Kenmore Elite Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Not Freezing!

Having a Kenmore appliance in your home is expected in the United States. The brand has made a good name for itself in making quality appliances.

Despite Kenmore’s quality appliances like their refrigerators, you may still experience faults. We know how having a faulty refrigerator can be pretty frustrating. 

But, if your Kenmore elite bottom freezer refrigerator is not freezing, you’ve come to the right place.

This article will discuss the common reasons for your bottom freezer refrigerator not freezing and possible ways to fix it.

The Kenmore elite bottom freezer refrigerator can stop freezing because of a fault with the evaporator fan motor, the thermostat, the compressor, or other parts. When these parts responsible for freezing get defective, it is bound to stop freezing. Mishandling the freezer can also cause it to stop freezing correctly.

Why Is My Kenmore Elite Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Not Freezing?

Kenmore Elite Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Not Freezing

A freezer that isn’t freezing is a liability to you because it’s not performing its function. If your Kenmore elite bottom freezer refrigerator isn’t freezing, it is due to faults with the parts responsible for freezing.

There are specific reasons why these parts may get broken or stop functioning as they should.

The evaporator coils are one of such parts responsible for the freezing function in the freezer.

When ice builds up on these coils, it blocks the evaporator fan motor that circulates cold air inside the freezer.

When these coils are blocked, there’ll be no more air circulation, and it’s called frost-free failure.

If one of your refrigerator hoses gets a leak, there’ll be a loss of cold air, causing your freezer not to freeze.

Likewise, the thermostat is essential to your freezer’s good function. When your thermostat is defective, your freezer won’t work correctly anymore.

The condenser coils are another vital part responsible for freezing in your freezer. If they get dirty due to not being cleaned for a long time, it’ll reduce the cooling function of your freezer.

Without the compressor running, the freezer won’t work correctly. The start relay is vital to the compressor working well, so if it gets defective, the compressor won’t work neither will the freezer.

If you’ve checked the parts mentioned earlier and all seem not to be the problem, replace the main control board.

You should check the user control and display board for any defects. The problem may not be complicated but simply a lousy freezer door gasket.

When the freezer door isn’t shutting properly, warm air gets in and tampers with the cool air.

Common Reasons Why a Kenmore Elite Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Is Not Freezing?

The primary reason your Kenmore elite bottom freezer refrigerator is not freezing is a fault within the working mechanism.

Whenever the parts that circulate cool air inside your freezer or are responsible for freezing in any way get faulty, your freezer stops working. The defective parts affect your freezer and can cause food spoilage. 

A faulty condenser fan motor won’t provide air to the condenser; thereby, there’ll be no freezing.

If the evaporator fan motor gets spoiled, it won’t make the freezer cool. When the compressor that pumps the refrigerants to provide cold air goes wrong, there is no more cold air circulation. 

If the start relay that compresses the refrigerants and powers the compressor gets faulty, you’ll have freezing issues. 

The central part of the temperature control thermostat directs current to the compressor and evaporator/condenser fan motors.

If this thermostat goes wrong, then the freezer’s function shuts down. Additionally, the thermostat controls the refrigerant system.

Most people don’t know that how they maintain their refrigerator contributes a lot to how well and how long it’ll serve you.

If you stuff your freezer so full that food gets right against the cooling vents, you’ll experience freezing issues. 

Air won’t circulate in a freezer that’s so filled up. Which may lead you to think you have defective parts instead of the apparent problem.

The freezer door keeps cool air in and warm air out of your freezer. Cool air will leak out of the freezer if the door gets faulty and doesn’t close properly anymore.

You must ensure the freezer door gasket is firmly in place to keep warm air from the freezer. The warm air makes the temperature in the freezer drop, leading to cooling failure.

Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Troubleshooting

When the freezing mechanism in your freezer isn’t working, it has to get fixed. It would be best if you called an expert to repair it.

You can repair specific faults, but if you are unsure, seek professional help. There are different reasons why your freezer has stopped working; you should know how to troubleshoot each.

Here are some reasons why your Kenmore Elite Bottom freezer refrigerator isn’t freezing and how to deal with it:

Tightly stuffed freezerOverstuffing causes blockage of excellent airflow. Therefore, you should clear out the shelves and leave space. Declutter your fridge and thoroughly clean the freezer of useless items.
Dirty condenser coilWhen the condenser coils get too dirty, it reduces their cooling function. Therefore, you will have to clean the coils for better service.
Fault with the start relayUse a multimeter to check the start relay. The model of your freezer determines the way it’ll get fixed. It would be best to employ the services of an expert technician to fix this.
Bad evaporator fan motorA defective evaporator fan motor will stop freezing. You can check if it’s functioning manually by holding the door open and pressing the door switch. If you check and it isn’t running, it has gone defective and must get replaced.
Faulty temperature thermostatThe thermostat regulates the other parts to keep the freezer in working order. To check if it’s faulty, move the thermostat from the least to the highest setting and listen for a click. If there’s no click, get a technician to change the thermostat.
Broken condenser fan motorThe condenser fan circulates cool air through the condenser and other coils. If it gets broken, you’ll experience a freezing malfunction. It would help if you got an expert to fix a new one.
The compressor has stopped working.When the compressor is working, you hear a humming sound from your freezer. Get a new compressor fixed if the freezer stops working correctly and you can’t hear the humming sound.
.The freezer door is not shutting correctlyA partially closed freezer door will let in warm air, which blocks freezing. When you notice this problem, replace the door gasket. Your user manual can help you do this quite easily. Also, learn to keep the door well closed if it’s not broken.

If you notice your freezer malfunctioning, check for the above problems and get it repaired. Refrigerator technicians can fix most of these problems quickly.

But, first, you must go through your user manual to know the best way to troubleshoot your model. 

If you have no experience in fixing such problems, it will help to contact a technician.

Your freezer will last at least ten years if properly maintained. However, if specific problems persist, you should consider getting a new freezer.

Kenmore Elite Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Model 795 Not Cooling

Kenmore has different models of the elite bottom freezer refrigerator, each with its features.

The 795 is one of such models with its peculiar features. For example, the Kenmore 795 model displays error codes when it stops cooling. 

Generally, cooling failure occurs if the excellent air stops flowing or the parts responsible for cooling are faulty.

The compressor is one of such essential parts, and when it develops an issue, your refrigerator gets a cooling malfunction.

For example, if you don’t maintain your condenser coil and it gets too dirty, it’ll stop working, causing no cooling.

When the evaporator or condenser fan gets covered in frost, the freezer experiences cooling problems.

If either of these coils has a fault, it will cause your freezer not to cool. A defective defrost system will make your Kenmore elite bottom freezer refrigerator 795 models stop cooling. 

Another common reason for this cooling malfunction is a bad thermostat or start capacitor.

The temperature thermostat controls the start relay to trigger the compressor and releases refrigerants that start the cooling process.

If these two components have defects, the cooling process won’t occur. All the components mentioned above play essential roles in the cooling cycle of your freezer.

Therefore if you notice any fault, it would help to fix or replace the faulty components immediately.

The Kenmore freezer 795 model has a user care guide for its specific maintenance requirements. It also contains ways to troubleshoot certain problems when they arise.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Not Freezing Issue On a Kenmore Elite Bottom Freezer Refrigerator?

If your Kenmore elite bottom freezer refrigerator develops freezing issues, you can fix it yourself. The cost will be for buying a replacement for the faulty components.

However, if it’s beyond you and you have to hire a refrigerator technician, it will cost from $90 above. 

Different professional refrigerator fixing services have prices they charge for whatever they have to fix. What it’ll cost you depends on their price and service.

Refrigerator repair prices range from $90-$1200. The type of problem you have will determine the cost.


The Kenmore elite bottom freezer refrigerator is a well-known brand that should serve you for a long time.

All you have to do is properly maintain it by strictly observing the user’s manual instructions.

If you notice your freezer is not freezing, first find out the root of the problem. If you can fix it yourself, it’s all good; if you can’t, get an expert refrigerator technician.

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