This is Why Your Maytag Bravos Washer is Stuck On Sensing!

Maytag’s washing machines are well-known for their dependability, durability, and technical characteristics, guaranteeing thorough cleaning and simple operation.

Even Maytag washing machines sometimes experience technical issues, like all other appliances.

In this article, we’ll go through some things to look for and fixes to try when your Maytag Bravo washer is stuck on detecting.

A stuck keypad is typically to blame if the sensor light on your Maytag washer won’t go to the right cycles. Sometimes the keypad might get stuck, and if you replaced a part of the washer, you might not have remembered to recycle the codes, resulting in a stuck sensor light.

Why is My Maytag Bravos Washer Stuck on Sensing? 

Maytag Bravos Washer Stuck on Sensing

Your Maytag Bravos washing machine may have jammed the keypad if it is stuck on sensing. 

If you change a washer component and neglect to reset the cycle codes, your washer will continue to operate in the sensing mode.

As a result, there are various perspectives to consider when your Maytag Bravos washer gets stuck in the stuck cycle. 

I’ll work with you to examine every possibility and make appropriate corrections. But once more, getting the right diagnosis is everything.

The table below summarizes the cause of your Maytag Bravos’s sensing-stuck condition and a solution.

Plausible Reasons How to Repair
Wrong settingReset the washer by making corrections to the settings.
Minimal water pressureMake adjustments to the water pressure if it is low.
Stuck keypadClear and reset the washer 
Clogged drainUnclog the drains
Motor obstructionCheck for possible obstacles in the motor and restart it. 
Jammed loadRearranges or lessen the laundry load
Defective control panelReplaces the control panel if it is spoilt

How to Fix a Maytag Bravos Washer Stuck On Sensing

If the washer jams and is stuck on sensing, and there’s barely any cycle movement, you should look to troubleshoot it.  

There are a few ways to fix your Maytag bravos washer stuck on sensing, which are:

#1. Replace the Clutch Assembly 

You most likely need to replace the clutch assembly and the rotor if the clutch is not operating properly, causing the impeller and the basket to move together.

When you run the machine, the rotor can occasionally progressively lose material until it can no longer retain the clutch assembly properly. 

At this point, you should replace the two components. Fortunately, disassembling the bottom is relatively easy to accomplish.

#2. Replace the Burnt Capacitor

Open the washer and search the motherboard for any scorched capacitors to rule out this as a possible additional problem.

If you do, go out and purchase an equally inexpensive component number and solder it in.

With Maytag Bravos washer models, it’s always a good idea to conduct a new calibration cycle after installing further parts.

#3. Inspect the Inlet Water Valve

If the main water line has recently undergone repairs, a clogged water inlet valve is another likely source of the problem. 

Check to see if sand or other debris is clogging the inlet valve. Then, remove the hose and clean the screen after turning off the water on the valves at the washer.

Additionally, check the water supply lines if you see the fill light on, but little to no water is coming in. Your washer will only operate if you open both water lines.

#4. Repair the Shift Washer Actuator

If the sensing on your Maytag Centennial washer is still stuck, the shift actuator may be to blame. 

If it is broken and unable to change positions, there’s a high probability that it may cause the sensor problem.

The answer is simple in this case; to get it working again, you will probably need to replace the actuator and calibrate the washer.

Of course, disassembling the washer is complex, but it is necessary to get to the part. You should also confirm your part number before purchasing (it can be found on your old actuator).

If you need to change the shifter, try the following things first: 

  • Verify each shifter connector.
  • Check if any object is trapped between the impeller and basket, as this could bind the two crucial components together.
  • Check that the slider on the shifter can move freely. Typically, the shifter and motor should be able to turn separately from each other. In other words, if they’re locked together, there will be a slider issue.

If none of the above remedies work, you should try replacing them. 

It’s important to note that the shift actuator frequently fails in Maytag and Whirlpool washers (as well as a few other brands), failing to shift position before the start of a wash cycle as planned.

How Do You Reset the Sensor on a Maytag Bravos Washer?

Resetting your Maytag washer is advised if you neglect to do so after replacing a part during maintenance to prevent your washer from getting stuck on send.

Before attempting any of the reset techniques listed below, ensure your washer is off and empty. How to reset a Maytag washer

  • For three minutes, unplug the machine from the power source. The electric charge can now dissipate thanks to this.
  • If it doesn’t reset, try again, increasing the disconnecting duration to ten minutes.

If this approach doesn’t work, try one of the alternatives listed below to reset your Maytag Bravos washer:

#1. Power Reset

You can also reset your Maytag washer using the power reset: It would help if you pressed your Maytag washer’s Cancel/Pause keypad, the appropriate cycle, and the Start/Pause button simultaneously. 

You can fix mistakes with this technique and forward the washer to the next step.

Although this might reset your washer, be sure to identify the root of the issue and fix it to stop it from happening again.

#2. The Lid Lift Reset

You can follow these procedures to reset your Maytag top-load washer:

  • The rest of the lift lid uses a timer. Before you start, ensure you have a timer handy.
  • For a minute, unplug the machine from the power source.
  • Reconnect the washer’s power supply.
  • Six openings and six closings take 12 seconds.
  • Every time you open the lid, close it carefully.

#3. Main Dial Reset

Try this approach if your Maytag Bravos washer came with a dial:

  • Make sure the primary dial is in the “normal” position first.
  • Then, the dial should rotate counterclockwise to return to the “normal” point.
  • For three settings, turn the dial in a clockwise direction. At this moment, it ought to be at 3 o’clock.
  • Once more, rotate it in a clockwise and then an anticlockwise direction. It will return to the three o’clock position.
  • The LEDs beneath the dial will flash after you have completed this.
  • If it doesn’t flash, keep going until the light indicator flickers.
  • Then click “Start’ to calibrate the device and clear any error messages.

#4. LED Display Reset

This reset technique primarily functions on powerful commercial washers like the coin-operated Maytag washer:

  • By opening the lockbox, you can put your washer on program mode.
  • Select “washing choices,” then “delicates and knits,” and push and hold the button for a few seconds
  • The LED display will begin to flash. It means that the washer’s code has fully reset.
  • You can restore the screen to its default setting by clicking and closing the lockbox.

How Do You Reset a Maytag Bravos Washer? 

If your washer has started acting up, follow these instructions to reset the Maytag Bravo (effectively recalibrating it) and save the day.

Before beginning the procedure:

  • Please empty the washer drum by emptying it (no clothes or water).
  • Make sure you shut the lid of the washer.
  • Ensure the washing machine is plugged in and on standby (all LEDs and indicators should be off).

You cannot reset the washer after completing all of these instructions.

  • Turn the Cycle Selector knob in the other direction or to the left.
  • Turn the knob counterclockwise (right) after that. Turn the dial clockwise, counting one, two, and three times as you do so.
  • Go up one click now (rotate the main knob once counterclockwise or left).
  • Then, click downward (turn the knob clockwise or right once).
  • You must now keep clicking it in a clockwise or rightward direction until all of the lights start to blink.
  • You must still click it repeatedly, one at a time, until you see the Rinse-only option turn on.
  • You now press the Start key. Now the washer will begin calibrating.

Additionally, it’s crucial to understand the faults the machine (for models with a display) presents before throwing them and finding out what they refer to.

Why Is My Maytag Bravos Washer Sensing Light on But Won’t Start? 

The most common reason a Maytag washer’s sensing light blinks is when a problem prevents the motor from responding to the selected command. 

When the motor isn’t responding, the lid is not fully closed, or the water production setting needs sufficient for the load.

 The unit’s shift actuator may also be an issue if a Maytag sensor light is on, but none of the commands will engage or start. 

The cause of a spoiled shift actuator could be faulty wiring, but the main problem is that the shift actuator cannot contact the drive shaft in response to the washing machine’s commands.

Get a new shift actuator and swap the defective shifter with a new one to solve this issue. 

It would help to unscrew the old actuator and carefully remove the belt shaft. Most Maytag machines utilize Philips head screws. 

Before tightening the new actuator, insert the shaft of the replacement shifter into the proper loop.


Although Maytag Bravos washing machines are strong and long-lasting, issues can still occur like any other type.

Fortunately, these issues are simple to fix. If the issues look too complex to fix on your own, contact a repairer to have the problem looked into the situation.

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