Which Refrigerator is Best, LG, Samsung, Or Whirlpool?

Before buying a refrigerator, you have many options from which to pick. Several brands may run through your mind, yet you have to do with one.

LG, Samsung, and Whirlpool are popular brand options. You can compare these brands in many parameters.

Do you want to know the refrigerator that best suits you? In this article, I will compare the three brands so that you can decide on the best brand to buy.

When you want to buy a refrigerator, there are many things to consider. LG, Samsung, and Whirlpool are leading brands in the production of refrigerators. You can compare the LG, Samsung, and Whirlpool refrigerators in terms of prices, durability, and customer quality assurance. 

Which Refrigerator Brand Should You Buy, Lg, Samsung, Or Whirlpool?

Which Refrigerator Is Best, LG, Samsung, Or Whirlpool

The best refrigerator is any refrigerator that suits your tastes. LG, Samsung, and Whirlpool make good refrigerators.

It would not be easy to make a direct pick of which refrigerator is the best. Before buying a refrigerator, there are many things to observe.

No one brand has all the qualities you desire in your refrigerator. It would be best if you were looking for some of these qualities and how they suit your demands.

When you put these qualities together, you can decide on the best refrigerator to buy.

  • The size of the refrigerator
  • The style of the refrigerator
  • Reliability of the refrigerator
  • The workability of the refrigerator
  • Efficiency and sustainability

#1. The Size of The Refrigerator

The size of the refrigerator you want to buy is important. The best refrigerator is that refrigerator that will have an optimum size for a particular measurement.

It means that after comparing LG, Samsung, and Whirlpool, the best of them would be the one with the highest capacity but the least space.

In the case of the same models and sizes of LG, Samsung and Whirlpool do not have equal capacities. A double-door refrigerator is a good case for comparison.

Equal sizes of this refrigerator come in 360 liters, 321 liters, and 340 liters, respectively, for LG, Samsung, and Whirlpool.

When you decide on the best refrigerator among LG, Samsung, and Whirlpool, ensure you look out for this quality.

This capacity implies that if you have a smaller kitchen space but want a large refrigerator, you should opt for an LG refrigerator.

#2. The Style of The Refrigerator

After you have determined the size of the best refrigerator for you, you need to also look at the style.

Some basic modifications to the refrigerator’s outlook can greatly affect how you consider the refrigerator. You can have a good size but in a bad style.

The style of a refrigerator includes all that has to do with the general outlook. These features include the types of doors, the colors, and the mode of access to the interior.

When you have the accurate size that suits your taste, you will most likely look for a sleeker refrigerator. 

LG has a French door refrigerator measuring 21.8 cubic feet, while a French door refrigerator measures 28.1 cubic feet. In comparison, the whirlpool refrigerator’s French door is 19.7 cubic feet.

These values are significant because they could determine capacity and space consumption. French doors are the style in vogue. 

Aside from having a refrigerator with a modern style, it would be best if you took note of the space it covers and its internal capacity.

Another feature to look out for in the refrigerator style is the color and the material used to cover the exterior.

This feature constitutes the finish of the refrigerator. You should find out if the refrigerator is made of stainless steel or any other material.

Stainless steel is used majorly across LG, Samsung, and Whirlpool refrigerators. This choice of material is because stainless steel prevents rust and corrosion.

#3. Reliability of The Refrigerator

When choosing a refrigerator, you must determine which is most reliable. A reliable refrigerator will not require repair often.

Aside from repairing the fridge often, it would be best if you bought one that will last long before its first repair from the time of purchase.

According to a home appliance service team survey, the team received fewer service calls on the whirlpool refrigerator.

This statement implies that the whirlpool refrigerator is more reliable as it has lesser needs for repairs within a longer time.

When compared to the Samsung refrigerator, the team reported more repair calls. LG refrigerators have the highest repair calls.

The reliability of the refrigerator would determine how much time you use the product before repairs. It also has to do with the availability of the parts when they need replacements.

There are many parts of the whirlpool refrigerator that you can readily find in the case of damage. Samsung refrigerators have the least accessible accessories.

LG refrigerators have a moderately fair availability of accessories. The ease with which you get accessories also contributes significantly to the reliability of your refrigerator.

#4. Efficiency and Sustainability

An important feature you should consider before deciding is the refrigerator’s efficiency and sustainability.

Efficiency refers to the energy consumption of the refrigerator compared to other brands. You must look for the annual energy use based on the model you want to purchase.

Looking at LG, Samsung, and Whirlpool refrigerators, the LG refrigerator with a 17.2 cubic feet capacity has the best energy-saving plan.

This refrigerator saves 562 KWh/year. The Samsung refrigerator saves more energy than the whirlpool refrigerator.

If you want an efficient refrigerator where You will minimize your energy consumption, then the LG refrigerator is best.

#5. The Working Features of The Refrigerator

Sometimes, you may look for some unique features to a particular brand among LG, Samsung, and Whirlpool refrigerators.

These features can influence your decision at the point of purchase. Recent brands of LG, Samsung, and Whirlpool refrigerators have smart systems installed.

The smart feature in the whirlpool refrigerator lets you check the status of your refrigerator with a temperature display and other settings.

In the case of Samsung, the smart feature has a digital display panel. The Samsung refrigerator comes with a cool pack that can keep foods cool for at least eight hours when power is turned off.

When considering LG refrigerators, you can find features that kill almost 99 % of the bacteria and prevent bad odors from refrigerators when you no longer have a power supply.

You can make a pick of the best refrigerator by looking at some of these unique features. These features may not alter how refrigerators work but can add value.

Lg Vs. Samsung Vs. Whirlpool: Price Comparison

The price of the refrigerator is an important factor in determining whether you buy it or not.

When comparing the prices of LG, Samsung, and Whirlpool refrigerators, you place them side by side.

It implies that you find out how much the size of the refrigerator costs across the three brands. When you have the price of a particular size and design, you are free to choose from them.

Although some factors may affect the prices of equal sizes across the three brands, the range within which these prices fall can give a fair idea of the decision to make.

Here is a comparison of some LG, Samsung, and Whirlpool refrigerators brands.

Brand of RefrigeratorWhirlpoolSamsungLG
Direct cool single door1367 dollars1256 dollars1500 dollars
Frost free double door1899 dollars3325 dollars2856 dollars
Frost-free side-by-side door1599 dollars1148 dollars1600 dollars

Which Refrigerator Performs Better Lg, Samsung Or Whirlpool?

You can consider whirlpool refrigerators the best performing refrigerator among the LG, Samsung, and Whirlpool refrigerators.

When you look at a refrigerator with a good performance, you tend to look at the number of times it will require a repair from the day of purchase.

According to research performed by yale appliances, whirlpool refrigerators are the most reliable refrigerators compared to LG and Samsung.

In their report, whirlpool refrigerators recorded a 15.8 percent service rate in 2021, making it the best-performed refrigerator among the three refrigerators.

Many other consumer reviews describe Whirlpool refrigerators as reliable. This report centers on the number of times consumers call in for repairs and servicing.

The general performance of the whirlpool refrigerator was described as satisfactory by a consensus review among customers in America.

These customers said their whirlpool refrigerator had worked fine since they acquired it. They were also satisfied with the cooling system because it delivers a solid performance.

In comparison, Samsung and LG refrigerators are the least reliable refrigerator brands with the lowest performance. 

Service agents warn many customers to stay away from LG. Although LG refrigerators can boast the best exterior design, customers have had issues with their performance.

Service pros have cited frequent repair issues and expensive parts that are difficult to find. Aside from these challenges, the repairs needed for the LG refrigerators are complex.

Very few service pros can fix the LG refrigerator with all these challenges. Even so, fewer sales outlets have LG refrigerators on display in America.

Over the years, Whirlpool refrigerators have had the least recall on their products. On the other hand, LG refrigerators have had a higher amount of recalls.

Aside from factory recalls, LG has faced a class-action lawsuit in times past. This lawsuit resulted from the linear compressor that caused a cooling defect across a particular LG brand. 

Here is a table that summarizes the performance ratings of LG, Samsung, and Whirlpool refrigerators.

Performance ratingwhirlpoolSamsungLG
Percentage service rates15.8 percent20.9 percent27.8 percent
Number of recallsFewer recallsMany recalls Most recalls
Frequency of servicingLess frequentMore frequent Most frequent
General consumer ratings.satisfactoryMildly satisfactoryMildly satisfactory

Lg Vs. Samsung Vs. Whirlpool; Which Is More Durable?

When you compare the LG, Samsung, and Whirlpool refrigerators, whirlpool refrigerators are the most reliable brands of refrigerators.

This information is according to yale appliance, which states that Whirlpool is the market’s most reliable and least serviced refrigerator brand. 

Once a refrigerator is declared reliable and gets the least servicing complaints, then the refrigerator is durable.

Another index for the durability of a refrigerator is the expected lifespan. The expected lifespan of a refrigerator is the time required for the refrigerator to exhibit damages that are beyond repair.

When you begin to face challenges with your refrigerator that may cost you more than half the purchase to repair, you should consider replacing it.

When you begin to observe these changes, then the refrigerator has gone past its life span. A refrigerator with a longer life span is more durable than those with a shorter lifespan.

Depending on some factors, a whirlpool refrigerator can last between 14 and 17 years. A standard refrigerator will have a lifespan of up to 17 years. 

A compact refrigerator has an expected lifespan of 14 years only. Once you begin to experience damages outside of these years, you should consider replacing your refrigerator.

On the other hand, Samsung refrigerators have an expected life expectancy of 10 – 15 years. And in most cases, LG refrigerators also exhibit a lifespan of equal duration.

Although several factors affect the lifespan of your refrigerator, these factors include your handling of the refrigerator, your maintenance routine, and your servicing culture.

Common signs that your refrigerator has passed its lifespan include food going bad too quickly even when it is powered, excess frost, and an abnormally noisy refrigerator.

Other signs include the coil feeling too hot, cracks in the shell, and the presence of condensation on the surface of your food.

Final Thoughts

There is no direct pick on the best refrigerator that you should buy. There are some things you can look out for in a refrigerator. 

When buying a refrigerator brand, whirlpool refrigerators offer more advantages when it comes to pricing and the general features of the refrigerator.

Whirlpool refrigerators have a better performance rating; they have the least service rating in percentage, a longer lifespan, the least factory recall, and the most durable refrigerator.

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