9 Reasons Your Hotpoint Dryer Won’t Start! (Easy Fixes)

As long as tumble dryers are concerned, the Hotpoint dryer remains a dryer with outstanding performance with features like anti-aging, anti-tangle, and variable heat settings.

So it is OK to worry when it is not starting up because it is a vital drying tool at home that operates without harming fabrics and should always remain functional.

But it gets more frustrating when there is so much laundry to do, and your  Hotpoint dryer is not starting up.

There are so many parts of your Hotpoint dryer that, if at fault, can prevent it from starting up. These parts include the start switch, door switch, drive belt, drive motor, thermal fuse, timer, main control board, and incoming power issues. And there are also times when your Hotpoint dryer runs but refuses to heat up.

As the article progresses, we will examine why your Hotpoint dryer won’t start. But we see how to fix and reset the dryer and thermal fuse and locate the reset button.

Why is My Hotpoint Dryer Not Starting?

Hotpoint Dryer Won't Start

As I mentioned earlier, while emphasizing the question above, various reasons can prevent your Hotpoint dryer from starting.

Below are all these reasons;

  • Start switch
  • Door switch
  • Belt switch
  • Drive belt
  • Drive motor
  • Thermal fuse
  • Timer
  • Main control board
  • Incoming power issues

#1. Start Switch

The way to ascertain whether the problem is from the start switch would be to attempt to start up the dryer. The start switch is at fault if you can’t hear any sound.

But it is a situation where the dryer hums for a bit after pressing the switch but then refuses to start. It means that the start switch is not at fault.

It would help if you also used a multimeter which you get here on Amazon, to test the start switch for continuity. If there is no continuity, replace the switch as soon as possible.

#2. Door Switch

To ascertain whether your door switch is functioning correctly, try starting up the dryer but pay attention to the clicking sound it makes.

Once you close the door, this sound will prove that the door switch is activated, which means that the switch is OK and without any defect.

Then finally, you can now use your multimeter to test for continuity. However, if there is no continuity, it is best to replace the door switch.

#3. Belt Switch

Most dryers with broken belts continue to run, but the drum will never turn. Yet other dryers will immediately shut down the dryer’s power if it notices a broken belt.

On the other hand, when the belt switch becomes faulty, it can shut off the dryer’s power even though the belt is functioning perfectly well.

If you try to start the dryer and hear the humming sound before it starts, the belt switch is OK. If your dryer’s model has the belt switch, look for it.

When you find the switch, use the multimeter to check for continuity; if it lacks continuity, replace it with a new switch. 

#4. Drive Belt

For dyers with belt switches, the belt switch shuts off the power if the belt becomes broken. So, if this happens, check on the belt switch, and if broken, replace it immediately.

#5. Drive Motor

The drive motor is responsible for turning the drum and the blower wheel to release air. Ensure you check the start switch, thermal fuse, and door fuse before replacing the motor.

It will be a waste replacing the motor if the three above are the fault. But all these parts can be OK, and you will keep hearing humming sounds from the motor.

If this is the case, remove the belt from the motor and check if anything obstructs the blower wheel. If there is no obstruction, then you have a defective motor and must replace it.

#6. Thermal Fuse

The thermal fuse should even be the first place you should check before moving to other parts of the dryer. It is a safety device that is supposed to protect the device from overheating.

You can locate the fuse at the blower house or a heat source, which is the element for the electric dryer and the burner or gas dryers.

Since it has a close continuity, there should be a continuous electrical flow if the fuse is OK. If it overheats, there will be no continuity, and you will have a blown thermal fuse.

Then you can use the multimeter to check for continuity and when replacing the thermal fuse, endeavor to check on the exhaust vents.

#7. Timer

A defective timer is sometimes the case, but the rare case you will ever find with the issue of the Hotpoint dryer not starting up. You should check all other parts before replacing the timer.

If all the other parts function well, use the multimeter to check the timer and consult a wiring diagram. But if the timer is defective, then replace it.

#8. Main Control Board

A defective main control board is also a rare case, and before replacing, endeavor to check all other parts as well.

Since you can not easily test the control board, you can inspect it by searching for shorted-out components or signs of burns.

#9. Incoming Power Issues

To confirm this on an electric dryer, first check the circuit breaker and fuses and if they are OK, use a multimeter to check the outlet where you plug your dryer.

Meanwhile, for a gas dryer, plug out the dryer from the outlet and plug something different to confirm whether the outlet is functioning correctly.

How to Fix a Hotpoint Dryer That Isn’t Starting?

As we have already been discoursing, you should use a multimeter to test the start switch, door switch, belt switch, timer, thermal fuse, and incoming power issues.

Also, ensure to replace the belt once it gets broken and try to clear the blower wheel of every form of obstruction that can pose a threat to its performance.

Still on the timer, if every other part seems to be functioning correctly, then unplug the dryer and open up the control panel.

Go to the timer terminal C and disconnect a wire. The wire should be the one that runs to the timer motor.

Disconnect the wire of terminal B and connect it to terminal C, where the timer motor wire is disconnected.

Put the timer on the off position and plug it back into the outlet. Then try starting up the dryer; it should be able to respond positively.

Nevertheless, there are situations where your Hotpoint dryer would start and even keep running without actually heating. You can trace this problem to the thermostat or element.

However, since it will be difficult for both the element and the thermostat, it is best to replace them.

All you need to get in hand with you are;

  • Screwdriver
  • Thermostat
  • Heating element

Below are the five steps you should take to fix the heating of your Hotpoint dryer;

Step 1: Turn Off Your Dryer

You must disconnect your dryer from electricity before you start repairing to restore your heating. Doing this will ensure your safety and protection.

Step 2: Remove Panels at the Top, Side, and Rear

You must remove the back and side panels to access the element and the thermostat. To remove the side panel, you must also remove the top panel.

Step 3: Connect the New Thermostat

As soon as you remove the back panel, you should be able to see the thermometer and element. 

At this point, bring the new ones close to you and ensure you do the following regarding the thermostat;

  • Make sure you wire correctly.
  • Please don’t touch the circular disc in the middle with a gold color; otherwise, you will damage it.
  • Replace both thermostats together; although different, you must fix one of each type to the dryer.

Although the wiring may be different for different models, the point is that you should make sure to rewire it exactly how you found it.

Step 4: Replace the Element and Thermostat

The moment you finish studying how to wire the thermostat and element, the next thing you need to do is to begin replacing them with new ones.

Step 5: Reassemble all the Parts Together

After wiring the new element and thermostat together, you must put everything back just as it was in the beginning.

How Do I Reset My Hotpoint Dryer?

There are different models of Hotpoint dryers, each of which has ways to reset them. But for this article, I will discuss how to reset the two ways.

The first will be the general reset for any Hotpoint dryer, and the second will be on how I carry out the rest of my own Hotpoint Aquarius tumble dryer (Model TVM560).

#1. Hotpoint Dryer General Reset

The general or basic reset that you can perform for any Hotpoint dryer would be as follows;

  1. Turn off the power and knob to reset
  2. Select the right program
  3. Turn on the dryer again by pressing the power button
  4. To reset the problem, press the cancel button
  5. To reset, press pause or Stop

#2. Hotpoint Aquarius Tumble Dryer Reset

When my Aquarius is running well but not heating, the following activities help me to reset my dryer;

  1. Unplug the dryer and take off the cover
  2. Then you will be able to see the heater and the thermostat on top of it
  3. Looking at it from the rear, pay attention to the thermostat on the left-hand side
  4. If there is a hole at the center rear, then use a pin to reset it
  5. If it lacks a hole, use a multimeter to test the wires to see if it is open circuited
  6. If it is, then replace the thermostats
  7. Please do not use it with wire and tape, for it’s a safety that must be working.

Where Is the Reset Button on the Hotpoint Dryer?

Hotpoint dryers do not have a particular button that functions for the sole purpose of resetting your dryer. Most Hotpoint dryers use a combination of buttons to reset.

Others still require you to hold the start button for several seconds. While others still require that they unplug them from electricity and turn off the circuit breaker.

For the more significant majority, though, they have a small reset button on the thermostat but need access to the thermostat to press it using a pin or a tiny drill bit.

Some tumble dryers have a reset button at the back of the dryer; all you need to do is tap and hold the button until you hear a click. Others have theirs at the control panel.

Can I Reset the Thermal Fuse on My Hotpoint Dryer?

Unlike the thermal switch, you need to know that the thermal fuse is not resettable. But instead, if it blows up, the only thing you can do is to replace it.

The table below shows each step as well as what you need to do to replace the thermal fuse of your Hotpoint dryer successfully;

StepsWhat to Do
Locating fuseDo this with the owner’s manual
Cutting off the dryer’s powerUnplug the dryer or turn off the breaker
Disassembling dryerUse a screwdriver to open up the panels
Disconnect the thermal fusePull the wire from the end of the fuse terminal
Perform continuity testUse a multimeter to measure resistance in ohms. Zero ohm means the fuse is OK. 
Purchase a new fuseGet it from a manufacturer or third-party supplier.
Replace fuseSecure it in place on the dryer chassis with a screwdriver and two screws
Reassemble and test the dryerReverse action you took to disassemble

Final Thoughts

When your Hotpoint dryer refuses to start, it can result for many reasons. While at other times, they start and even run but fail to heat.

Depending on the type of Hotpoint dryer you have with you, there are many ways for you to reset them. It may be by buttons, unplugging the dryer, or turning off the circuit breaker.

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