Kenmore Refrigerator Amps Draw (Must Know This)

Refrigerators are an integral appliance in each home, working all around to keep food items fresh and prevent spoilage of cooked food—unfortunately, refrigerators rate as one of the home’s highest power consumption appliances.

While the refrigerator power consumption is worth it, electrical bills are increasing, and so is the cost of living.

With technology improving daily, we now have more power-efficient refrigerators available in the markets.

Therefore, it is paramount to know the amount of amp your Kenmore refrigerator draw and the general refrigerator power consumption, as it will enable you to take measures to conserve energy.

Consequently, how many amps does your Kenmore refrigerator draw?

A Kenmore refrigerator draws about six amps, and the number depends on the model, size, age, and temperature setting of your Kenmore refrigerator. When you divide the watt of the Kenmore refrigerator by the voltage, you will get the number of amps your Kenmore refrigerator draws.

How Many Amps Does a Kenmore Refrigerator Draw? 

Kenmore Refrigerator Amp Draw

A Kenmore refrigerator draws six amps, and a more refined-sized Kenmore refrigerator will draw more than six amps.

Generally, the model of the Kenmore refrigerator will determine the number of amps your Kenmore refrigerator draws.

One factor to look out for when considering the amps a Kenmore refrigerator draws is the size of your Kenmore refrigerator.

The number of amps a Kenmore refrigerator draws depends on many factors, such as the age of the refrigerator.

You will expect older models of Kenmore refrigerators to draw more amps than the newer versions of the Kenmore refrigerators.

Also, the ambient temperature goes a long way in determining the power usage of a refrigerator.

A refrigerator amp is the amount of electrical current the compressor of the refrigerator uses to cool its compartment.

When talking about the overall refrigerator amp, then it is a little more than just the amps used by the compressor to cool the fridge. Older models and a giant-sized Kenmore refrigerator will draw more amps.

It is appropriate for you to know the number of amps your Kenmore refrigerator draws to enable you to determine how to set up your electrical configurations and the amount of additional load that you can add to your electric circuit.

Overloading your electric circuit is dangerous, as it can cause your appliances to blow a fuse and damage your electrical configurations.

How Many Amps Does a Refrigerator Draw At Start Up?

A refrigerator is one of the appliances that function continually, so the refrigerator’s power consumption rate is always high.

Refrigerators require a lot of energy, and most refrigerators draw about 15 to 20 amps at startup.

As the refrigerator keeps running, the number of amps needed becomes considerably lower. Although the more significant the refrigerator, the more amps it will draw.

The electric motor in refrigerators requires a lot of energy for a startup; without the needed energy, your refrigerator will not start.

Hence there is a higher amp draw on startup. In addition, a larger refrigerator model has more space to cool down and will comprise a larger compressor.

Therefore Indicates that on startup, the large compressor will require more power.

When refrigerator compressors kick in on start up, they draw a large quantity of power, and sometimes it is just for split seconds before returning to the regular amps usage of a running refrigerator

To operate your refrigerator more efficiently, you are required to run your refrigerator on a dedicated circuit.

You can save energy usage of your refrigerator when you purchase energy-efficient appliances. A lot of factors determine the specific amps of a refrigerator.

The temperature setpoint of your refrigerator, the age, usage, and the voltage of your refrigerator will go a long way to deducing how many amps your refrigerator will draw.

Although larger compressors consume more energy, other refrigerator components contribute to amps usage.

Kenmore Refrigerator Energy Guild Specification

Refrigerators are hard-working appliances, and most of the energy consumed by the refrigerator is for pumping heat out of the cabinet.

When looking out for a refrigerator to buy, one of the first things to consider is the refrigerator’s energy efficiency level.

It is completely wise to own an energy-efficient Kenmore refrigerator which will enable you to save costs.

Modern models of refrigerators come with an energy guide label, which shows the specifications of each refrigerator.

The Kenmore refrigerator energy guide will indicate the quantity of electricity the particular model of Kenmore refrigerator will consume in a year. 

The smaller the number in watts of your Kenmore refrigerator, the more energy efficient the refrigerator is.

The power usage of your Kenmore refrigerator in watts is pendant on the units of your refrigerator that are running.

Kenmore refrigerators are energy-star certified and use smaller energy than most other refrigerators.

You can calculate the energy used daily by your Kenmore refrigerator using the refrigerator’s model energy star rating or the energy meter. 

An energy star label carries the yearly power consumption of your refrigerator, assuming your Kenmore elite refrigerator consumes about 300000 watts per year.

When you divide by the number of days a year, you will get the usage in watts hours per day.

When you divide by the number of hours a day, you will get your Kenmore elite refrigerator’s average running watts.

The average running watts divided by the voltage will give you the number of amps of your refrigerator.

When your refrigerator does not have an energy star rating, you can use an energy meter to calculate the refrigerator’s power consumption rate. 

The energy guide specifications of your Kenmore refrigerator enable you to make the best choice when picking a refrigerator model to suit your electrical installations.

What Size Generator Do I Need to Run My Kenmore Refrigerator?

The size of a generator needed to run your Kenmore refrigerator depends on the model and size of your Kenmore refrigerator.

When choosing a generator for your Kenmore refrigerator, you must bear in mind that the Kenmore refrigerator’s startup watts and running power consumption vary. 

As such, you must choose a generator that will be able to start your refrigerator effectively.

Choose a generator that suits your Kenmore refrigerator’s startup and running watts for safety reasons. 

Running a higher watts Kenmore refrigerator on a lesser watts generator will cause damage to either your refrigerator or the generator, as both appliances have their usage specifications.

A 5000 watts generator will serve refrigerators with about 4000 startup watts and below.

Generators play a crucial role as backup power supply during a power outage, and small-sized refrigerators will run perfectly on a high-watt generator.

Also, household refrigerators like the Kenmore french door refrigerator generally have lower power usage.

All that is required is to check out the fridge wattage and go with the generator that is best for the rating.

The table below shows the startup watts and running watts of some refrigerators.

Refrigerator And Freezer Starting Watts Running Watts 
Small Mini Fridge 50 watts 200 watts 
Standard Mini Fridge 75 watts 300 watts 
Big Mini Fridge 100 watts 400 watts 
Small Energy Star Fridge 132 watts 528 watts 
Standard Energy Star Fridge 192 watts 768 watts 
Big Energy Star Fridge 250 watts 1000 watts 
Small Fridge 400 watts 1200 watts 
Standard Fridge 700 watts 2900 watts 
Big Side By Side Fridge 1000 watts 4000 watts 

Kenmore Side By Side Refrigerator Amps Draw

Kenmore side-by-side refrigerators are elegant-sized spacious refrigerators with a large side freezer.

A Kenmore side-by-side refrigerator will draw about 12 to 15 amps on startup, which will fall significantly after a few seconds and draw less as it continues to run.

A refrigerator uses around 1 to 6 amps while running after a startup.

Kenmore side-by-side refrigerators are large enough and have larger compressors that need more amps for cooling.

However, other components such as the condenser fan and the light bulb partake in the total amperage of a refrigerator.

Kenmore refrigerators have an energy star rating and are a power-efficient brand of refrigerators. 

A Kenmore elite refrigerator will draw about 1440 watts on startup when converted to amps using the nominal voltage of 120 volts.

Therefore, a Kenmore elite refrigerator uses about 12 amps at startup and about four amps while running. 

During defrosting, the number of amps also increases, the compressor needs more energy to cool its compartments, and your refrigerator will trip during startup without sufficient energy supply. 

How Many Amps Does a Kenmore Refrigerator Draw Per Day?

The number of amps a Kenmore refrigerator draws a day relies on the model, size, and daily usage of the Kenmore refrigerator.

With the rising cost of living, people are more mindful about saving on energy. 

However, refrigerators are rated as one of the highest energy-consuming appliances, so knowing the number of amps your refrigerator uses a day will help with proper planning. 

You can figure out the number of amps your Kenmore refrigerator draws per day by calculating the yearly energy usage divided by the number of days in a year. You will get the number of watts per day in hours. 

When you divide the running watts by the standard voltage of 120, you will get the Kenmore refrigerator amp usage over time. On average, the amperage is lower since the compressor does not run all the time. 

There is a need to know that there are times an empty refrigerator uses more energy than a refrigerator filled with food items.

Because the function of a compressor is to do away with the heat from a refrigerator, and when an empty fridge is working, it only gets cold with less work to be done.

You can reduce your refrigerator’s energy consumption rate by doing the following.

  • Permanently close the refrigerator door.
  • Replace old model refrigerators with newer models.
  • Keep refrigerators in cool and dry environments.
  • Purchase energy star-rated refrigerators
  • Keep refrigerator settings minimal.


Refrigerators are essential in every home and are high power consumption devices.

Knowing your refrigerator power consumption rate will aid in the electrical installation of devices in your home and help you not to overload your electrical circuit and, at the same time, save cost.

Therefore, it is advisable always to purchase energy-efficiency appliances.

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