator?

It’s crucial to know what number to check for when trying to determine your refrigerator’s size. Refrigerators are measured in cubic feet, typically from 10 to 35.

When searching for the cubic feet of your refrigerator, the first place to look is inside the refrigerator.

You will find a label containing the refrigerator’s specifications that are relatively easy to see. Although the size is typically specified on the label of newer refrigerators, this is not always the case.

If the size of your refrigerator is not specified on the label, you must take the following actions listed below.

#1. Check the Model Number Of Your Refrigerator

Check the model number. The model number frequently indicates the size of the refrigerator. For instance, model XYZ18 indicates that the refrigerator’s capacity is 18 CuFt. 

#2. Search Online

If the model number for your product does not expressly identify a size, you can generally discover the details online. 

#3. Measure the Refrigerator With a Tape

If you don’t have a confirmation email, the model information is no longer accessible on the manufacturer’s website.

A solution remains. The interior dimensions of your refrigerator’s interior are its width, depth, and height.

The cubic feet are obtained by adding the three numbers, width, depth, and height

For instance, you would multiply 30 X 30 X 48 if your refrigerator has the following dimensions: 30″ wide, 30″ deep, and 48″ high.

43200 are yours as a result. The result is cubic feet when you divide 43200 by 1728. A good-sized side-by-side refrigerator might fit in this scenario, where you obtain 25.

How to Tell How Old Kenmore Fridge Is?

If you want to tell the age of your Kenmore refrigerator model, Use your Kenmore appliance’s serial number.

Each Kenmore serial number begins with two letters, then a number. The first two characters of the serial number are two letters representing the month and year of manufacture.

However, there are various manufacturers of Kenmore goods, each of which has its own serial and model number. there is no universal method for deciphering appliance serial numbers.

On the majority of refrigerators, the serial number label is easy to find. Based on the producer, the refrigerator’s serial number can be found on a label.

This label sometimes contains the maker’s name and may also reveal the refrigerator’s age.

However, you might have to search online to determine the manufacturer’s serial code

Imagine you have a refrigerator with the serial number TZ2773968. The two letters at the beginning of the serial number represent the time of manufacture.

T denotes that the refrigerator was made in November, while Z denotes one of the following years: 2012, 2000, 1988, or 1976. 

Standing in front of the refrigerator should reveal whether it was produced in 2012 or 2000, but if you want further information, manufacturers provide a way to contact them. 

Below is a table showing Kenmore models, their sizes, and manufacturers.

Refrigerator Model Manufacturer Size  
Kenmore Refrigerator model 253Gibson or Electrolux18 cubic feet
Kenmore Refrigerator model 106Whirlpool20.6 cubic feet
Kenmore Refrigerator model 795 LG 29.8 cubic feet
Kenmore Refrigerator model 596Amana24.1 cubic feet
Kenmore Refrigerator model 363GE24.1 cubic feet


Your home will function more smoothly if your fridge is organized. The dimensions and specifications of the Kenmore refrigerator models 106, 253, 363, 795, and 596  have been discussed.

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