What Does Acceler Ice Mean On Fridge? (Explained)

Refrigerators are best for producing ice cubes to keep your drinks chill and spice up your cocktails.

This process happens in the icemaker, which has a specific compartment for the cubes. However, refrigerators manufacturers are bent on improving their products to top the market.

Consequently, some recent refrigerators have various new features, and the acceler ice button is one. In this article, you will discover the meaning of acceler ice and the button’s function.

The acceler ice is a button on the refrigerator indicating a unique ice production feature. This feature includes fast ice production within 24 hours and drastically reduces the ice maker’s temperature. So, once you press the button and your ice maker is working, you should have ice cubes in no time.

What Does an Acceler Ice Button Do on a Refrigerator?

What Does Acceler Ice Mean on Fridge

The accelerate button ensures an accelerated ice-making process in your refrigerator.

Typically, refrigerators that have ice makers produce ice. However, they do so only after a long time.

This feature is particular in Kenmore elite refrigerators and a few other brands. It helps you to wait for a shorter time to get ice cubes from your refrigerator.

This way, you can be sure to get some ice on the go. Older refrigerator models do not have the acceler button and cannot make ice in a short time.

Hence, you must ensure that your fridge ice maker runs for a while before producing ice. So, you may not have the opportunity to experience impromptu ice cubes.

The reason is that the fridge temperature plays a vital role in the process. If the temperature goes below 10 degrees Fahrenheit, the ice maker will not function.

Also, ice makers will not work if there is an insufficient power supply to the fridge. In addition, if the water inlet valve is faulty, the ice maker will be unable to produce ice.

Consequently, there are various other reasons why the ice maker will not function even when you press the acceler button. For example, if there is a tear in the water line, it will not work.

 The reason is that the tear in the line will disallow water from entering the ice maker. So, if water cannot enter the ice maker, there will be no ice no matter how long the acceler feature runs. 

Why Is Acceler Ice Not Working on My Kenmore Fridge?

The Kenmore refrigerator is one of the brands that possess this desirable feature.

So, there might be a problem if you press the button and it does not indicate that it is running. Usually, when you click the button, the light comes on.

This light indicates that the cycle runs and turns off after 24 hours. On the other hand, you can turn the acceler feature off manually. However, you may take this action when you have sufficient ice.

Below are certain factors that affect your Kenmore fridge function and how to rectify the problem.

Problem Possible CausesSolution
If your refrigerator acceler light is on, it is not producing ice.Tear in the water lineFaulty inlet valveLow voltageReplace the water line and test the ice maker to see if you are successful.
Fix the water inlet valve by removing clogs and debris.
To fix the low power supply, purchase a new stabilizer to support the refrigerator.
If the ice maker does not produce ice after 24 hours.Clogged water filterTo rectify this problem, clean the water filter or replace it. In addition, it would help if you knew that you must replace your water filter at least twice in six months.
If the acceler button is unresponsiveIt may indicate that the cycle is currently running or is faulty.To fix this, confirm if the ice maker is working.
Next, you can replace the acceler ice compartment or the button.

How Do You Reset the Ice Maker on a Kenmore Refrigerator?

There are specific steps to take when you intend to reset your Kenmore ice maker. But before I list the steps, it would be best to discover what can prompt the need to reset the ice maker.

For example, you will need to reset the ice maker if it is not producing enough ice or if it takes too long.

It would also be best if you knew that resetting each ice maker might differ slightly by the specific brand.

Consequently, you may experience slight changes when you work with different products. The reason is that each brand has features that are unique to them and their manual guide.

When you reset the ice maker, it helps to enhance its productivity. In addition, troubleshooting the problem helps you discover underlying problems.

Finally, you can resolve them with the necessary methods. Now, here are the steps to reset your ice maker.

There are several ways to reset the ice maker, so that I will classify them individually.

#1. Class One- Restart the Refrigerator

One way to reset the ice maker is to restart the refrigerator. This action does not only reset the ice maker; it also resets other faulty parts or features.

You can follow the steps below to restart the refrigerator.

  • First, turn the refrigerator off the wall socket and wait for a few minutes.
  • In addition, you can disconnect the power cord or decide to leave it in the socket.
  • Next, turn the refrigerator back on and then the ice maker.
  • Finally, let it run one cycle and check if it works correctly. If there are no other underlying problems, the ice maker should work well.

#2. Class Two- Turn the Ice maker on And off

Another way to reset the ice maker is to turn it off and allow it for a while. For this method, follow these steps.

  • First, ensure that the ice maker is not currently running and that there are no ice chunks inside.
  • Also, remove the cover from the ice maker’s compartment to access the tray and the switch.
  • Then take out the ice tray to access the on/off switch, which is responsible for resetting the ice maker.
  • Please press the button to turn it off, then wait for two minutes before you turn it back on.
  • Next, place the tray in the compartment and turn on the acceler button to run a cycle. 

If you follow these simple steps, there is a high chance of rectifying the problem.

Contrarily, if it does not work, you may need to contact a technician or consider other methods of repairs. But, of course, it will cost you some money.

How Long Does It Take for a Kenmore Refrigerator to Make Ice?

Usually, in acceler mode, it takes at least ninety minutes for half a dozen ice cubes to form.

The number of empty spaces in the ice tray determines how much ice it can produce. So, if the compartment is complete, it will not produce any more ice until you dispense some.

However, several factors can affect the rate at which your Kenmore refrigerator produces ice. Here are the factors.

#1. The Water Pressure

If the refrigerator water pressure is low, it affects the rate at which the water enters the ice maker.

Unfortunately, the low water pressure can result from some other factors. For instance, if water leaks, the pressure will drop automatically.

Another issue that can decrease the water pressure is if the water inlet valve is not opening fully.

This action might result from a fault that the valve develops over time. You may need to replace the water inlet valve to fix this problem.

Also, a tear in the water line will result in a leak and hence, low water pressure. So, you must look out for these things when checking for problems.

#2. Opening the Refrigerator Door Frequently

When you open the refrigerator door frequently, it affects the ice production rate.

The reason is that, during the cycle, the temperature drops considerably. Therefore, if you keep opening the door for no reason, you let the air out.

Consequently, the atmospheric temperature will affect the temperature of the fridge. So, unfortunately, it will take less time for the ice to form and cause more frustration for you.

Why would An Ice Maker Stop Making Ice?

An ice maker will stop making ice if the ice maker is not working. For example, it cannot produce ice if it does not have a power supply.

Also, if a part of the icemaker is malfunctioning, it will not produce ice. However, a few other things make the ice maker not produce ice.

Fortunately, I have sufficient information about why the ice maker may be faulty. In addition, specific parts of the ice maker must work for it to function effectively.

Now, another thing you must take note of is how to clean and maintain your ice maker. Unfortunately, it will not last long if you do not habitually maintain the refrigerator.

However, if you change the water filter at least twice in six months, you are one step closer to a perfectly working refrigerator.

The Same rule applies to other parts of the refrigerator. It does not need to break down before you call a technician. Finally, normalize troubleshooting for error codes.

This way, you will know the problem and how to tackle it if you use the manual correctly. Of course, with sufficient information, there is no need to panic.


The acceler button on the fridge helps the ice maker to produce ice faster. This feature is desirable as it saves you time and produces ice promptly.

However, there are a few factors. For example, if there is a tear in the water line or low water pressure. The good news is that you can quickly fix the problem.

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